There Is Superb Soyfood And There Are Bad Soyfoods

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August 2009

The maligning of soyfood because of bad soyfood has been appropriate, but most unfortunately has been perceived as referring to all soyfood. This is a disservice to the public and a class of superb soyfoods. When properly prepared like our misos and Edensoys they provide wonderful nourishment that's highly suited to the American culture. They do not deserve the knock that soyfoods have taken over the past few years. Traditional cultures have recognized the power of soy for centuries. Soybeans boast superb nutrition offering complete protein, essential fatty acids, isoflavones, etc. Recently soyfoods have gained notoriety in the West among health professionals and the public. As soy’s popularity skyrocketed, commercial food processors rushed taking short cuts to make the cheapest ‘greatest’ soyfoods as quickly as possible, compromising the soybean by selling its components ill prepared for human consumption, laced with chemical contaminants and genetically engineered DNA.

Eden offers only intelligently prepared whole bean soyfoods that are thoroughly cooked or fermented making them superb nourishment for young and old. Most commercial soy products are made with soy isolate, a by–product of the oil seed industry treated with petrochemicals and additives, most commonly genetically engineered, and certainly not whole soy nourishment in its natural form that is intelligently prepared. Soyfoods and soymilks commonly contain bad sugars and artificial, unhealthy, off tasting, so–called natural flavors.

In May 2009 The Cornucopia Institute released an extensively researched report revealing most soyfoods labeled ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ contain genetically engineered contaminants (GMOs) and soybeans from China.

BEHIND THE BEAN: The Heroes and Charlatans of the Natural and Organic Soy Foods Industry

One company stood out as best in preventing GMO contamination, supporting North American family farmers, and sourcing only pure whole food ingredients — Eden Foods.

The Soy Food Hero

The thoroughly researched report and subsequent Organic Soy Scorecard rated 62 organic soyfood brands in ten categories including sourcing, stringency of organic certifier, and prevention of GMO and chemical contamination. Only seven brands met the criteria for an ‘Outstanding’ rating. Of these Eden achieved 955 out of 1,000 points, the highest score of all brands, and is the only ‘Outstanding’ brand available nationally.

Edensoy organic soymilk is truly organic soy from our dedicated local family farm network. We know all our growers and visit their farms, fields, and families regularly. All flavors in Edensoy, like chocolate, pure vanilla extract, and carob come from fair trade whole food sources only. Every batch of incoming soybeans is multitested GEO free.

Edensoy Was The Original And Is Completely Unique

Edensoy is made employing 240 continuous quality control checks based on years of research into how to best choose and cook soybeans. Double certified organic whole food ingredients, reverse osmosis purified water, a patented enzyme invalidator system, and aseptic packaging all contribute to the best possible value and nourishment unlocked from the ingredients by a unique knowledge of, and care in, preparing soybeans for human sustenance.

Edensoy's cartons are environmentally responsible made of 70% renewable paperboard from sustainably managed forests. Due to aseptic packaging technology Edensoy does not require refrigeration in transport or storage, and this greatly reduces environmental pollutant production.

There are 10 varieties of Edensoy organic soymilk, including Edensoy Original, Edensoy Light, and Edensoy Extra, fortified with vegan quality calcium, vitamin D2, vitamin E, vitamin B12, and beta–carotene vitamin A.

Edensoy is a superior alternative to dairy milk. Use cup–for–cup on cereal, in smoothies, freeze pops, desserts, and baked goods. Choose from over 180 quick, easy, healthy, and satisfying Edensoy recipes at