Food Facts

Whole grain information and rolling your own sushi are some topics here. Interesting and helpful. Check back often to stay current.

Amber Glass

  • Amber Glass Protected Eden oil, vinegar, juice, 10 ounce soy sauces, spaghetti sauces, and crushed tomatoes come in efficacious dark amber glass to protect flavor and nutrients from the negative effects of light on their phyto-chemicals. Light induced chemical change of food causes color change, flavor degradation, and nutrient depletion. Ambient light caused photo-oxidation (light damage) is systemic in stores where old style fluorescent lighting in particular, attacks food quality. Most plastic adulterates food and negatively affects its flavor. Amber glass is difficult to get and costly, but it best protects food from light as the 'glass efficacy graph' clearly shows.


  • Vanilla Notes Edensoy is the only soymilk in this hemisphere that uses only Pure Vanilla Extract made from aged vanilla beans that provide over 250 compunds that manifest vanilla's unique aroma and flavor. The essential aging or curing of the beans transforms them into the alluring flavor provided only by properly prepared - Pure Vanilla Extract.
  • Carob Notes Edensoy Carob is made with carob seed pods of Ceratonia siliqua, an evergreen belonging to the legume Fabaceae or pea family. Known as the carob tree, it is native to the Mediterranean areas of southeastern Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia. Carob trees reach 50 feet in height and have thrived in the hot, arid summers and cool, mild winters of the area since prehistoric times. They are tolerant of poor soil conditions and drought, require no fertilization, and thrive in their native habitat.

Glutamic Acid and the MSG Controversy

  • Glutamic Acid - It Is Not MSG or Monosodium Glutamate Glutamic acid is an alpha amino acid common and necessary in the human body. It is key in cellular metabolism and the most common neurotransmitter in a vertebrate's nervous system. It is essential to cellular life. The mass-produced, crystaline salt glutamic acid or monosodium glutamate, is something else altogether.

Matcha Tea

Sea Vegetables

  • Hiziki (Hizikia fusiforme) Eden Foods' response to CFIA and FSA warnings.
  • Sushi Instructions Sushi requires a little initial practice, but it truly is easy. Here are some basic tips to get you rolling. Be creative; variations are endless.

Soy Confusion

  • Sorting Out Soy Confusion Whole soybean soyfoods, properly made, are extemely beneficial, healthy food. Soy isolates and foods made of them are not. Google soy health or soy danger and you'll get millions of entries. Many of them, on both sides of this issue, are wildly misinformative, whether by accident or intent. Suffice it to say that Big Ag and Big Pharma have not welcomed soyfood popularity in the West. On the other hand, soy isolates are not good food and should be avoided.

Gluten Free - What it means at Eden

  • 'Gluten Free' criteria used at Eden Foods The United States' FDA deems food 'gluten free' if it contains 10 ppm or less of gluten. At Eden Foods we do not make the claim Gluten Free unless the foods have rigorously tested to 5 ppm or les. 'Wheat Free' is a subset of gluten free but foods labeled as such may still contain gluten from other sources. Eden Foods takes the handling of all allergen potential items extremely seriously.

Whole Grains

  • Basics of Cooking Brown Rice Rice is a staple for sixty percent of the world’s people. There are countless varieties that grow in various climates.
  • Whole Grain Basic Info How to select and enjoy whole grain. Some valuable basic information from our friend and author Ms. Rebecca Wood.
  • Wild Rice Notes Authentic wild rice, such as Eden, actually grows wild and is Native American hand-harvested by canoe as required by law. It is then traditionally wood fire parched to dry and stabilize it. What you see labeled as Wild Rice, most likely is not. Chances are it is imitation wild rice hybridized for commercial paddy cultivation. Its appearance and desireability have been radically changed for the worse. Real wild rice is wild.
  • Millet Notes Millet is believed to have been the first grain that was domesticated as a cereal grain by human beings.
  • EDEN Quinoa Details Today quinoa is called a "superfood" and "the rice of the new millennium" due to its exceptional nutritional profile, complete protein, relative ease of cultivation, and quick cooking.
  • Organic Eden Quinoa Profoundly Supportive of Indigenous Culture and Communities, Sustainable, and Fair Trade.
  • The Top-Secret Superfood Packed with protein, loaded with nutritional values, and older than Peru, quinoa is one of the most beneficial whole grains there is.