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February 2007

February, a time of paper cut–out hearts is also American Heart Month, a time to remember our tickers. One important way to keep our hearts healthy and enjoy overall well being is to eat plenty of whole grain. Unfortunately, most Americans don't come close to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendation of three whole grain servings a day. For the tired, hungry and stressed, cheap fast food is all too tempting.

So, what if a delicious whole grain meal could be just as easy as picking up the phone or hitting the drive through? With EDEN Organic Pasta it is. Toss in whatever veggies you have on hand, maybe some EDEN Beans, Olive Oil or a favorite sauce, and a delicious wholesome meal is yours in a jiff.

Family Farm Grain • Traditional Crafting

EDEN Organic Pasta is traditionally crafted from six North American family farm organically grown grains • Golden Amber Durum Wheat • Kamut® • Spelt • Short Grain Brown Rice • Buckwheat • and Rye ... and high altitude Andean organic Quinoa. Organic vegetables and seasonings add colorful flavor and nourishment.

First, freshly ground flour is thoroughly kneaded with purified water. To make ribbons the dough is rolled out and folded over itself eight times, a traditional noodle making process called sheeting. The sheet is fed between stainless steel cutters to form the width, and cut to length by a rotating blade. To make shapes like spirals and spaghetti the dough is extruded through vintage brass dies and cut to length. An initial hot steam dryer reduces moisture slowly and dries from the inside out. Ribbons and shapes are dried on screen trays, and spaghetti is hung over racks in the spaghetti dryer. The pasta stays in a drying room for 16 to 48 hours and is packaged when perfectly finished.

EOPC • A Gem Since 1923

What a gem we have in the EDEN Organic Pasta Company. A Detroit landmark crafting pasta in small batches continuously since 1923, it still has the original fixtures like artisan brass dies, noodle rollers, and macaroni dryers. Best of all are its people who care: Bud • Cathy • Jeridine • Jim • Maryanne • Odess • Peter • Robert • Rosanne • Steve • Tasha and Terry. Visit our new website www.edenpasta.com to meet them all, read a history of the EOPC and get all of the recipes from our pasta boxes with pictures of each finished dish.

All 25 flavors of EDEN Organic Pasta are being transitioned from bags into new reclosable, recycled and recyclable boxes. Are your favorites in a box yet? Watch our progress during the upcoming weeks at www.edenfoods.com/store/