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June 2012

Matcha, stone ground green tea leaf, is a euphoric, delightful tonic. It was brought to Japan from China by a monk, and became a national Japanese cultural treasure with its whisk and tea bowl in the ‘Way of Tea’. Before that only whole leaf green tea was used in Japan.

Monks using green tea, just like organic EDEN Matcha to increase energy, calmness, and concentration during study and meditation, goes back centuries. It is excellent for reducing stress and strengthening mental function. The amino acid L-theonine in matcha has the paradoxical effect of causing relaxation and alertness, simultaneously.

Complete Benefits

Unlike leaf tea that is steeped in water and discarded, matcha is completely consumed after whisking. Recent study confirms health benefits of matcha pointing to green tea's antioxidant polyphenols. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is most prominent. Together with tannins and flavonoids, collectively called ‘catechins,’ they account for 40% of green tea's dry weight. University of Kansas found green tea's antioxidants 100 times more effective than vitamin C, and 25 times greater than vitamin E. Matcha contains half the caffeine of brewed coffee and much of it in a bound form that is not as stressful as caffeine in black tea and coffee.

Newbie or Aficionado

The tea ceremony has been a barrier to American discovery and enjoyment of matcha, but there is no need for it. The EDEN Matcha Kit has everything needed to simply and quickly prepare matcha:

  • EDEN Matcha — 30 gram can of the finest grade, organic hand harvested, stone ground green tea powder from Japan.
  • Matcha Bowl — handmade glazed pottery tea bowl designed especially for mixing, drinking, and enjoyment of matcha.
  • Matcha Spoon — handcrafted, untreated bamboo spoon designed to handle matcha. One spoonful equals one serving, about 1 gram.
  • Matcha Whisk — untreated bamboo tea whisk handcrafted from a single piece of bamboo split into 80 fine bamboo bristles. The essential matcha tool to merge matcha and water, whisking it to a delicious frothy brew.
  • Matcha Kit — everything needed to simply and quickly make matcha: pottery tea bowl, bamboo spoon and bamboo whisk, 30 grams of rare, ceremonial grade, stone ground organic EDEN Matcha, and a 12-minute DVD showing matcha preparation, history, health benefits, and details for use and care of the utensils.

A wonderful experience and soothing benefits are guaranteed to all who try this mildly sweet with a full rich taste, highly prized, ceremonial grade matcha. Matcha is usually served warm, but can be served with ice and a slice of citrus during hot weather — citrus enhances its antioxidant availability. It is delicious in soymilk, in baked goods, homemade pasta, sauces and gravies, ice cream, and more. Be creative, it doesn't matter how you consume EDEN Matcha.

EDEN Matcha is tonic for body, mind, and spirit. It delightfully purifies and uplifts.