Kuzu - A Culinary Treasure

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December 2011

Kuzu Pueraia lobata, aka kudzu, is a prolific, hearty, fibrous vine with heart-shaped leaves. Used as food in China for over 2,000 years, it has been praised in Japanese poetry and legend as a bracing tonic and ideal thickener for over 1,000 years. Its vines were used to weave baskets and make clothing, fishing line, and paper. The leaves, seeds, and flowers are used in making vegetable dishes and pickles. The most precious part of the plant is its root, from which the epicurean treasure and the finest culinary thickener, kuzu root starch is made. The roots are among the largest in the world, from three to seven feet long and weighing 200 to over 400 pounds. For its renowned health benefits and best thickening properties, it's important to find pure kuzu root starch, like organic EDEN Kuzu Root Starch. Commercial brands cut kuzu with corn and/or potato starch. This greatly diminishing its health benefits and thickening properties.

100% Pure - Traditionally Made

EDEN Kuzu Root Starch is 100% pure kuzu root. Organically certified, wild roots that are hand harvested from December to March when the sap gathers in its root. They are carried down from the mountains on backpacks and then mountain spring water cleaned. Roots are hand-cut into chunks and then crushed into fibrous pulp that is soaked and rinsed, creating a thick gray paste. The paste is repeatedly washed in cold mountain spring water until it becomes bright white starch. The kuzu starch is allowed to naturally dry for 90 days, and is broken into smaller pieces for packaging.

Strengthening Food and Tonic

EDEN Kuzu Root Starch is a versatile thickener that dissolves quickly in any cold liquid and has no taste. It is very low calorie, contains no fat, and binds more strongly than arrowroot. Unlike corn and potato starches (chemically processed), EDEN Kuzu is naturally handcrafted and uniquely nourishing.

In traditional Oriental medicine kuzu root starch is prized for its ability to strengthen the stomach and intestines, and to promote overall vitality. Recent studies find that kuzu root starch may reduce alcohol cravings and benefit those suffering from addiction and its ravages. Modern research attributes kuzu's traditional health benefits to flavonoid antioxidants that are highly concentrated in the root. In the kitchen kuzu root starch has long been valued as a healthy natural thickener for sauces, gravies, soups, desserts, and beverages. It's also used to make kuzu noodles, aka ‘kuzu kiri’, such as EDEN Kuzu Noodles. EDEN Kuzu Noodles are crafted of rare and efficacious 100% kuzu root starch from hand harvested, wild mountain kuzu roots. EDEN Kuzu Noodles are soothing and strengthening translucent noodles that are very low sodium, with no salt added. EDEN Kuzu Root Starch and EDEN Kuzu Noodles are traditionally prepared, gluten free, macrobiotic staple foods. kosher pareve