Wisdom is Love in Discerning

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1 June 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In selecting food we eat and offer, we work to do so in harmony with the order of the universe. Decisions are made in food acquisition only after study of local environs, farming practices, handling details, and what motivates the grower. As we learn we keep in mind a guiding question, "What will result in, and nurture, life in the soil?" Vital energy from healthy, living soil is essential in producing good food.

After procuring the food we must protect it from contamination or degradation. As the senior natural and organic food company in North America we have considerable knowledge and experience in doing this. A firm will and persistence is demanded of us. Opposition to our focused pursuit of purity shadows us, and creatively works to wear down our resolve. Vigorous faith in the necessity and importance of the work helps keep us focused.

Nature is the great provider. We simply must keep man's meddling and contamination of food to a minimum. Shortsighted laziness is always involved in adulteration and imitation of food; almost as common is greed. Flimsy arguments are proffered as justification in efforts to hide this. Please be knowledgeable, questioning, proactive food buyers as Eden Foods is. There is great need for civil society to become caring about and involved in the kinds of food that industry feeds us. The social, political, medical, mental, and spiritual damages of big agribusiness should not be allowed to continue, but they do. The criminal pollution of water, air, soil, food, and people is only possible while society remains blissfully ignorant in wishful thinking.

Knowledge is both power and responsibility. If you know, you must decide whether to be part of the problem or part of the solution. Love is discerning. This helps explain why folks are inclined to prevent themselves from becoming knowledgeable. Righteous indignation is not in our comfort zones.

Genetically engineered flora designed to make toxins that kill life and poison the environment are absurd. Disinformation, societally pervasive and perpetrated with enormous funding, continues because it works. Truth in advertising is long gone. Government agencies meant to look after the peoples' well-being are diverted from this with huge amounts of money and misleading propoganda that serves the misguided corporate interests of the funders, socially subjugating us in monoculture.

Help us repair cultural diversity and restore purity in food, air, water, land, and our spirit. Food is manifestation of spirit. How can we be healthy, free, joyous spirits if the environment and our food are toxic? A healthy spirit in society requires healthy soil producing spirited, nourishing food. Help us to discern, and then determine, what is appropriate food for humanity.

Michael Potter, President