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The day’s first meal is prime time to improve the handling of everything coming our way. Be smart, choices made affect mental, physical, and emotional performance. Breakfast is commonly the most nutritious daily meal. Those who eat breakfast, eat healthier and tend to eat less food overall.

For enduring high performance, start with pure whole grain (WG). It centers one and results in better judgment. Commercial WG, grain reassembled to meet an artificial federal definition, does not.

Minimally processed whole grain cereal used to be a mainstay in every American home. WG oats, wheat, corn, rice, millet, buckwheat, rye, and barley, including cracked and flaked forms, were popular begin-the-day-right fare. The shift away from this and the deterioration of American health seem to show a connection.

With large marketing budgets in the 1930s, refined sugar and chemical colored cereals began to appear. By the mid-1950s they had become the cereals of choice in America. Whole grain food and cereal had tumbled out of favor by the late 1950s. Entertaining, cheap, nutrient stripped, shelf stable cereal laced with refined sugar and toxins led to a physical and mental disaster. Refined, hyper-sweet, ready-to-eat, entertainment cereals replaced whole grain and porridge. Collusion with the dairy industry in accomplishing this is evident.

Today, overly processed, nutrient depleted, sugar rich, chemically contaminated cereal is found in nine out of ten American homes. The ‘refined’ grain aspect of them has had protein and fat removed along with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients diverted for use in animal feed. Excessive salt, chemicals for color and flavor, thousands of processing chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, bleaches, fumigants, deodorizers, and residual agricultural chemicals create a malaise of stress inducing and egregious health issues. Devious GMOs are now a thrust in the cereal shenanigans.

Authentic Whole Grain

Macrobiotic and natural food inspired awareness of the multi-dimensional benefits of whole grain is a step toward common sense. People are attracted to ‘ancient grains’ for unique nutritional values and as a reaction to nutritionally empty, high calorie, chemical laced cereal and food. The severely diminishing nutrient content of hybrid grain, coupled with its ‘refinement’ demand that sources and methods of grain handling be reevaluated. Non-GMO, organic whole grain, such as kamut, spelt, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, teff, brown rice, rye, oats, popcorn, emmer, and wild rice are exciting, beneficial discoveries for people.

Surprising, rapid demand for ancient grain caused an immediate reaction from the monocrop food monopolists. They countered these positive social developments with sophisticated misinformation centered on the concept that grain was not good people food. Although this is true for the commercial refined grain category, that same grain is not good food for animals either. Growing demand for ancient whole grain continues despite hundreds of millions of people being intentionally misinformed in an industry/government scheme.

Hearty Whole Grain (WG)

Five EDEN WG Cereal Flakes are easy to use. Kamut®, Spelt, Oats, Rye, and Brown Rice Flakes are American organic family grown. They are hulled, roasted or steamed, and rolled into quick cooking versatile flakes. Superb porridge cooks up in about ten minutes. WG enriched, delicious recipes and baked goods are quite easy. Combining various WG Flakes in porridge, recipes, and baked goods is rewarding. Add dried fruit to the flakes and replace half or all of the water with EDENSOY when making porridge for appealing results.

When different kinds and amounts of EDEN WG Flakes are mixed – Oat, Rye, Kamut, Spelt, and Brown Rice – satisfaction is definitely increased while providing wonderful tastes and broader beneficial nutrition.

Organic EDEN Muesli is three WG EDEN Cereal Flakes, Oat, Rye, and Spelt with sweet-tart organic dried cranberries, raisins, lowbush blueberries, roasted pumpkin and raw sunflower seeds. EDEN Cinnamon Muesli features real-organic cinnamon for taste and desirable benefit. In Europe, Muesli meals are taken at all times of the day for refreshment and energy. The premium, pure ingredients of EDEN Muesli are exceptionally delicious and rewarding.

EDEN Cereal Flakes and Muesli are versatile. They upgrade stir-fries, soup, stew, vegetables, beans, casseroles, and even salads.

Super Smoothie Bowls

EDEN Cereal Flakes and Muesli are idea ingredients in and on smoothie bowls. EDENSOY as a smoothie base cannot be beat. Smooth, pure food taste and richness is why. Clean, broadly nourishing WG EDEN Cereal Flakes, EDEN Muesli, and EDENSOY are deliciously smart ingredients.

Convenience is embodied in the food Eden offers, coupled with purity and sustained energy. If EDEN foods are not in your pantry or cupboards, good opportunities will slip by. Be a discerning shopper in stocking the pantry, choose food wisely. Modern convenience foods are amusing, quick, easy, and cheap, but they ultimately deplete health and energy as they undermine long-term well-being with refined sugar, artificial ingredients, high sodium, bad fats, chemicals, GMOs, and more. EDEN foods in the pantry ensure good food whenever needed. Pleasure, satisfaction, and health benefits are guaranteed. Maintain a selection in the pantry that includes EDEN WG Cereal Flakes, Muesli, chili, beans, mochi, pasta, condiments, oils, vinegar, and much more. kosher pareve

A Principled Natural Food Company

Principles that respect and encourage life.

Principles that contribute to life’s well-being.

Commonsensical, straightforward, and forthright methods in actions with other people.

These are principles that have guided Eden Foods since 1968.

Translating macrobiotic principles into dietary suggestions points to the basic need of pure whole grain being the fulcrum of one’s balanced diet. Once that is accomplished, most everything else will take care of itself at every level; personal, mental, physical, emotional, societal, economic, political, spiritual, environmental, and interpersonal.
Improved judgment results over the long run.

A transition from commercial food to healthy food centered upon whole grain is not an easy process. It is a basic necessity to accomplish freedom, harmony, and to nourish intuition. The transition requires focused persistence. Considerable experience and knowledge about food, its uses, and benefits are available to help those who work to make the change.