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February 2014

A snack can be a • small amount of food eaten between meals, or a • light meal eaten quickly or in a casual manner. All types of food may be deemed a snack. It depends upon how it is used not what it is, although some are specifically designed to be snack food. Intense competition in the snack food category has caused some pretty wacky, toxic, things to happen to them, so much so that the phrase ‘junk food’ was coined, and unfortunately - truth in commercial advertising is long gone.

Leftovers, fresh vegetable slices, and even packaged overly processed snacks can provide needed energy and pleasure to keep us running at a steady pace, and can also help us to avoid overeating. Snacks are part of a healthy, balanced diet, providing us with a vital variety of tastes, textures, and nutrients that help balance our mood and energy level. Snacks such as almonds, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, tart cherries, cranberries, sunflower seeds, and good organic popcorn provide rich and varied nutrients in the form of organic acids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that we may not get otherwise.

Eden Foods makes nine (9) superlative snacks in one (1) ounce single serve Pocket Snacks & four (4) ounce reclosable pouches • sweet, mildly tangy, ruby red organic Dried Cranberries • hand picked, organic lowbush Dried Wild Blueberries • organic and transitional-to-organic Dried Montmorency Cherries • roasted and lightly salted organic Pumpkin Seeds with 50% DV of magnesium • our #1 best selling, award winning, organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds seasoned with gluten free tamari soy sauce and organic garlic and organic cayenne • organic Tamari Almonds lightly misted with the same organic tamari • organic, shelled, dry roasted, and sea salt misted EDEN Pistachios • and three low sodium nut, seed, and dried fruit mixes • Quiet MoonAll Mixed Up Too and • Wild Berry Mix.

Energizing, Pure and Purifying

EDEN snack food is delicious, nourishing, real food. It deeply satisfies natural needs while providing vital, good food benefits.

EDEN Snacks delight, nourish, satisfy, and stimulate. They provide • high quality protein • complex carbohydrates • essential fatty acids (EFAs, omega 3, 6, & 9) • soluble fiber • vitamins • minerals • antioxidants • and a wide variety of additional important phytonutrients.

Good Reasons...

Nutritionally negative commercial snacks deplete energy and well being as they are adulterated with highly saturated and often hydrogenated (trans) fats, excessive poor quality salt, refined sugar, or worse artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives, dyes, additives, and a long list of undeclared chemical processing aids. Commercial unhealthy snacks interfere with metabolism creating imbalance that eventually leads to binge eating, excessive weight gain, and a host of other health issues.

Thoughtful and Commonsensical

Fire roasted nuts and seeds with rare and precious pure dried fruits with no refined sugars added, EDEN Snacks are easy and handy to have at home, school, work, errand running, trekking, traveling, trudging, or when in couch-potato mode. They are great for parties, camping, and packed lunches, and they're not just for snacking. Sprinkle them on salads, grains, pasta, soup, use them in/on cereals and granolas hot or cold, desserts, and in baked goods.

Each item is purely wholesome ingredients prepared using only thoughtful, enhancing, preparation methods. Unsalted or with a wee bit of EDEN Sea Salt, all are low or very low sodium with no refined sugars, no trans-fats, no preservatives, no sulfites, and only the finest non-irradiated organically grown seasonings. Preparation is done at Eden's certified organic headquarters, an organic production facility where all equipment and procedures are multi third-party inspected and highly rated for purity and safety in manufacturing. All but some transitional tart cherries are certified organic, all are Gluten Free and kosher pareve.