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Natto Miso - vegetable chutney - 22 lb

22 lb / 10 kg

Natto Miso - vegetable chutney - 22 lb

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Quick Overview

Not the soyfood 'natto', but a miso blend with chopped ginger root and slivered kombu sea vegetable, shoyu, and lightly barley malt sweetened. A sweet and spicy chutney. Use as a spread or dip. It enhances almost any dish. 22 pound net keg. kosher

Eden Natto Miso is a delicious sweet and spicy condiment or chutney made of whole soybeans and vegetables.

Made since the 1700s, natto miso contains a large proportion of soybeans that when fermented gives it the shiny appearance of the famous Japanese fermented soybeans called 'natto'. Natto Miso is neither a true miso or true natto but a condiment used like natto and fermented like miso.

Eden Natto Miso is made of steamed whole soybeans and barley that are inoculated with seed koji Aspergillus oryzae that is aged and mixed with pieces of chopped ginger root, slivered and mineral rich kombu sea vegetable, barley malt syrup, shoyu, and salted water. It naturally ferments in large kegs for one to three months. The barley malt and short fermentation period make Eden Natto Miso sweet, and the addition of kombu and ginger give it a distinctive flavor.

Many commercial varieties of natto miso are made using genetically engineered koji enzymes and genetically engineered soybeans that are defatted using the caustic petroleum derivative, hexane. These commercial varieties often contain refined sugar, colorings, and other additives. Eden Natto Miso is free of preservatives, refined sugars, and all other additives. It is fermented in the traditional manner.

Use Eden Natto Miso at the table as a condiment that is delicious on cooked whole grain or pasta. Great spread on toast or any Eden cracker. Unlike our other miso, natto miso is not used in miso soups.

Eden offers a large selection of food in bulk sizes for food service professionals and families. Eden Natto Miso in a 22 pound keg is an excellent value for health conscious chefs who appreciate quality, nutrition, safety, and superb flavor.

Name Natto Miso - vegetable chutney - 22 lb
Item Number 107580
Ingredients Organic Malted Barley Extract (Organic Sprouted Barley, Water), Barley, Water, Soybeans, Sea Salt, Ginger, Organic Shoyu (Water, Organic Wheat, Organic Soybeans, Sea Salt, Koji Aspergillus oryzae), Kombu Seaweed, Koji Aspergillus oryzae
Case Quantity 1
Package Size 22 lb
Package Size Metric 10 kg
UPC Code Each No
UPC Code Case No
Eligible for Flat Rate Shipping No
kosher Pareve Yes
Low Fat Yes, 3 g or less per serving
Macrobiotic Yes
Non GMO Yes