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In every culture outside of the Arctic, beans are staple food. They help make a balanced, healthy diet possible. The ease of growing them and their potent nutrients make beans an essential part of any food security plan. Beans have superb protein with a wealth of polyphenol antioxidants, B vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, and healthy essential fat. The amino acids lysine and tryptophan of beans complement whole grain to provide complete protein. Highly soluble fiber helps regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol. The insoluble fiber aids the intestines, controls appetite, and helps in weight management.

The abundance of antioxidants in beans are remarkably similar to those found in berries, and they are in similar concentrations.

Cooking technique, herbs, and spices elevate bean benefits. The addition of vegetables and seasonings add synergistic phytonutrients that aid digestion, soothe, comfort, and energize. Spicy, sour, bitter, and savory tastes increase protective antioxidants. Shoyu soy sauce, sea salt, and miso increase nutrients and taste while bringing out the sweetness of beans. An intelligent, intuitive seasoning blend is an art that heightens satisfaction and pleasure.

Eden Foods has been encouraging organic bean and grain farming for over fifty years. Beans are valuable in an organic crop rotation, boosting nitrogen and life in the soil. Eden sources U.S. organic, family grown food directly from farmers and farms we knows and trusts.

Heat n’ Eat Food

The appealing convenience of authentic organic, nicely seasoned, ready-to-eat beans and grain is almost universal. With daily demands to meet, home cooked meals are a challenge. Deliciously nourishing heat n’ eat foods of the finest ingredients are a required alternative. Quick, worry-free choices are indispensable. EDEN Chili, Seasoned Beans, Refried Beans, and Rice & Beans are a godsend of pure, already cooked, ready to serve essential food.

The ingredients of EDEN Seasoned Beans, Refried Beans, Chili, and Rice & Beans are reliably selected by Eden Foods as the best food for our families and those seeking good food. EDEN U.S. grown grain and beans, sea salt, shoyu soy sauce, vegetables, spices, and herbs are exceptional. Organic vegetables and non-irradiated herbs and spices taste way better and deliver more phytonutrients and protective antioxidants.

Commercial seasoned grains, beans, and chili are packed with refined sugar, bad fat, cheap salt, irradiated herbs and spices, GMOs, mystery meat, undeclared toxic chemical processing aids, and cheap TVP (textured vegetable protein) fillers. Not exactly wholesome food, but a telling display of the condition of commercial food in the U.S.

Recipes to Heat n’ Eat

All beans, grains, vegetables, herbs, and spices are Eden selected for maximum purity and exceptional taste.

5 Seasoned Beans

Superb side dishes, they help make entrées in minutes, and are excellent starters for soup, stew, casserole, barbeque dishes, Mexican food, and dips.

Baked Beans with Sorghum & MustardCaribbean Black BeansLentils with Onion & Bay LeafSpicy Pinto BeansChili Beans with Jalapeno & Chili Peppers

Seasoned Beans Group Photo

9 Rice & Beans

Lundberg Short Grain Brown Rice and EDEN Beans are the best of both worlds. SpanishCaribbeanCajunMoroccanMexicanCurriedBrown Rice & LentilsBrown Rice & Pinto BeansBrown Rice & Kidney Beans

Brown Rice and Beans Group Photo

5 Refried Beans

Two spicy and three unseasoned – Spicy PintoSpicy BlackPintoDark Red Kidney and • Black Beans

Refried Beans Group Photo

4 Chilies of Beans & Whole Grain, two sizes

The only Bean and Whole Grain Chili in America, savory sauced stews with half the sodium of other chilies.

Pinto & SpeltKidney & KamutGreat Northern & Barley, and • gluten free Black Bean & Quinoa Chili

Chili Group Photo

All over the world, hearty stews reliably provide warm satisfaction.

The whole grain, shiitake and maitake mushrooms of EDEN Chili are chewy and replace the hamburger texture. The rice in Rice & Beans is Lundberg organic short grain brown rice. The beans are EDEN organic quality. Ingredients are grown and managed without untoward chemicals by those we know and trust, all prepared at Eden Foods’ cannery Meridian Foods, in Indiana.

Award-winning EDEN Chilies are unique whole grain and bean chilies. Awarded ‘Best Food For Women’ by Women’s Health, both a ‘Best Food For Men’ and one of ‘125 Best Foods for Men’ by Men’s Health, and Grocery Headquarters 'Selling Wellness Trailblazer Award' in the Meal Maker category. Pure, delicious, highly nutritious chili in minutes. A variety of whole grain and beans is a solid step toward healthy, joyous living.

Purely Delicious

Real organic beans are soaked overnight for better taste, and thoroughly pressure cooked at Eden’s organic, kosher cannery in Indiana. Only non-irradiated organic EDEN Herbs and Spices are used.

After two years of persistent pursuit, Eden Foods pioneered BPA, BPS, and phthalate free lined cans in April 1999.

Food is Spirit

Food is spirit. What spirit becomes you? It is a choice. Bring back life to soil, to food, and to yourself. There is no progress without change. Toxic chemical agriculture kills the life in the soil. It distorts spirit.

Body & Mind are One. The invisible manifests in the physical. The relationship between people, food plants, and all life on earth is one of interdependence. Bringing back life into the soil produces vital food, healthy people, and nourishes life all around.

Agricultural systems that kill life in the soil and make it chemically dependent produce poor quality food. It simply makes no sense. Inserting millions of tons of toxins into the environment creates a cycle of suffering, sickness, and death that extends to all life on earth.

Whole grain, beans, local vegetables, skilled cooking, fermented food, pickles, and local fruit are sensuous, simple, healing essentials. The simplicity will open and connect a cornucopia of synchronistic goodness, benefit, and value to you and yours.

In the long run, a naturally sustainable rejuvenative diet must be assembled around pure whole grain and beans. The use of macrobiotic principles as a compass with focused effort will produce magnificent results.

The need to know basic information about the food we choose is so obvious, as are the establishment’s efforts to prevent us from realizing the freeing knowledge. Today, you must know about what you are eating if you want to be resilient, healthy, and joyful.