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Recipe Name Prep Cook Cals Fat Protein Carb Fiber Sodium
Basil and Pine Nut Pesto 5min 0min 226 23g 5g 4g 2g 233mg
Basil Tomato Pesto 5min 0min 168 15g 5g 6g 2g 205mg
Basil Walnut Pesto 5min 0min 160 15g 4g 5g 2g 107mg
Black Soybean Sauce 5min 0min 148 6g 12g 12g 7g 38mg
Cranberry and Dried Cherry Sauce 5min 15min 79 0g 0g 20g 1g 22mg
Cranberry Cherry Sauce 5min 15min 130 0g 0g 32g 1g 28mg
Creamy Miso Alfredo Sauce 10min 15min 132 8g 7g 9g 0g 351mg
Cuban Tempeh Picadillo (Tomato Sauce) 10min 20min 296 15g 15g 29g 4g 476mg
Garbanzo Bean Basil Pesto 5min 0min 202 15g 6g 12g 3g 124mg
Hollandaise Sauce 5min 5min 103 8g 3g 6g 0g 141mg
Honey Mustard Sauce 5min 0min 27 0g 0g 7g 0g 185mg
Marinara Sauce with Capers & Black Olives 5min 15min 157 9g 3g 18g 4g 330mg
Mushroom Gravy 10min 20min 106 5g 7g 9g 4g 211mg
Parsley Basil Pesto 5min 0min 167 15g 5g 6g 2g 153mg
Picante Red Sauce 5min 15min 55 1g 3g 9g 3g 432mg
Pistachio Basil Parsley Pesto 10min 0min 171 14g 5g 8g 3g 216mg
Quick Shiitake Marinara 10min 20min 116 5g 4g 14g 5g 309mg
Red Pepper Miso Sauce 5min 10min 117 5g 6g 14g 3g 328mg
Ribbons with Curry Sauce 5min 20min 126 9g 5g 8g 1g 210mg
Shiitake Brown Gravy 25min 10min 49 3g 2g 5g 2g 82mg
Shiitake Mushroom Garlic Gravy 15min 15min 55 1g 2g 8g 4g 114mg
Shiitake Mushroom Gravy 20min 15min 79 1g 3g 14g 4g 226mg
Shish Kebab Basting Sauce 5min 0min 27 3g 0g 1g 0g 60mg
Sliced Shiitake Mushroom Gravy 10min 25min 33 1g 1g 5g 2g 94mg
Sunflower Seed Pesto 5min 0min 133 12g 3g 5g 2g 147mg
Teriyaki Sauce - Ginger & Garlic 5min 5min 43 0g 1g 10g 0g 340mg
Teriyaki Sauce - Maple Syrup 5min 0min 54 2g 0g 10g 0g 253mg
Teriyaki Sauce - Spicy 4h 0min 28 0g 1g 6g 0g 450mg
Three Taste Sauce, Dressing or Marinade 5min 0min 10 0g 0g 2g 0g 151mg
Tofu Sour Cream with Dill 5min 0min 50 2g 5g 2g 1g 139mg
Tomato Sauce - No Salt 10min 35min 135 6g 3g 19g 3g 339mg
Two Mushroom Marinara 10min 30min 129 5g 4g 19g 7g 316mg
Vegan Three Mushroom Bourguignon 30min 1h 233 12g 14g 24g 6g 313mg
Wasabi Dip Sauce for Sushi 3min 5min 4 0g 0g 0g 0g 222mg
White Sauce 5min 20min 70 5g 4g 4g 0g 195mg