FAQs — EDENSOY Organic Soymilk

What is the water source used to make EDENSOY?

EDENSOY is made with deep glacial deposit well water that is purified through a sophisticated double reverse osmosis water purification system. Regular laboratory water analysis confirms that fluoride is not present in this water.

Why is EDENSOY darker in color than other soymilk brands?

EDENSOY beverages are made of beans and grain. These ingredients are not pure white so neither is EDENSOY. Organic malt syrup, organic maple syrup, and pure vanilla extract are also used in EDENSOY darkening these beverages. The off white to beige color reflects the value of EDENSOY and shows that no chemical whiteners, white sugars, flavor maskers, or any other artificial ingredients or FDA approved chemical processing aids are used. Unsweetened EDENSOY is the lightest color EDENSOY because it does not contain malted syrup, maple syrup, or vanilla extract.

What are the flecks and pinkish-orange color that are sometimes seen on the top of EDENSOY EXTRA?

EDENSOY EXTRA is fortified with beta-carotene that causes this slight pinkish-orange color. It occasionally does not completely emulsify in the liquid and tends to float. Please give the carton a shake, end over end a few times before opening it to blend the vitamins and minerals back into the liquid.

What is the shelf life of EDENSOY, before and after opening?

Before opening, one year from produced date, a 'Best if Used by' date code is on the top of the carton. The code starts with the year's four digits followed by a two-letter month abbreviation and then the numbers of the day of the year. Example: 2013MA05. After opening, EDENSOY must be stored refrigerated. How long it will keep is largely dependent upon its storage conditions. We see widely varying times of after-opening goodness.

Can EDENSOY be used in recipes as a substitute for dairy milk?

Yes, one to one. To replace dairy buttermilk in recipes, mix 1 Tablespoon of EDEN Organic Apple Cider Vinegar or EDEN Organic Brown Rice Vinegar with 1 cup of EDENSOY Original, Vanilla, or Extra, and let sit for 5 to 7 minutes until it thickens. This can also be used as an egg re-placer in baking. When using EDENSOY as a replacement for dairy milk in sauces and gravies, do not bring to a rolling boil. Boiling will cause it to curdle. Simply heat to almost boiling and reduce the flame.

Is EDENSOY safe to drink for people who are lactose intolerant?

Yes it is, and contains no dairy products.

Does EDENSOY or any EDEN beverage contain any animal by-products?

We do not use any animal by-products in EDENSOY or any EDEN beverage.

Does EDENSOY contain any isoflavones?

Yes, it contains naturally occurring isoflavones only from the whole soybean. Please check the 'Detailed Description', by product name, to obtain the amount per serving; the isoflavone content varies with each variety of EDENSOY.

Are the soybeans in EDENSOY genetically engineered?

No. Please see our statement on the Eden GEO Stance.

Where does Eden get the soybeans used to make EDENSOY?

EDEN soybeans are grown locally very near the plant that turns them into EDENSOY. Real organic and they are verified non-GMO.

Do you have a Gluten Free and a Wheat Free soymilk offering?

Yes, EDENSOY Unsweetened is tested gluten free and wheat free.

Why does EDENSOY use aseptic packaging?

In making EDENSOY we strive to be environmentally responsible. Aseptic cartons deliver food to people with a minimum amount of materials and energy. The cartons are recyclable and their most valuable benefit to the Planet is that they require no refrigeration in transport or storage. To take a food that requires no refrigeration and make it into one that does just for marketing purposes is to Eden environmentally irresponsible.

Are EDENSOY cartons recyclable?

Yes. The cartons are separated into their individual components and each material is recycled. For a list of cities that recycle aseptic cartons please visit www.recyclecartons.com.

Does EDENSOY ever come in contact with aluminum in the aseptic carton lining?

No. EDENSOY never touches the aluminum that is covered with two layers of Eden selected food grade polyethylene as the food contact surface lining. To achieve shelf stable food without the use of preservatives or refrigeration EDENSOY is packed in Tetra Pak® cartons made of over 70 percent paper and an ultra thin layer of aluminum double-coated with polyethylene. EDENSOY never comes in contact with the aluminum, and no aluminum or polyethylene has ever been detected in EDENSOY beverages. PDF of EDENSOY package schematic.

Does the EDENSOY carton contain bisphenol-A (BPA)?

No. EDENSOY cartons are BPA free, made of six separate layers of polyethylene, paper, and aluminum foil. PDF of EDENSOY package schematic.

Is the vanilla in EDENSOY really pure vanilla extract?

Yes. EDENSOY is the only soymilk in North America made with 100% 'pure' vanilla extract. We do not use cheaper imitations such as Natural Vanilla Flavor, Natural Vanilla With Other Natural Flavors (WONF), Organic Natural Vanilla Flavor, and Vanillin. See also: Vanilla Notes.

Is EDENSOY an appropriate beverage for children under two?

EDENSOY is not recommended as a sole source of nutrition or as a primary beverage for children under the age of two. It does not contain required levels or ratio of nutrients for optimum health, growth, and development. EDENSOY protein is uniquely prepared for easy assimilation. We recommend that you consult your primary care professional for dietary advice. As an occasional beverage, yes. As a primary food no.

Does EDENSOY contain iodine?

EDENSOY is formulated to contain less than 30 mcg of iodine per 1 cup serving, or 20 percent of the US Daily Value (DV) of iodine for adults. Its iodine source is kombu leaf (not kombu extract), that has been finely ground to a powder. Eden Foods also offers Unsweetened EDENSOY, an EDENSOY variety that does not contain kombu.