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Soba means buckwheat, and Udon are wheat noodles. After rice, soba and udon noodles are the most popular food in Japan, where small noodle shops abound. These old-fashioned fast food restaurants are called a sobaya. A buzz of energy and enticing satisfaction attract the hungry. They are a fun discovery for foreigners, and the sobaya is a community hub.

Soba noodles are usually a blend of buckwheat and wheat. Buckwheat is gluten free, so wheat is added to make stronger noodles. 100% buckwheat soba is a popular recent development. Soba is warming and particularly popular in Fall and Winter.

Udon is hard wheat flour, though sometimes blended with rice and other ingredients. Soba and Udon are served year-round in variety of seasonal dishes. There are hot and cold versions for both.

Italian style pastas are most popular, but udon and soba noodles have seen a remarkable increase in popularity over the past few decades. EDEN Soba and Udon noodles bring the craftsmanship and benefits of the sobaya to our homes.

Sobaya Company Organic

Eden Foods makes Seven kinds of organic soba and udon noodles:
Kamut SobaSpelt SobaKamut UdonSpelt UdonWheat & Rice Udon • and Whole Grain Udon (the only one there is) made by Eden’s Sobaya Company in Montréal, Canada on imported Japanese equipment. Sobaya Company is the only traditional, organic soba and udon making operation in the Western hemisphere.

EDEN Soba and Udon are made without chemical additives, eggs, or microwave drying. Organic flour is fresh milled. Pure water and a bit of EDEN Sea Salt are added and worked into a dough. When ready, the dough is rolled out and folded onto itself eight times, rolled again, and cut into long strands. Repeated folding and rolling dramatically improves the cooked noodle’s texture. Long strands of noodles are draped over rods, placed on racks, and put into drying rooms where they slowly air-dry. Drying can take up to two days depending upon ambient temperature and humidity. They are then hand-cut and packaged. The finest EDEN ingredients, patience, and a no shortcut discipline create superior noodle taste and texture.

Five Generations of Know-How

Four EDEN Sobas and two Udons are made in Japan by the Tanaka family since 1906. The Tanaka Noodle Company is literally ‘traditional Soba and Udon.’ Their noodles are a favorite of Japanese living in America. In addition to regular, there are Tanaka sobas that contain lotus root, jinenjo (wild yam), and mugwort leaf, each with a unique taste and nutrition benefit.

100% Buckwheat Soba, gluten free

EDEN 100% Buckwheat Soba is a bracing food made in Japan of 100% whole grain organic buckwheat and purified water. Buckwheat is gluten free. To make soba out of only buckwheat, 60% of the buckwheat is pre-gelatinized. Whole, unhulled buckwheat is puffed or popped. Then it is ground into flour that is mixed with 40% regular buckwheat flour to make the 100% buckwheat noodles. EDEN 100% Buckwheat Soba Noodles are gluten free, skillfully made in a gluten and egg free facility that is dedicated solely to 100% buckwheat soba making.

Healthy Longevity

Soba is deeply threaded in Japan’s culture. It represents good health, strength, and longevity. It is served at special events and holidays. A dish called Long Life Soba is the last food of the year; eaten as midnight brings in the New Year. This ritual soba in dashi broth is taken to ensure you are kept strong and healthy through the coming year. A dish called Last Day of the Month Soba is eaten as the last meal of each month to celebrate and ensure another month of good fortune.

Versatile Energy, Deep Satisfaction

Sobaya Company organic and Japanese imported Soba and Udon Noodles are light, uplifting, and extremely versatile. They are quick to make, delicious, and completely satisfying. Udon and Soba are great as an entrée, snack, and for a quickly made meal when unexpected demands or guests are upon us.

Eden Soba and Udon are wonderful pantry food to have us ready with quick, healthy meals that fit any mood. Soba and Udon are most frequently served in hot dashi; a kombu, shoyu, shiitake seasoned noodle broth. Soba and Udon are ideal in salads, stir-fries, with a dipping sauce, or any other way you enjoy pasta. Soba is also used to make noodle sushi, see Eden Recipes.