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Energizing pure fruit provides sweet tastes and nourishing benefits. It is pressed for juice; chopped, ground, cooked to make sauces and fruit butters and used in baking. Pure fruit of simple preparation has become very rare. (Why is it so hard to find a good tasting apple?) Pure, delicious EDEN Apple Sauces, Butters, and Juices are readily available. EDEN Fruit Juice

EDEN Fruit is grown and handled in commonsensical, traditional ways. Exceptional taste is from organic methods, the living soil and vibrant plants that produced it, and proper handling. Good fruit does not need refined sugar, GMO derived citric acid, or other untoward chemicals to make it appealing. Good fruit’s taste develops as it ripens. Bad additives in commercial fruit become necessary because of short-sighted thinking and lazy processes that prevent natural deliciousness.

Orchard, Vineyard, Berry Patch

It has been consistently shown that organic fruit has substantially more antioxidants than chemically grown, 40 to 80 percent more. A six-year Washington State University study shows that organic agriculture methods produce better tasting fruit, and that this benefit is not just sensory, but indicative of increased health benefits. Dr. R.H. Lui at Cornell University says, “Scientist like to isolate single components such as vitamin C, E, or beta carotene to study antioxidant benefits. It turns out that none of them work alone. It is the combination of flavonoids and polyphenols (whole food) doing the work.”

Seventeen antioxidants have been identified in the Montmorency tart cherry. Concord grapes are ranked especially beneficial for their proanthocyanidins flavonoids. Choosing organic EDEN Fruit avoids toxic chemicals that greatly increase stress to the plants, and in us. On average, commercial fruit growers use 35 toxic insecticides, fungicides, and weed killers.

EDEN Apple Sauce

Apple, Apple Cinnamon, Apple Cherry, & Apple Strawberry

EDEN Fruit Butter

Apple, Tart Cherry, Apple Cherry, & Concord Grape

EDEN Juice

Apple Juice, Tart Cherry Juice, & Tart Cherry Concentrate

Uniquely delicious fruit of old apple varieties, Montmorency tart cherries, small northern strawberries, and northern Concord grapes, organically grown on the shores of the Great Lakes and New York’s Finger Lakes are the result of a 26 year conversion to organic methods that work with nature’s creativity. Eden Foods has worked with these growers for decades. Hard work, simple pressing, and slow kettle cooking are best. The results are much better tasting and far more beneficial fruit for the discerning.

Cloudy Is Best

Cloudy, non-clarified fruit juice is the big winner when it comes to antioxidant content and beneficial values. Cloudy juice contains up to four times more polyphenols (antioxidants that eliminate free radicals) than does clear juice. The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture concluded that genetically engineered (GMO) derived enzymes used to extract and clarify fruit juice actually reduce antioxidants, flavor, and nutritional value. Clarified juice was also found void of pectin and other beneficial components that help assimilate the natural fruit sugar fructose. Today, commercial fruit juice is mostly reconstituted from concentrate with so called ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ chemical artificial flavors, food colorings, artificial vitamins, and preservatives. Fruit laced with bad chemicals and GMO processing aids is not good for people. GMO derived extraction and clarifying enzymes are deemed ‘processing aids’ by FDA, therefore not listed as ingredients.

EDEN Apple Juice, Tart Cherry Juice, and Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate are pure, organically grown fruit of simple preparation. The fruit is simply pressed and lightly filtered in an amber glass bottle to protect its taste, nutrients, and antioxidants, with every ingredient declared.

EDEN Apple Juice received Alive magazine’s Award of Excellence for exceptional taste, nutrition, and integrity of ingredients, processing, and handling. EDEN Cherry Juice was recognized as one of the top fine beverages in the world, receiving the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) Outstanding Beverage award.

EDEN Fruit

With delicious, organic EDEN Fruit Sauces, Butters, Juices, and Concentrate you get authentic, unadulterated taste and benefits of pure and purifying organic fruit as beverages, snacks, toppings, sides, and for use in cooking and baking. See the EDEN Apple Sauce Sampler and Fruit Butter Sampler totes at store.edenfoods.com. EDEN Apple Butter and Fruit totes are excellent gifts.

No refined sugars, artificial processing aids, GMOs, or untoward additives. All EDEN Fruit Sauces, Butters, Juices, and Concentrate come in BPA free glass jars. Gluten free. All but the Grape Butter are kosher.

Food Selection

“There are thousands of kinds of foods on earth. We can divide them into two – one is animal food, and the other is vegetal food. We use mostly vegetal food because animals are the terminus of the evolution of life. (Life is a spiralic transmutation starting from Oneness to the animal world.) Animal is the end stage of life. Its next step is decomposition. Therefore, if our diet consists chiefly of animal foods, our body decomposes – a cancerous condition.

Vegetal foods, contrary to animal foods, are an immature stage of life. They are virgin life. Therefore, vegetal foods create our body, rejuvenate us and make us healthy.”  George Ohsawa 1803 — 1966

Denise O’Brien, an Iowa farmer said, “The whole suite of new GE seeds is a bad idea for farmers and farm communities. The pesticide industry is introducing one troubling GE seed after another.”

Good food is not cheap. Cheap food is not good.