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September 2008

As the back–to–school season happens and we pick out the supplies that will help our children succeed, it's time to make sure we're paying attention to another most important choice: The diet of our child and what their lunch will be. “Eat smart to be smart” is the message experts are stressing for mental achievement and learning. Catherine Kraus, RD, a dietitian at the University of Michigan Health System says that a balanced, healthy diet enables chemical messengers in the brain known as neurotransmitters to function more efficiently. This produces better concentration and memory. In addition to a wholesome breakfast, Kraus recommends packing a lunch, especially where cafeteria choices include fatty foods and sugary drinks, as they usually do. “When children consume a high fat, high sugar meal, their bodies will crash, and they will become tired and lethargic – which is not going to help them perform at their best level in school,” explains Kraus. One smart lunchbox choice for children and adults alike is EDENSOY® organic soymilk in a handy single serve package.

Have Soy, Will Travel

EDENSOY single serves provide smart energy from all natural whole food ingredients including USA family farm organically grown whole soybeans and grain, with no refined sugars or chemical additives of any kind. Each is a good to excellent source of healthy soy protein and provides a whole spectrum of balanced nutrients including potassium, B vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and naturally occurring antioxidants. EDENSOY EXTRA® is enriched with the most bio–available vegan quality vitamins and calcium. EDENSOY is the only soymilk made with nourishing kombu seaweed. Our delicious flavors include organic fair trade dark cocoa powder, real carob, and (unlike any other brand) only 100 percent pure vanilla extract. And it's easy to take EDENSOY single serves to school, work, the gym, road trips, camping, hiking … wherever you go, the package is easy to grasp and easy to tuck into lunch boxes, briefcases, backpacks, etc.

Ecological Aseptic Carton

EDENSOY is good for the planet as well as for you. Our packaging partner Tetra Pak invented aseptic packaging with the goal of delivering food to people using minimal materials and energy. 73 percent of the EDENSOY package is made from wood, a renewable resource. This paperboard comes from actively managed forests using sustainable forestry practices that assure harvested trees are replenished, biological biodiversity is preserved, and endangered species are protected. Aseptic cartons are recyclable and their best benefit to the planet is that they require no refrigeration in transport or storage. According to the EPA greenhouse gas emissions from refrigerated transport have increased exponentially since the 1990s. We are glad that EDENSOY does not contribute to this problem. EDENSOY single serves in seven thoughtfully created flavors: Original, Vanilla, Carob, Chocolate, Extra Original, Extra Vanilla. Also, EDENBLEND® that's an organic short grain brown rice and whole soy blend.