FAQs — EDEN Pasta

What is the shelf life of EDEN pasta?

2 years from the date of manufacture if properly stored.

How many kinds of pasta does Eden Foods offer?

Eden offers twenty-six (26) different kinds of pasta. In Detroit we make twelve (12) varieties of Italian style pasta in rigatoni (large tubes), ditalini (small tubes), elbow, spaghetti, spiral, gemelli (twists), ribbon, and colorful alphabets. In Montréal we make seven (7) Udon and Soba Noodle varieties at the Sobaya Company. From the Tanaka family in Japan we import 7 different traditional Soba and Udon Noodles. We have plans for updating these offerings and the numbers may change. These are accurate December 29, 2021.

Does Eden offer sodium free and low sodium pastas?

There are twelve (12) varieties of low-sodium, no salt added EDEN Pastas made at the Detroit pasta plant. All grain does have some sodium in them, so none are sodium free. They do contain small amounts of sodium, but we have never added salt to EDEN Italian style pasta made there. All 7 varieties of EDEN Traditional organic Soba and Udon are low sodium. The 100% Buckwheat Soba Noodles and Bifun (Rice) Pasta imported from Japan are very low sodium, no salt added. Mung Bean Pasta (harusame) and Kuzu Pasta contain no grain and are sodium-free.

Does Eden offer any wheat free and gluten free pastas?

Yes, EDEN Rice (Bifun) Pasta, Mung Bean (Harusame) Pasta, and Kuzu Pasta are wheat free, gluten free and sodium free.

Why does Eden use different color boxes for the Italian style pastas?

EDEN Organic Pasta boxes are color coded for consumer convenience to indicate the percentage of whole grain contained in the finished pasta. GOLD contains 100% whole grain; BLUE contains 60% whole grain; GREEN, our lightest texture, non-whole grain pasta is made from a blend of the highest quality Durum and Semolina wheat flours.

What gives Eden's colored vegetable pastas their color?

The colors are from non-irradiated, organic spinach powder, organic beet powder, organic carrot powder, and organic annatto powder. The natural amber and golden colors come from whole grain kamut wheat, whole grain durum wheat and golden amber durum wheat semolina flour.

Are Eden's pasta boxes from recycled paper?

Yes. EDEN Organic Pasta (Italian style and Traditional) is packaged in boxes made from 100% recycled paperboard, one of the most environmentally friendly packages available. According to the 100 percent Recycled Paperboard Alliance (RPA100.com), "Fourteen trees are saved for each ton of paperboard converted to 100 percent recycled paperboard." They are also recyclable.