Holiday Transition

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Fall in Michigan is the prettiest, most colorful season. A quiet repose before winter retreat and rebirth. Whenever personal seasonal effects are shared, common interests arise that bring people closer to each other. Harmony is attractive. When we eat in harmony with the seasonal procession, centered strength and a joyous freedom are reinforced.

As the year’s cycle approaches winter solstice, an urge to celebrate emerges. People gather and celebratory foods are shared. Traditions are brought forward and renewed. Creation, sharing, and enjoyment of holiday foods bring forward traditions and renews them. We are reminded of the importance of basic essentials and they are honored. Past knowledge is brought forward to new generations in holiday traditions. Annual holidays are spirited and uplifting.

For the past few decades, holiday traditions are scorned and diminished, as are family, commonsense education, honesty, and the sense of oneness. Historical traditions strengthen family, society, and encourage right action. Honoring them leaves folks less vulnerable and susceptible to misguided replacement rituals that lead to ungrounded floundering and poor outcomes. Historical tradition is grounded in well intended right action stemming from high moral and ethical standards that most people want to emulate.

Nature abhors a vacuum. Media popularized pied pipers advocate belittling and dismissing cultural traditions to serve consumerism and ‘throw away’ waste. Happy, joyous, and free people are cleverly encouraged toward being left empty, needy, dependent, and fearful. Family traditions are to be honored and celebrated, as they were wisely intended to be.

A center of healthy society and family is the kitchen, not TV programming and cheap industrial food. When family, traditions, and knowledge of where we have come from are celebrated, there is no need for the glitz and glitter of commercial waste. Wholesome food, dear people, and commonsense traditions make for joyous families, nourishing society, and good judgment.

Celebration brings focus on the common good. It elevates the spirit, encourages perseverance, and the helping of one another.

Food Traditions

Sentimental food nostalgia is powerful. It evokes memories and gives rise to strong feelings. When people come together and those feelings and food are peacefully shared, opportunity to stimulate happy, nourishing oneness and individual satisfaction is created. Holiday traditions, dishes, and meals welcome new friends and family which enlarges and reinforces our comfort zones.

Traditions and holidays seem inseparable. Holiday foods celebrate the past, bring meaning to the present, and give us support and courage to welcome the future.

Passed down through generations, holiday dishes and meals hold potential for wow moments. Routine fare is set aside to celebrate this year’s version of family traditions. They enlighten us about the background of practices and habits that are a comfort and empowerment in vibrant, meaningful life.

The holidays stimulate interest in delicious new recipes and healthier versions of the old ones. Everyone anticipates holiday feasts to celebrate the rebirth as solstice approaches; Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Lunar New Year, are some.

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We wish a joyous and uplifting holiday for all. Please enjoy and share the free and wonderful holiday recipes.


A Principled Natural Food Company

Principles that respect and encourage life.

Principles that contribute to life’s well-being.

Commonsensical, straightforward, and forthright methods in actions with other people.

These are principles that have guided Eden Foods since 1968.

Translating macrobiotic principles into dietary suggestions points to the basic need of pure whole grain being the fulcrum of one’s balanced diet. Once that is accomplished, most everything else will take care of itself at every level; personal, mental, physical, emotional, societal, economic, political, spiritual, environmental, and interpersonal.
Improved judgment results over the long run.

A transition from commercial food to healthy food centered upon whole grain is not an easy process. It is a basic necessity to accomplish freedom, harmony, and to nourish intuition. The transition requires focused persistence. Considerable experience and knowledge about food, its uses, and benefits are available to help those who work to make the change.