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November 2009

Chili originated in the border towns of Texas and Mexico in the mid 1800s served in small cafes called cantinas. Called ‘chili con carne’ (chili with meat) it was spicy stew made of chili peppers, onions, garlic, cumin, and meat. Its exact origin is hotly debated and opinions are numerous. Nevertheless, chili is an all time American favorite. Eden developed four chilies with beans, whole grain, a variety of vegetables, tomatoes, and chili spices without meat, or as it's called ‘chili sin carne’. The Official Chili Rule Book for U.S chili competitions holds that chili isn't chili if it doesn't contain meat and it allows absolutely no 'fillers' such as beans, grains, tomatoes, pasta, or other ingredients. It only allows meat, peppers, onions, and spices. Those rules don't allow us to make what we think is good chili, but we did it for us... and you. We needed a certain chewy texture for the spicy stew to be chili. Kitchen experiments revealed four suitably firm whole grain solutions and we were absolutely thrilled. We now offer four unique EDEN® Organic Chilies — superb meatless Chilies made with locally grown organic family farm beans, organic whole grains, Japanese gourmet maitake and shiitake mushrooms, and organic vegetables cooked in a spicy rich sauce of organic chili spices.

Warmed or Cooled Well–Being

With Autumn upon us a hot bowl of EDEN Chili is in keeping with the season. Chili is a spectator favorite before, during, and after football games and it's time to stock your pantry with the best there is. Even if you live in a hot region there's still good reason to serve EDEN Chili. Heat generating spices help keep the body naturally cool in hot climates, and warm in cold. Capsaicin, the heat component in chili peppers, stimulates pleasure centers in the brain and increases release of endorphins giving one a sense of well–being. Spicy stew of beans, grains, vegetables, and seasonings are enjoyed the world over for good reason. They deeply nourish, satisfy, and comfort.

Pure, Complete, Simple yet Powerful Nourishment

Vegetarian chilies usually contain chemically derived textured vegetable protein (TVP). EDEN Chilies are TVP free and made of a nutritional ideal — bean and grain. Together bean and whole grain provide satisfying nourishment with complete protein, slowly metabolized complex carbohydrates, and precious fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The whole grain with maitake and shiitake mushrooms lend a full texture to EDEN Chilies that chili simply must have. EDEN Organic Black Bean & Quinoa, Great Northern & Barley, Kidney Bean & Kamut, and Pinto Bean & Spelt Chilies make a quick pleasing meal from pantry to palate in minutes. With a good piece of bread they make a wonderful simple nourishing meal. Just heat and serve or add to it as desired. EDEN Chili makes delicious taco filling, bean dip, and cornbread pie. All four of them are packed in custom made Bisphenol–A Free cans with 50 percent less sodium than others. EDEN Organic Chilies are Guaranteed to Please. kosher pareve.

How many brands of Chili or Beans come in Bisphenol–A (BPA) Free cans?

One. Eden.