Frijoles Refritos

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May 2013

Beans have been an important source of protein for humans since at least early seventh millennium BC, prior to the existence of ceramics. In the Americas their cultivation has been traced back to the second millennium BC.

Refried beans, however, are pretty new, introduced about 100 years ago in northern Mexico. Their still growing popularity is from use in American Tex-Mex cuisine that originated as unique refried bean recipes specific to individual border town restaurants of Mexico and Texas. The English term ‘refried beans’ is a colloquial adaptation of the Spanish frijoles refritos. Frijoles means beans, and refritos means well-fried. A contributing factor may have been the Mexican habit of adding the prefix ‘re’ to emphasize a word's special meaning. As the delicious and versatile refrieds' popularity spread into North America, the name ‘refried’ was carried along.

Most commonly refried beans are prepared from pinto beans, followed in popularity by black turtle beans. Today, red kidney and other beans are also being used for refried beans. In Tex-Mex cooking the beans are soaked overnight, cooked until tender, mashed, and then fried with lard or bacon fat, onion, garlic, and spices; but they are only fried once. Chili powder, cumin, chopped sweet bell or jalapeño peppers, and citrus juice are typically added as enhancements.

Organic EDEN Refried Beans are not fried at all. The organic EDEN beans taste so good that a salty fat is not needed for great taste. EDEN organic refried beans receive additional cooking in a steam-jacketed kettle with a paddle that moves them over the cooking surface until done. Great taste, endless versatility, and stupendous nourishment are captured in every can.

Healthiest Food

Beans contain high quality protein, superb complex carbohydrates, low amounts of fats that are good for you, high amounts of soluble fiber, and important vitamins, minerals, and polyphenol antioxidants. They are a delicious and easy way to receive the nourishment needed for optimum health. Beans are a smart addition to any weight loss regime, but to enjoy the benefits you deserve, it is important to choose great organic beans.

EDEN Refried Beans are expertly prepared at Eden Foods' certified organic, kosher cannery in east central Indiana. Most importantly, they are the finest U.S.A. family farm organically grown beans that can be found. They are expertly prepared and have the most per can of all refrieds.

EDEN Refried Beans made with EDEN Sea Salt contain 50% less sodium than other brands. Naturally, no fat, preservatives, or chemical processing aids are added. EDEN beans have been packed in bisphenol-A (BPA) free cans since April of 1999.

EDEN Refried Beans were rated as best in flavor and nutrition of all canned refried beans by Men's Health magazine three times, and received the highest ranking for flavor and nourishment in studies conducted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) as published in their Nutrition Action Newsletter, three times.

Versatile Fare

There are six types of EDEN Refried Beans. The Pinto, Kidney, Black Turtle, and a Black Soy and Black Turtle combination of refried beans are just lightly EDEN Sea Salted, so you can make them taste the way that you and yours prefer. Two are organic spice seasoned, Spicy Pinto and Spicy Black Bean Refrieds. Each is a delicious, creamy purée with pieces of whole beans. At least one should be in your pantry for when a quick, good food meal is needed.

Make a bean dip or ‘seven layer dip’ for crackers and chips. These, or variations, also serve well as sandwich spreads. For a bean side dish simply heat and serve them. Dilute refrieds for a smooth and creamy base for cream soups, you'll be very pleased with the results. Stuff peppers with them. Add them to burritos, quesadillas, tostadas, tacos, nachos, Mexican lasagna with tortillas, or to Mexican pizza.

To heat up the refrieds, place a small amount of water and/or oil in a saucepan or skillet, add the refrieds, mix thoroughly, cover, simmer, and stir a few times until smooth and hot. They are delicious with sautéed onions, peppers, sweet corn, and a twist of fresh lime or lemon juice.

A particularly wonderful burrito, tostadas, taco, and tortilla filling is a 50-50 mixture, one can each, of EDEN Refried Beans and EDEN Rice and Beans. It is a perfect combination with the toppings of your choice, and also a wonderful side dish.