Whole Grain and Gluten Avoidance

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March 2011

Whole Grain is the heart of good health. It provides broad spectrum nutrition in the correct proportions needed for well-being. Most folks are free to choose from all beneficial whole grains, but many must limit their choices to those that do not contain gluten. Today, many people are gluten sensitive to varying degrees, all the way to Celiac disease where gluten must be completely avoided in one's diet.

Gluten can become part of a meal in two ways: 1) gluten being an inherent part of one or more of the foods, and 2) cross-contamination - where food picks up gluten from other foods in handling or processing. As gluten is so prevalent in food, even gluten free grain can bring gluten into a meal if it has been 2) cross-contaminated in its handling. Eden addresses both of these ways of gluten getting into folk's meals. They source gluten free grain and then test to make sure it isn't carrying it, and they keep gluten free grain isolated from other sources of gluten in handling and packaging them.

Eden Foods offers eight (8) of ten (10) of the possible gluten free whole grains in a variety of convenient and versatile foods. Common gluten containing whole grains in the EDEN brand are wheat, kamut or Khorasan wheat, spelt, rye, and barley. Oats are technically gluten free but may be subject to cross-contamination in storage and processing, so oats are often avoided.

Please read on for further information about EDEN gluten free Whole Grains. Worth noting here is that we offer over 223 gluten free foods!

Versatile, Easy, and Deelicious Gluten Free Whole Grain

Eden Foods makes it easier to enjoy quick and versatile, gluten free meals with • six pouch packaged 100% whole grains • three kinds of brown rice mochi • ten (BPA free) canned brown rice & beans • a black bean w/ quinoa chili • and two gluten free gift baskets. All EDEN whole grains are the cream of the organic crop. They provide robust, purifying sustenance that burns fat. The integrity of all their nutritional components are maintained after being enhanced to fulfillment with environmentally purifying organic methods.

  • EDEN Wild Rice — real, Native American hand harvested in canoes (as required by law), wood fire parched for a delicious nutty flavor, and then protected by Eden. It cooks up light and fluffy. A versatile whole grain, wonderfully nourishing and tasting.
  • EDEN Red & White Quinoa — two ancient whole grains, family plot grown at over 12,500 feet on the Bolivian Andean plateau. They are as versatile as rice and much more nourishing. They have the best amino acid profile of all whole grain and they cook in just 12 minutes.
  • EDEN Buckwheat — despite its name buckwheat is not related to wheat and is gluten free. A potent, energizing health food, U.S.A. family grown and hulled. Mild and light yet hearty, it cooks in 20 minutes. Buckwheat is a rare and extremely valuable source of rutin that, among its many benefits, increases circulation.
  • EDEN Millet — North Dakota family grown. Mildly sweet, light and fluffy. It's a good source of protein and iron, and is an alkalizing grain. It too is as versatile as rice. Get some great ideas and learn more at edenfoods.com/millet
  • EDEN Popcorn — America's most popular snack, the EDEN version with its superior popping characteristics — large, fluffy, tender morsels bursting with flavor. A whole grain alternative to other snack food. It is quite delicious with gluten free EDEN gomasio (sesame salt) sprinkled on it instead of salt — more flavor and value, less sodium. Tested GMO-free.
  • EDEN Mochi — steamed, pounded whole grain sweet brown rice, a traditional stamina building food. Shelf-stable vacuum packed, six pieces in each. Three varieties: Sweet Brown Rice, Sprouted Sweet Brown Rice, and Brown Rice & Mugwort Mochi. Quick cooking and versatile. Makes awesome gluten free waffles.
  • EDEN Brown Rice & Beans — America's first and only short grain brown rice & beans in a can, bisphenol-A (BPA) free lined can. A range of flavors in ten (10) perfectly cooked, heat and serve items of Lundberg family organic California short grain brown rice, U.S.A. family EDEN beans, and 100% organic vegetables, herbs, and spices. Mild to spicy choices.
  • EDEN Black Bean & Quinoa Chili — A savory rich chili sauce with U.S.A. family EDEN black turtle beans and high altitude EDEN family plot whole grain quinoa. Complete protein, high fiber, gluten free meal in minutes. Bisphenol-A (BPA) free lined can. 50% less sodium than other brands.

Two EDEN Gift Baskets of scrumptious (by any measure) food —

223 Gluten Free EDEN Foods

We are proactive in the prevention of allergen cross–contamination. To eliminate the possibility of wheat gluten contamination in our gluten free foods we built and severely monitor an isolated packaging room. We routinely test for gluten in foods that are listed as ‘gluten free.’ Our gluten free confidence is not based solely on testing, but also on good manufacturing practices and meticulous handling — all ingredients declared. For a list of EDEN gluten free foods visit www.edenfoods.com/glutenfreelist plus browse our free recipes — over 300 are gluten free — available on line or with the New Eden iPhone Recipe App on the App Store.