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Instant Red Miso Soup, Organic

4 - 0.28 oz / 4 - 8 g

Instant Red Miso Soup, Organic

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Quick Overview

Freeze-dried Instant Miso Soup cubes - four 8 gram miso soup cubes per box. Each makes a nice serving in one minute. Just add 8 ounces of hot water, stir, and allow it to bloom for 1 minute. Traditionally made organic red and hacho misos with organic ingredients in handmade miso soup. Freeze-drying best preserves the miso soup's flavor, nutritional values, color, and aroma. Miso soup subtleties remain unaltered with only the water being gently removed. Eden wakame and organic green onions balance, add flavor, texture, and valuable nutrients. Conveniently packaged for quick soothing richness and the benefits of high quality miso soup. Homemade deliciousness, pure and purifying. Great for home, office, school, and travel - anywhere, anytime. A smart pantry item. Zero bad stuff, no MSG, autolyzed yeast extract, or any other untoward chemical additives. Eden tested Non-GMO.

Organic Eden Instant Red Miso Soup is red and hacho misos. Organic kuzu, Eden instant wakame flakes, and organic green onions add flavor, texture, and nutrients. The handmade soup is freeze-dried.

Real miso, such as this, is gaining recognition as a protective superfood with a wealth of benefits that enrich 'quality of life' and brace immunity. Fermentation of miso converts proteins into all eight essential amino acids for easy assimilation, and carbohydrates to simple sugars. Beneficial phytonutrients, enzymes, and vitamins are imparted. Fermentation also breaks down trypsin inhibitors in soybeans allowing for their full utilization. Good miso aids in the digestion of all food and is soothing and potently beneficial for all.

In making organic Eden Instant Red Miso Soup, organic kuzu root starch is dissolved in water and mixed with organic red and organic hacho miso to form the soup base. This is poured into trays. Wakame flakes and green onions are hand dosed to each serving before freeze-drying. Through a process called sublimation a vacuum vaporizes ice and gently removes water. When perfectly finished, the miso soup cubes are individually packaged.

Cheaper, easier methods of dehydration, most commonly spray drying, significantly change flavor, color, and nutrient values. Freeze-drying best preserves miso soup's desirable and rewarding characteristics because the original structure of the food remains unaltered with only the water being gently removed. Freeze-drying is the far superior way of preserving miso soup and making it convenient.

Eden Instant Red Miso Soup is quick, easy, and rewarding. A soothing, rich, high quality miso soup for anywhere, anytime - home, school, office, or when traveling. Keep some in the pantry. Place one cube in a bowl, cup, or thermos and add 8 ounces of hot water. Stir and allow it to bloom for one minute, then enjoy homemade flavor and satisfaction. Zero MSG, autolyzed yeast extract, or any other untoward chemical additives. Eden tested Non-GMO.

Name Instant Red Miso Soup, Organic
Item Number 107815
Ingredients Organic Rice Miso (Organic Whole Hulled Soybeans, Organic Short Grain Rice, Lake Salt, Koji Aspergillus oryzae), Organic Hacho Miso (Organic Whole Soybeans, Sea Salt, Organic Roasted Barley Flour, Koji Aspergillus oryzae), Organic Kuzu, Wakame Sea Vegetable, Organic Green Onions
Case Quantity 10
Package Size 4 - 0.28 oz
Package Size Metric 4 - 8 g
UPC Code Each 24182140637
UPC Code Case 24182240634
Eligible for Flat Rate Shipping Yes
Low Fat Yes, 3 g or less per serving
Macrobiotic Yes
Organic Yes
Non GMO Yes