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Government, biotech companies, and agribusiness want everyone to settle for the lowest common denominator when it comes to food. The good news is that Eden provides an alternative. The following articles have been written or gathered by Eden in hopes of promoting awareness and informed choices.

Biodynamic Farming

  • Insight into Biodynamic Farming and Farm Products 'Biodynamic' is the name of agricultural systems that accept Nature's energy in order to work with it, a synthesis of science and spirituality. It is farming systems based on lectures of the 1920s by an Austrian philosopher, Mr. Rudolf Steiner 1862 - 1925.



  • The Hundredth Monkey Once a critical mass of awareness is achieved, it then permeates a universal consciousness shared by us all.
  • A Plea For Bees We rely on bees for food production. They are essential pollinators, yet pervasive toxic chemicals are killing them off. The millions of tons of toxins being put into the environment must come to an end. It's life or death.


Nuclear Radiation Food & Food Safety




  • Testimony of Eden Foods President Michael Potter before the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) Michael Potter, Eden Foods' chairman and president, testifies before the National Organic Standards Board in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 22 May 2012.
  • Who Owns Organic? Charts of corporate ownership of organic foods reveal how organic brands are tied with the biggest food processors in North America. Another chart shows the remaining independent organic food companies, Eden Foods being a notable one.
  • Constellation of Organic Values Yes, organic food has additional value for both farmers and consumers, but those values are not "added." They are inherent in Nature and organic agriculture production and management systems.
  • The News As news of late is focused on corrupt influence peddlers in our Federal government, and the bills that make their way through Congress have hundreds of earmarks (funding or legal authorization for special interests) attached, isn't it sad that the Organic Trade Association (OTA) chose to become one of them?
  • Organic and Then Some If the organic label loses its meaning, farmers with higher standards will have to devise new ones.
  • Communiqué on OTA's Consistent Work to Weaken Organic Standards While big agribusiness and some OTA members have spoken in favor of the OTA's actions, Eden Foods strongly objects.
  • Organic Food: Superior in Every Way Evidence and discussion in the media

USDA Organic Seal

  • Why Eden Foods chooses not to use the USDA organic seal Though all Eden organic food is grown, handled, processed, and certified in a way that meets and exceeds the requirements for using the 'USDA Organic' seal, Eden Foods chooses not to use this seal on its product labels or marketing materials.