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Recipe Name Prep Cook Cals Fat Protein Carb Fiber Sodium
Aduki Bean Soup 10min 25min 184 0g 11g 39g 10g 190mg
Alphabet Minestrone Soup 15min 25min 189 3g 8g 30g 6g 341mg
Alphabet Pasta Fagioli - Navy Bean & Pasta Soup 10min 20min 121 2g 5g 20g 5g 322mg
Alphabet Pasta Tomato Soup 10min 25min 123 3g 4g 19g 3g 283mg
Barley Lentil Soup 10min 35min 159 5g 7g 22g 5g 189mg
Barley Mushroom Soup 20min 30min 161 1g 7g 30g 8g 338mg
Basic Vegetable Stock 10min 1h 63 5g 1g 5g 1g 34mg
Bean & Mushroom Chili 15min 25min 316 11g 14g 46g 13g 591mg
Bean & Vegetable Soup with Corn Dumplings 15min 35min 183 4g 8g 30g 7g 596mg
Beans and Greens Soup 15min 30min 185 5g 8g 31g 8g 295mg
Black Bean and Seitan Chili 20min 25min 366 7g 16g 72g 16g 578mg
Black Bean Miso Soup 10min 10min 188 4g 13g 22g 11g 343mg
Black Bean Vegetable Soup 15min 1h 20min 117 1g 10g 30g 14g 208mg
Black Eyed Pea Soup 15min 25min 213 6g 8g 33g 6g 413mg
Black Turtle Bean Soup 10min 10min 130 1g 9g 31g 9g 217mg
Boiled Brown Rice with Kukicha 5min 1h 247 4g 4g 49g 4g 44mg
Broccoli Pistachio Cream Soup 15min 15min 264 20g 9g 17g 6g 243mg
Brown Rice and Bean Soup 10min 25min 194 4g 8g 34g 8g 409mg
Butter Bean Cabbage Soup 5min 10min 149 1g 9g 28g 6g 234mg
Butter Bean Mushroom Soup 20min 40min 264 7g 15g 41g 10g 459mg
Butter Bean Soup with Bonito Flakes 10min 25min 96 0g 6g 17g 4g 230mg
Butter Bean Soup with Corn & Spinach 10min 25min 103 1g 6g 19g 4g 226mg
Cabbage Sauerkraut Soup 15min 30min 135 3g 13g 24g 7g 485mg
Cannellini Bean & Mushroom Soup 25min 35min 280 9g 11g 41g 7g 433mg
Caribbean Black Bean Soup 10min 20min 137 3g 8g 26g 9g 246mg
Caribbean Black Bean Soup 10min 15min 204 5g 12g 39g 13g 345mg
Carrot Soup 10min 20min 281 9g 13g 41g 6g 497mg
Carrot Soup with Sliced Shiitake 20min 1h 141 5g 3g 23g 7g 249mg
Chili - Mild Four Bean 10min 30min 362 8g 21g 54g 16g 365mg
Chili - Rice & Bean 10min 20min 259 5g 12g 44g 11g 368mg
Chili - Ten Minute 5min 10min 285 2g 17g 54g 15g 348mg
Chili - Three Bean & Red Quinoa 10min 45min 238 5g 11g 40g 10g 386mg
Chili For Two 10min 25min 275 6g 14g 45g 12g 454mg
Chili with Fresh Corn & Red Quinoa 10min 30min 254 5g 11g 44g 11g 396mg
Chili with Polenta Sticks 40min 10min 433 16g 11g 65g 10g 473mg
Chili with Quinoa 10min 25min 319 5g 13g 54g 15g 889mg
Chilled Summer Soba 1h 10min 30min 267 1g 13g 52g 9g 713mg
Coconut Dulse Soba Bowl 20min 2h 568 34g 13g 57g 9g 430mg
Cold Soba Noodles (Zaru Soba) 10min 20min 338 3g 12g 65g 5g 346mg
Corn Chowder 10min 25min 285 9g 12g 44g 5g 411mg
Cream of Broccoli Potato Soup 10min 15min 143 6g 7g 17g 3g 333mg
Cream of Broccoli Soup with Rice Flakes 10min 25min 166 6g 7g 25g 4g 401mg
Cream of Carrot Dill Soup with Nori Garnish 10min 15min 161 6g 7g 28g 3g 338mg
Cream of Cauliflower & Asparagus Soup 15min 45min 116 5g 7g 14g 3g 346mg
Cream of Cauliflower Soup 10min 15min 145 6g 7g 18g 3g 337mg
Cream of Celery Soup 10min 20min 117 6g 5g 12g 2g 326mg
Cream of Mushroom Soup 20min 30min 151 6g 7g 18g 3g 321mg
Cream of Three Mushroom Soup 20min 30min 185 8g 17g 18g 5g 333mg
Cream of Tomato Dill Soup 10min 30min 121 2g 7g 18g 4g 179mg
Cream of Tomato Jalapeno Bean Soup 5min 10min 109 1g 7g 19g 5g 566mg
Cream of Tomato Soup 10min 30min 140 3g 5g 21g 4g 629mg
Creamed Mixed Vegetables 10min 15min 191 9g 9g 20g 3g 258mg
Creamy Bean Soup 10min 20min 163 2g 9g 31g 10g 537mg
Creamy Cauliflower Soup 10min 15min 28 0g 2g 6g 3g 496mg
Creamy White Bean Chili 20min 20min 296 6g 15g 47g 12g 378mg
Curried Carrot Soup 20min 20min 231 10g 10g 28g 8g 329mg
Curried Garbanzo Spinach Stew 10min 10min 215 9g 8g 26g 8g 629mg
Curried Pumpkin & Shiitake Soup 10min 25min 219 6g 6g 37g 10g 379mg
Curried Pumpkin Soup 10min 10min 197 7g 9g 28g 7g 366mg
Daikon and Shiitake Soup 15min 15min 90 0g 4g 16g 8g 320mg
Dashi - Dried Daikon, Shiitake and Kombu Stock 20min 15min 48 0g 2g 9g 4g 62mg
Dashi - Shiitake Mushroom Stock 20min 10min 25 0g 1g 4g 3g 7mg
Dulse Miso Soup 10min 10min 97 3g 10g 12g 2g 590mg
Dulse Vegetable Chowder 10min 20min 153 2g 7g 28g 4g 400mg
Five Bean Soup 10min 40min 247 4g 32g 43g 13g 269mg
French Onion Soup 25min 35min 145 3g 4g 26g 4g 353mg
French Onion Soup with Mochi 30min 15min 183 3g 5g 33g 6g 423mg
Garbanzo & Tomato Gazpacho 1h 15min 0min 192 1g 10g 35g 9g 591mg
Garbanzo, Leek & Pasta Soup 10min 20min 188 4g 8g 31g 7g 280mg
Garbanzo, Rice and Spinach Soup 20min 45min 161 6g 5g 23g 4g 330mg
Gazpacho - Chilled Tomato Soup 1h 15min 0min 75 1g 2g 16g 4g 536mg
German Potato Soup 10min 25min 193 6g 8g 29g 3g 451mg
Green Tea and Rice Soup (O-cha-zuke) 3min 2min 132 3g 2g 28g 3g 257mg
Green Tea Over Deep Fried Mochi 5min 7min 249 3g 6g 51g 3g 382mg
Green Tea with Mochi & Umeboshi 5min 5min 208 2g 7g 43g 2g 205mg
Hoppin' John - Black Eyed Pea Soup 10min 30min 416 5g 17g 79g 12g 374mg
Italian Bean and Pasta Soup 10min 25min 262 3g 12g 47g 9g 380mg
Italian Cannellini Bean & Pasta Soup 15min 30min 175 4g 8g 27g 7g 316mg
Italian White Bean Soup 10min 25min 164 3g 10g 28g 7g 229mg
Kamut Elbow Pasta Hoppin' John 20min 25min 314 4g 15g 56g 9g 336mg
Kidney Bean & Garbanzo Minestrone Soup 10min 30min 151 2g 6g 26g 6g 480mg
Kidney Bean and Barley Soup 15min 50min 217 3g 10g 36g 11g 296mg
Kombu Dashi (Traditional Japanese Soup Stock) 3min 7min 5 0g 0g 1g 1g 52mg
Kombu, Shiitake & Bonito Dashi (noodle broth) - Unseasoned 2min 5min 14 0g 1g 2g 1g 46mg
Kombu, Shiitake, Bonito Flake Dashi (noodle broth) - Seasoned 5min 25min 14 0g 1g 2g 1g 46mg
Kuzu Noodles in Chilled Broth 1h 20min 20min 258 0g 3g 50g 4g 406mg
Lentil Alphabet Stew 10min 20min 241 4g 13g 38g 8g 573mg
Lentil Ditalini Pasta Soup 20min 1h 15min 110 1g 7g 24g 7g 206mg
Lentil Pasta Soup 10min 35min 143 2g 8g 23g 5g 273mg
Lentil Soup 10min 20min 146 4g 8g 20g 6g 474mg
Lentil Squash Soup 10min 1h 290 5g 12g 54g 10g 300mg
Lentil Tomato Soup 10min 20min 170 3g 10g 27g 6g 277mg
Lentil Vegetable Soup 10min 30min 120 3g 5g 18g 4g 438mg
Maitake Mushroom Hot Pot (Nabe) 20min 12min 170 5g 38g 15g 7g 295mg
Mediterranean Garbanzo Bean Soup 10min 35min 264 6g 11g 40g 10g 528mg
Millet Miso Soup 10min 40min 130 2g 5g 26g 3g 154mg
Minestrone Soup 10min 25min 170 2g 8g 29g 9g 415mg
Minestrone with Vegetable Ribbon Pasta 15min 35min 270 5g 9g 49g 7g 505mg
Miso Soup (Ozoni Japanese New Year) 10min 15min 184 1g 6g 38g 3g 492mg
Miso Soup - Broccoli, Carrot, & Shiitake 20min 10min 78 0g 6g 11g 6g 454mg
Miso Soup - Croutons 15min 35min 115 2g 6g 18g 5g 389mg
Miso Soup - Daikon & Noodle 20min 12min 258 2g 12g 49g 7g 360mg
Miso Soup - Dried Tofu 25min 20min 126 3g 10g 14g 6g 295mg
Miso Soup - Genmai Vegetable 5min 15min 87 3g 16g 4g 3g 452mg
Miso Soup - Hacho Vegetable 5min 15min 73 2g 11g 7g 3g 409mg
Miso Soup - Instant 5min 4min 20 0g 2g 2g 1g 357mg
Miso Soup - Kidney Bean 20min 1h 25min 131 1g 10g 29g 12g 236mg
Miso Soup - One Cup 5min 5min 49 2g 6g 7g 1g 418mg
Miso Soup - Onion, Carrot & Bok Choy 10min 10min 45 1g 4g 5g 1g 336mg
Miso Soup - Pumpkin 10min 10min 36 0g 4g 5g 1g 435mg
Miso Soup - Quick One Cup 5min 2min 17 0g 3g 0g 0g 456mg
Miso Soup - Shiitake Noodle 10min 15min 224 0g 8g 44g 3g 487mg
Miso Soup - Shiro Vegetable 5min 15min 77 0g 6g 13g 4g 478mg
Miso Soup - Tofu 10min 10min 49 1g 5g 4g 1g 501mg
Miso Soup - Tofu & Vegetable 5min 15min 100 4g 13g 15g 8g 448mg
Miso Soup with Dried Tofu and Vegetables 10min 20min 106 3g 9g 11g 4g 316mg
Miso Soup with Mochi Dumplings 5min 10min 142 1g 5g 31g 1g 513mg
Miso Soup- Five Minute 2min 3min 17 0g 3g 0g 0g 498mg
Miso Vegetable Soup with Mekabu 15min 20min 97 0g 8g 14g 7g 690mg
Mixed White Bean Soup 10min 25min 219 4g 11g 35g 11g 282mg
Mushroom Consommé 8h 10min 2h 81 0g 3g 15g 6g 396mg
Mushroom, White Bean & Kale Soup 20min 20min 248 7g 20g 37g 9g 758mg
Navy Bean Vegetable Soup 15min 1h 30min 99 0g 6g 22g 8g 386mg
New Year's Long Life Soba (Toshi-koshi soba) 5min 20min 219 2g 9g 41g 4g 468mg
Noodles and Broth with Stir Fried Vegetables & Spicy Nori 20min 30min 345 6g 12g 63g 7g 651mg
Noodles with Kombu Bonito Flake Broth 10min 20min 198 1g 9g 38g 3g 473mg
Noodles with Shiitake and Kombu Broth 25min 25min 226 1g 9g 43g 6g 848mg
Pasta Fagioli (Pasta Bean Soup) - Pinto & Cannellini 10min 25min 303 6g 13g 48g 13g 296mg
Pasta Vegetable Soup 10min 40min 279 6g 10g 49g 9g 253mg
Portuguese Bread Soup 25min 35min 215 3g 7g 40g 5g 603mg
Pumpkin Soup 5min 12min 186 6g 8g 27g 5g 349mg
Quinoa & Bean Stew 10min 15min 306 4g 14g 56g 16g 285mg
Quinoa Corn Soup 5min 20min 154 3g 6g 27g 5g 255mg
Quinoa, Sauerkraut & Bean Soup 20min 35min 155 3g 8g 24g 9g 652mg
Red Bean & Bulgur Soup 5min 25min 142 3g 5g 24g 7g 213mg
Red Bean Pasta Soup 10min 15min 217 1g 10g 41g 11g 237mg
Saffron Gazpacho 1h 0min 106 4g 3g 17g 4g 253mg
Sauerkraut & Mushroom Soup 20min 30min 64 4g 3g 5g 3g 450mg
Senate Bean Soup 10min 25min 262 1g 13g 50g 14g 293mg
Smoky Black Turtle Bean Soup 15min 1h 40min 219 6g 16g 45g 23g 347mg
Soba & Tempeh Noodle Bowl 20min 20min 473 11g 32g 66g 4g 558mg
Soba in Spicy Wasabi Broth 5min 20min 269 2g 9g 52g 4g 649mg
Soba Noodle Bowl 10min 20min 366 12g 17g 47g 7g 671mg
Soba Noodles in Dashi Broth 10min 20min 255 3g 12g 51g 11g 490mg
Soba Noodles with Tofu, Mushrooms and Nori 15min 20min 430 17g 22g 48g 6g 612mg
Spelt Udon and Broth with Nori 20min 20min 235 1g 10g 46g 5g 594mg
Spicy Four Bean Chili 10min 30min 374 8g 20g 56g 17g 580mg
Spicy Pinto Bean Soup 5min 10min 170 5g 6g 26g 8g 571mg
Spinach Leek Soup 5min 20min 106 5g 5g 12g 3g 323mg
Spinach, Tomato & Pasta Soup 10min 10min 312 9g 10g 50g 7g 186mg
Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili 15min 25min 256 5g 13g 48g 12g 423mg
Three Bean Chili 15min 25min 349 5g 16g 50g 17g 529mg
Tomato Bean Gazpacho 1h 0min 131 1g 6g 24g 7g 989mg
Tomato Butternut Squash Soup 5min 20min 143 3g 8g 24g 5g 697mg
Tomato Soup 5min 10min 120 1g 8g 22g 7g 554mg
Tomato Tortilla Soup 5min 10min 241 10g 8g 31g 9g 861mg
Two Bean Alphabet Pasta Fagioli (Pasta & Bean Soup) 10min 30min 226 5g 11g 36g 10g 282mg
Two Bean Vegetable Chili 20min 1h 200 5g 9g 32g 9g 426mg
Two Bean Vegetable Chili with Bulgur 20min 1h 200 5g 9g 32g 9g 426mg
Two Tomato Gazpacho 2h 15min 0min 75 0g 3g 16g 4g 600mg
Udon Miso Soup 25min 10min 291 3g 17g 47g 8g 549mg
Udon Noodle Bowl 20min 20min 314 7g 20g 45g 6g 577mg
Vegetable Bean Soup with Cornmeal Dumplings 35min 30min 199 5g 7g 33g 7g 375mg
Vegetable Chowder 15min 25min 104 2g 6g 17g 2g 376mg
Vegetable Hot Pot (Nabe) 15min 30min 313 9g 23g 37g 9g 431mg
Vegetable Soup with Small Vegetable Shell Pasta 15min 40min 206 3g 9g 36g 8g 520mg
Vichyssoise (Potato Leek Soup) with Tofu Sour Cream 15min 25min 206 8g 10g 26g 3g 350mg
White Bean and Wild Rice Soup 20min 1h 5min 221 8g 8g 32g 8g 197mg
White Bean Minestrone Soup 10min 30min 210 4g 10g 35g 8g 341mg
White Bean Vegetable Soup 15min 35min 199 6g 8g 31g 8g 387mg
White Bean Vegetable Stew 15min 30min 224 4g 8g 42g 9g 270mg
White Kidney Bean & Rice Soup 15min 40min 136 4g 5g 22g 4g 263mg
White Kidney Bean Soup with Garlic Herb Croutons 10min 25min 236 10g 8g 30g 6g 296mg
Wild Rice Mushroom Bisque 10min 40min 196 5g 9g 32g 2g 329mg
Winter Squash and Carrot Soup 20min 35min 187 5g 5g 34g 7g 232mg
Winter Udon (Kitsune Udon) 30min 15min 367 14g 15g 46g 6g 391mg
Won Ton Wrappers - No Egg 30min 0min 172 0g 5g 38g 0g 1mg