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Better taste is a big reason people purchase organic food. Nutrient content of organic fruit shows 40 to 80% more antioxidant activity than commercial, chemical grown fruit, which contributes to better taste. Antioxidant fruit and vegetable compounds such as polyphenols, flavonoids, lignans, and phenolic are extremely beneficial. A six year study by Washington State University shows organic agriculture produces noticeably better tasting fruit and that this is not simply sensory, but indicative of significantly increased nourishments and health benefits. Dr. R.H. Lui at Cornell University says, “Scientists like to isolate single components such as vitamin C, E, or beta carotene to study antioxidant benefits. It turns out that none of them work alone. It is the combination of flavonoids and polyphenols of whole foods doing the work.”

There are seventeen known antioxidants in Montmorency tart cherries. Concord grapes are especially beneficial for proanthocyanidin flavonoid antioxidants. Real organic EDEN Fruit spares us the agricultural chemicals that substantially increase stress in soil, plants, and human beings. Commercial fruit growers use 35 toxic chemicals such as insecticides, fungicides, and weed killers, on average. Organic agriculture fosters life throughout the ecosystem so that crops, soil, and all life in and around them can thrive. Reducing and removing toxic agricultural chemicals must become a universal goal. It will make life more peaceful, healthier, and happy.

1.1 billion pounds of pesticides are put into our environment each year in the U.S. That does not include the billions of pounds of herbicides and fungicides. This toxicity is made worse when thousands more chemicals are added as the foods are processed.

Ethical Preparation

Simple preparation of pure fruit is rare today. Preparing good food is an art form, not a mere process. Chemicals are routinely used to make food preparation a mindless, mechanical act. This greatly reduces the value of food while it causes people stress, disease, and untold suffering.

EDEN Fruit is chopped, ground, and cooked to make apple sauces and fruit butters that are storable and richly beneficial. Remarkably better taste is realized when healthy fruit is grown and kept pure. The same is true for fruit that is pressed for juice. Greater sweetness (Brix) and a symphony of tastes come forth that leave no need for added sugars or chemicals.

Award winning EDEN Apple Sauce, Fruit Butter, and Juice from authentic organic methods have exceptional taste and the potent benefits that nature intended. Vibrant living soil and healthy plants produce the joyous food that we deserve and expect. Good fruit needs no untoward additives like refined sugar, GMO derived citric acid, or untoward chemicals. Sparkling taste develops naturally as they grow.

• EDEN heirloom apple varieties, Montmorency tart cherries, strawberries, and Concord grapes are organically managed on the shores of the Great Lakes and New York’s Keuka Finger Lake. Eden Foods has worked with the organic fruit growers for decades. This fruit is the result of decades of progress back to organic methods. Intelligent hard work and simple preparation methods produce rewarding, shelf stable fruit.

• EDEN Apple Sauce variety - Apple - Apple Cinnamon - Apple Cherry and - Apple Strawberry are real-organic fruit from the Great Lakes shores. Apples are hand sorted, washed, cored, chopped, and cooked into rich sauce. Organic cinnamon, tart cherry and strawberry puree are added to some for appealing results and benefits. EDEN Apple Sauce was inducted into Taster’s Choice and The San Francisco Chronicle’s ‘Hall of Fame’ and noted for “… very good, sweet-tart balance.”

• EDEN Fruit Butter variety - Apple - Tart Cherry - Apple Cherry and - Concord Grape are real-organic fruit that is steam jacketed kettle simmered into a thick spread. A small amount of organic EDEN apple juice concentrate is added to ensure shelf stability for EDEN Apple and Apple Cherry Butter. Nothing is added to Tart Cherry or Grape Butter. EDEN Apple Cherry Butter received the Vegetarian Times ‘Readers Fave Foodie Award,’ described as “Spreadable fruit that tastes like it’s straight from the tree.”

• EDEN Tart Cherry Juice and Tart Cherry Concentrate are pure, organically grown fruit. The Cherry Juice is pressed, lightly filtered, and amber glass bottled to protect taste, nutrients, and antioxidants. EDEN Cherry Juice is recognized as one of the top fine beverages in the world, receiving the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade’s Outstanding Beverage award. EDEN Apple Juice is temporarily out of stock due to specification failures experienced with the last crop. We hope to have it back after this year’s harvest. It has been a perennial award winner.

No refined sugars, chemical processing aids, GMOs, or untoward additives are ever used. EDEN Fruit Sauces, Butters, Juices, and Concentrate come in BPA-free glass jars. All but the Grape Butter are kosher pareve. 

Cloudy Is Best

Cloudy, Non-GMO enzyme clarified, non-chemically treated fruit juice is the big winner for its antioxidant content and beneficial attributes. Cloudy juice contains up to 400% more polyphenol antioxidants than clear juice. The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture concluded that GMO derived enzymes used to extract and clarify fruit juice reduce antioxidants, good taste, and nutritional value. Clarified juice was found void of pectin and other beneficial components that help us assimilate the natural sugars of fruit. Today, clear commercial fruit juice is from concentrate with ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ fake chemical flavors, food colorings, pharmaceutical vitamins, and preservatives. These pretend juices are laced with harmful chemicals and GMO processing aids. GMO derived extraction and clarifying enzymes are FDA declared ‘processing aids’ and are not listed as ingredients. EDEN Juice is lightly filtered non-clarified juice with all of its ingredients dutifully declared.

Pure & Purifying ™

Organic EDEN Fruit Sauces, Butters, Juices, and Juice Concentrates deliver authentic taste and benefits. Their uses are varied and handy in the kitchen as beverages, snacks, toppings, sides, and for cooking and baking. This wonderful food is available at and discerning retailers. The EDEN Apple Sauce Sampler, Fruit Butter Sampler, Apple Butter tote, and Fruit totes make excellent gifts and are found at

A Principled Natural Food Company

What principles?

Principles that respect life and contribute to its well-being. Commonsensical, straightforward, and forthright methods in actions with other people. Universal principles that have guided Eden Foods since 1968.

Translating macrobiotic principles into dietary guidance points to the basic need of pure whole grain being the fulcrum of one’s balanced diet. Once that is accomplished, most everything else will take care of itself at every level; personal, mental, physical, emotional, societal, economic, political, spiritual, environmental, and interpersonal.
In the long run, improved judgment results.

A transition from commercial food to a healthy food centered upon whole grain is not an easy process. It is a basic necessity to accomplish freedom, harmony, and to nourish intuition. The transition requires focused persistence. Considerable experience and knowledge about food, its uses, and benefits are available to help those working to make change.