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EDEN Sea Vegetables

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  1. Arame, Sea Vegetable


    2.1 oz / 60 g

    Wild harvested, shredded, cooked, and sun-dried. Add to sautéed vegetables, salads, and baked goods. Sweeter and milder than its cousin hiziki. Good source of beneficial fiber. Low fat and low sodium. kosher

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  2. Hiziki, Sea Vegetable


    2.1 oz / 60 g

    Only the prized tender black curls of the tips. Wild, hand harvested, sun-dried, steamed, and dried again. Rich flavor and delicate texture. Great with grains and in stir-fries and salads. Enjoy concentrated sea vegetable nourishment. It is fat free and very low sodium. kosher Learn More...

  3. Dulse Whole Leaf, Organic


    1.4 oz / 40 g

    Soft crimson whole leaf dulse with a delicious tangy flavor. The finest example of its kind in the world. Organic, wild, hand harvested from Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. Summer sun and sea breeze dried. A refreshing and nutritious snack food right out of the package. Great for salads, soups, chowders, pasta, bread, and pizza, in sandwiches and stir-fries. Oven toast it for a crispy snack. Low sodium and fat free.

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  4. Dulse Flakes, Organic


    1.5 oz / 42 g

    Sustainably hand-harvested and very low sodium OCIA certified organic dulse sea vegetable from Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. Sun-dried small flakes. Tangy flavor brightens grains, vegetables, salads, pasta, baked potatoes, popcorn, almost any dish. Sprinkle or pour dispenser cap.

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  5. Mekabu Wakame, Sea Vegetable


    .88 oz / 25 g

    The ruffled, flowering sprout of wakame just above the root. Wild grown, hand harvested, cleaned, sun-dried, misted with pure water, shredded, and dried again. To preserve its beneficial fucoidan, do not cook. Soak it twelve minutes and just add ponzu; or blend toasted sesame oil, brown rice vinegar, and shoyu to put on it. Mildly sweet and supremely healthy. Use in soups, salads, Japanese pickles, or as a garnish on top of cooked rice and grains, traditional noodles, and in sushi rolls. Fat free and very low sodium. Learn More...

  6. Wakame, Sea Vegetable


    2.1 oz / 60 g

    Sun-dried from the environmentally protected national treasure, Ise (ee-say) Bay, Japan. Essential for miso soup and delicious in salads. It turns a happy bright green when soaked. A good source of magnesium. Learn More...

  7. Instant Wakame Flakes, Sea Vegetable


    1.06 oz / 30 g

    This fine Japanese wakame is cultivated in the Naruto Strait between the Shikoku and Awaji Islands. Strong currents and whirlpools strengthen it. Washed, cooked, cut, dried, and ready to use without soaking right out of the bag for miso soup. Soak briefly for salads, it expands 20 times. Quick, versatile, and easy. Wakame is one of the most popular sea vegetables in Japan and the U.S.A. Mild flavor. Fat free and low sodium.

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  8. Kombu, Sea Vegetable


    2.1 oz / 60 g

    Tender fronds Arctic current nurtured off Hokkaido. Widely used in soup stock and 'dashi' noodle broth as a flavor enhancer. Add a piece to beans or root vegetables for improved flavor and a softer texture. Low sodium and fat free. kosher

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  9. Nori, Sea Vegetable, 10 untoasted sheets


    .8 oz / 25 g

    Best selling sea vegetable in the U.S.A., by far. Cultivated in the environmentally protected Ise (ee-say) Bay. The highest grade, hand harvested, and dried. Mildly sweet flavor. For sushi, nori rolls, rice balls, and as garnish. A quick toasting turns it emerald green. Very low sodium, fat free, and a good source of vitamin C.

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  10. Sushi Nori, Sea Vegetable, 7 toasted sheets


    .6 oz / 17 g

    Toasted nori sheets for sushi, nori rolls, and rice balls. Very versatile and popular. Ise Bay grown purity. Differences you can see and taste in its deep color, brilliant luster, and appealing sweet, mild flavor. Fat free, very low sodium, and a good source of calcium.

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Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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