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New Instant Miso Soups - Red and White

14 April 2016

New Instant Miso Soups - Red and White

Clinton, Michigan – Announcing instant Red and White EDEN Miso Soups. Stunningly delicious, traditional, handmade, and organic. The highest quality possible, strengthening, soothing, freeze-dried cubes, two flavor options. There is no further need to sacrifice taste for convenience. Four eight-gram cubes per box in individual packets. Out of the pantry they are ready in minutes. Easy to have at work, school, while traveling, or anywhere you can add 8 ounces of hot water and let it sit a moment. It is then ready to take or share.

Everybody knows freeze-drying traditional miso soups is the best way, by far, to protect the subtleties of this handmade miso soup, including flavor and nutrients. EDEN quality ingredients, skillful know how, and meticulously carried out detail produces wonderfully efficacious, valuable miso soup. The ingredients are:
Red Miso Soup — Red miso, kuzu, EDEN wakame, green onion (scallions)
White Miso Soup — Rice miso, kuzu, tofu, green onions

All the ingredients are organic by Eden standards, except the EDEN wakame flakes that are the finest we can procure. Organic kuzu, silky organic nigari tofu cubes, organic green onion, and EDEN wakame sea vegetable balance, add appropriate flavor, texture, and nutrients for full flavor and satisfaction, which is guaranteed.

Enjoy the homemade flavor and beneficial richness of high quality miso soup. Both the Red and White Miso Soups are tested gluten free to a 5ppm sensitivity, tested Non-GMO, and have zero monosodium glutamate (MSG), autolyzed yeast extract, or any other untoward additives.

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