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February 2019

Rice and beans are ideal nutrition, comforting and strengthening. The combination provides hearty amounts of complete protein with all the essential amino acids, sustaining complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, antioxidants, a wealth of vitamins and minerals, and excellent fiber.

Rice and beans dignify tables in nearly every corner of the world. Regional, culturally defining rice and bean dishes with local seasonings have been handed down through generations, many of them becoming quite famous.

Soaked–Overnight Homemade Taste

Inspired by traditional regional recipes, Eden prepared the first and only precooked organic brown rice and beans in a can. EDEN Rice & Beans are made with USA family organically grown beans, Lundberg™ short grain organic brown rice, and all organic vegetables, herbs, and spices. They are expertly prepared at Eden’s certified organic, non–GMO, and kosher cannery.

Beans are soaked overnight – a rare but critical step (we know of no other company doing it), blanched (steamed), combined with Lundberg short grain brown rice and organic seasonings, and then thoroughly cooked with a bit of EDEN Sea Salt. All are really good organic food, contain only good fat, are cholesterol free, low fat, and provide a very healthy dose of nourishment. Like all EDEN Canned Beans, they are packaged in tinplate steel with a BPA, BPS, and phthalate free inner lining. There are nine versions of EDEN Rice & Beans from mild to spicy, all are gluten free: Caribbean Rice & Black Beans, Mexican Rice & Black Beans, Curried Rice & Green Lentils, Moroccan Rice & Garbanzo Beans, Spanish Rice & Pinto Beans, Cajun Rice & Small Red Beans, Rice & Kidney Beans, Rice & Green Lentils, and Rice & Pinto Beans.

“… almost the Perfect Food.”

Rice provides more human nourishment than any other grain. Even in cultures that do not commonly eat rice, it is often a first solid food for babies. Whole grain organic brown rice is far superior nutritionally to refined white rice, as it maintains integrity of its nutrient–rich endosperm, germ, and bran components. There are more than 40,000 varieties grown around the world, and 90,000 varieties stored in seed banks. The three main types of rice are long, medium, and short grain. Short grain rice is the most strengthening. Together with beans, they are an ideal food combination.

Clifford Beninger, Ph.D., a biologist and former researcher for the USDA’s Bean Research Unit says, “Beans are really loaded with antioxidant compounds. We didn’t know how potent they were until now. In general, darker colored seed coats were associated with higher levels of flavonoids, and therefore higher antioxidants. Anthocyanins were found to be the most active antioxidant in beans.” Plant geneticist G. L. Hosfield, reported to Reuters Health, “Beans are probably the best human plant food there is.” He explains they are full of protein and fiber, and low fat. They contain important vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, iron, potassium, and zinc. “With the additional bonus of their antioxidants, you have almost the perfect food,” he said.

Individually, beans and rice are deficient in certain essential amino acids. However, each offers what the other lacks. Beans are an important source of lysine and threonine, two essential amino acids not found in cereal grain. Short grain brown rice and beans complement each other and together deliver not only complete protein, but also dining pleasure and long–lasting satisfaction. Routinely enjoying a variety of whole grain and bean combinations is a solid step toward improved, healthy living.

Quick, Pleasing, and Rewarding

With organic EDEN Rice & Beans in your pantry, it’s super easy to make wholesome meals. Try them in the EDEN Rice & Bean Sampler and find your favorites. Each one is perfectly cooked and takes just minutes to prepare, heat, and serve. Add fresh vegetables and/or mix them with EDEN Refried Beans for the best burrito, quesadilla, and taco filling. They can be used to make delicious veggie burgers, soups and stews. Simply add a variety of fresh vegetables, water or soup stock, season to taste and simmer. Visit for delicious, kitchen tested, easy, free recipes like Rice & Bean Burgers, Pita Sandwiches, Falafel Salad, Mushroom Risotto, and more. Go ahead, hide the can. kosher