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Kuzu Pasta

3.5 oz / 100 g

Kuzu Pasta

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Quick Overview

Rare and efficacious 100% kuzu root starch noodles made of hand harvested wild mountain kuzu root. A traditional, balancing, translucent noodle. It soothes and strengthens. Kuzu noodles are great in dashi broth - a shoyu soy sauce kombu broth, in soups, and delicious in salads and stir-fries. No salt added. Gluten free.

Eden Kuzu Pasta is 100% hand harvested wild mountain kuzu root handmade in Kagoshima, Japan. Kuzu pasta that is 100% kuzu root starch is extremely rare. Also known as kuzu 'kiri', almost all kuzu 'kiri' is made with potato starch and other additives. Eden found a small traditional maker in Japan making it like it was made in olden times using only kuzu root starch. It is relatively expensive, but it's said "Food is the best medicine."

Kuzu roots are hand harvested from December to March after the sap has gathered in it. The roots cleaned, hand cut into chunks that are pounded into fiberous mass, soaked, pounded, and repeatedly washed to catch the white starch. The resulting kuzu paste is further washed until it becomes bright white. All this is done in pure, cold mountain spring water. This kuzu starch is allowed to dry naturally for 90 days, after which the solid starch is ground into powder, mixed with water, crafted into transparent noodles, and naturally dried for packaging.

Historical Information

Kuzu vines originated in China where ancient records refer to it first being used as a food more than 2,000 years ago. From there it was introduced to Korea and Japan. For over a thousand years kuzu has been praised in Japanese poetry and legend as a healthy food and a valuable culinary thickening agent.

The kuzu plant is a prolific, tough, and fibrous vine with heart shaped leaves. Its roots are among the largest in the world ranging in length from three to seven feet and weighing between 200 to over 400 pounds. Traditionally the entire plant was utilized. The leaves, seeds, flowers, and roots were used in making vegetable dishes, noodles, dumplings, and pickles. The vines were used to weave baskets and in making clothing, fishing line, and paper.

Nutrition Facts

Eden Kuzu Pasta is a traditional, balancing, translucent noodle used to soothe and strengthen. It has a mild and subtle flavor. It is fat free, made without salt added, and is wheat and gluten free.

Eden Kuzu Noodles are beautiful in dashi - a shoyu soy sauce kombu broth, in classic sweet and sour soups, and delicious in salads. Eden Kuzu Pasta is a pleasing, fun way to enjoy the health benefits of kuzu. Try Kuzu Noodle Salad with Sesame Dressing, in our free recipe section.

Name Kuzu Pasta
Item Number 108485
Ingredients Wild Kuzu Root Starch
Case Quantity 6
Package Size 3.5 oz
Package Size Metric 100 g
UPC Code Each 024182227949
UPC Code Case 024182237948
Eligible for Flat Rate Shipping Yes
Sodium Free Yes, less than 5 mg per serving
Fat Free Yes, less than 0.5 g per serving
Macrobiotic Yes
Gluten Free Yes
Wheat Free Yes
Non GMO Yes