Salt Compress

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This compress is relaxing and deeply warming, easing tension in various parts of the body. Especially good for stiff muscles, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and menstrual or intestinal cramps. Great for stiff shoulders.

NOTE: Do not use on abdomen, kidney or lower back if pregnant. Do not use on babies or young children.


  • 2 cups Eden Sea Salt
  • 100% cotton sack or white sock
  • 100% cotton thick bath towel
  • 1 piece cotton string


Either variety of Eden Sea Salt can be used for this compress. Place the salt in a heavy stainless steel skillet and dry roast until it turns an off white color and releases a strong chlorine odor. Carefully, pour the salt into the 100% cotton sack and tie securely with the string. Do not use synthetic material or blends, the hot salt will melt the fabric.

Wrap the sack in a thick cotton towel and apply to the affected area until the salt cools. The salt can be reheated for several applications. It will loose its ability to hold heat when no long usable, discard then.


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