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  1. Apple Butter Tote


    Organic Apple and Apple Cherry Butter to enjoy and share. Two 17 oz. glass jars of spreadable pure fruit in a 13" webbing two handled, unbleached organic 10x7x3 inch canvas tote. Eden Apple Butter and Eden Apple Cherry Butter are kettle cooked, organic Michigan family orchard fruit. The versatile tote is machine washable and double hand stitched for durability. A timely gift. Deliciously sweet/tart fruit butters.

    The small tote is handy for art supplies, small toys, snacks, etc., U.S.A. made of sturdy organic unbleached cotton canvas. The silkscreen print is environmentally friendly ink.

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    Apple Butter Tote
  2. Miso Souper Mug Kit


    EDEN Instant Miso Soup in a small, sturdy, handled canvas bag. Two boxes of four Red and White misos individually wrapped freeze-dried soup cubes with a U.S.A. made 12 oz. ceramic soup cup. For a delicious cup of traditional Japanese miso soup, add 8 oz. of hot water, stir, and allow to sit for about one minute.

    A 10"x7"x3" gusseted cotton tote is handy for lunches, snacks, art supplies, small toys, heavy items, etc. Organic unbleached canvas, the silkscreening is non-toxic. Double hand stitched for durability and machine washable.

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    Miso Souper Mug Kit
  3. Popcorn Bowl


    Might as well have the best. America's all time favorite snack food, a whole grain. In an old style, enameled, red bowl with POPCORN in white printed on it. A charming gift. Each bowl contains - U.S.A. grown organic Eden Yellow Popcorn; high oleic expeller pressed organic Eden Safflower Oil; triple sea water washed Eden Sea Salt; organic Eden Garlic Gomasio sesame salt, and Eden Quiet Moon snack mix that's deliciously crunchy in popcorn balls and caramel corn. The Popcorn Balls recipe is on the back of the popcorn package. A touch of nostalgia and really good snack food.

    Note: Due to availability, bowl design may vary.

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    Popcorn Bowl
  4. Pasta Tote


    A welcome rewarding gift for any occasion. Eight certified organic and kosher Eden food items arranged in an organic cotton canvas tote - 100% whole grain Kamut & Quinoa Twisted Pair; 100% whole grain Kamut Spaghetti; Vegetable Spirals with colors from organic vegetable powders; award winning cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Spaghetti Sauce; Pizza-Pasta Sauce; Crushed Tomatoes; and Cannellini white kidney beans. Create stir fries, pasta dishes, minestrone, sauces, pizza, and salads with wholesome ingredients. Dozens of easy and satisfying recipes included in the 40 page Recipe Book with color recipe photos. The double hand stitched, 18" x 14" gusseted, organic cotton, canvas tote is machine washable.

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    Pasta Tote
  5. Spice Things Up Tote


    A gift that sizzles with flavor - hot, pungent, piquant, sharp, peppery, nippy, tangy, zesty, zippy, fiery... Nine spicy hot foods. The sturdy handled, 15" x 12", double stitched, organic cotton tote bag contains: our No. 1 selling snack organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds; spicy organic Brown Mustard; Wasabi Powder made with real Japanese wasabi root; red chili infused Hot Pepper Sesame Oil for zesty Asian stir fries and fiery soups; organic Spicy Pinto Beans; dark red organic Chili Beans; Spicy Refried Black Beans; Cajun Small Red Beans & Rice for botana, tacos, burritos, and more; and Spicy Berry Mix snack mix. A heartwarming gift.

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    Spice Things Up Tote

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  6. Michigan Tote


    Enjoy or share our local organic family farm food. From Great Lakes shores, to the Thumb, to the Ohio border, this gift tote features a wonderful assortment. These local organic foods come in a durable, U.S.A. made 18"x 14", organic cotton canvas tote bag filled with eight excellent Michigan organic foods.

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    Michigan Tote
  7. Fruit Tote


    Eden Foods sourced North American organic orchard and berry patch, tasty goodness nestled in a sturdy 15" x 12" Eden 100% cotton canvas tote bag. Six purely delicious fruit items: Pure Apple Butter and Apple Strawberry Sauce with no refined sugar, coloring agents, or preservatives; Cherry Juice Concentrate from tart and sweet Montmorency cherries, a.k.a. the 'healing' cherry; and three dried fruits - lowbush organic Wild Blueberries, organic Cranberries, and transitional-to-organic Montmorency Cherries sweetened only with organic apple juice concentrate. No additives whatsoever. Great for baking, as snacks, and enhancing life.

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    Fruit Tote
  8. Sushi Tote


    "Best Overall" says Wall Street Journal. Everything needed to make sushi in a durable, 100% organic cotton canvas tote bag. Includes nine Eden foods, a Bamboo Sushi Mat, and two pounds of Lundberg™ Organic Sushi Rice, plus instructions for making sushi at home and a recipe booklet. It is fun and not difficult. Follow the acclaimed step-by-step color photos in The Art of Sushi instructions. The tote is durable, double hand-stitched 18" x 14" gusseted cotton canvas, machine washable.

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    Sushi Tote
  9. Dashi Broth Tote


    A gift to create and experience a variety of traditional Japanese, 'dashi', all-purpose time-honored soup stock. A durable, 18" x 14", organic cotton canvas tote bag filled with eleven Eden foods that deliver the depth and flavor sought the world over in Japanese food. Basic dashi ingredients of Eden Shoyu soy sauce, Kombu, and Mirin are here with Bonito Flakes, sliced and dried Shiitake Mushrooms, dried organic Maitake Mushrooms, instant Wakame Flakes, two kinds of miso - Shiro (white rice) and Genmai (brown rice) Miso, and two traditional organic noodles - Soba and 100% Whole Grain Udon. It's remarkably easy and recipes are included.

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    Dashi Broth Tote
  10. Snack Tote


    Ten, 4 oz. organic, low or sodium free snacks in a durable, 15" x 12", organic cotton canvas tote bag. The gift tote holds 4 oz. resealable packages of: dry roasted Eden organic Pumpkin Seeds; organic Tamari Roasted Almonds; organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds; shelled and dry roasted organic Pistachios; transitional-to-organic Montmorency Dried Cherries; organic Dried Wild Blueberries; organic Dried Cranberries; and three organic nut, seed and dried fruit mixes: Quiet Moon, Wild Berry Mix, and Spicy Berry Mix. A welcome gift, anytime. A wide selection of pure tastes and textures that will delight and satisfy.

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    Snack Tote
  11. Gluten Free Tote


    A helpful gift for holidays, birthdays, housewarmings, or simply to let a gluten sensitive person know you care. This Eden designed 18" x 14" durable, organic cotton canvas tote bag includes nine delicious foods that happen to be gluten free: organic whole grains, tasty organic condiments, organic pizza pasta sauce, black bean & quinoa chili, and low sodium snacks. Satisfaction is guaranteed with the variety and quality offered in this rewarding real food gift. A complete list of Eden gluten free food is included.

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    Gluten Free Tote

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  12. Gluten Free Whole Grain Tote


    Whole grains are essential, but most contain an insoluble protein referred to as gluten. Eden's Gluten Free Whole Grain gift tote is a thoughtful gift for the gluten sensitive. There is good variety in the Eden 15" x 12", durable, organic cotton canvas tote bag: Native American hand harvested wild rice; organic red quinoa from the Andean Plateau; North Dakota organic raw hulled buckwheat; organic yellow U.S.A. millet; and organic U.S.A. yellow popcorn that pops into large, fluffy kernels. All are gluten free and are embraced by those with sensitivity to modern wheat or other grains containing gluten. All are 100% whole grain and provide the important benefits.

    * See Detail Description for FDA qualified health claims.

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    Gluten Free Whole Grain Tote
  13. Matcha Tea Kit


    1.06 oz / 30 g

    A high quality, very usable kit with everything needed to make a bowl of Matcha, organic green tea powder - handmade bamboo whisk and spoon, handmade ceramic tea bowl, organic stone ground Matcha, with instructional video and DVD. Upgrade life, whisk a bowl of Matcha for a delightful uplift.

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    Matcha Tea Kit
  14. Tea Time Tote


    Hours of soothing relaxation, quiet reflection, and stimulated sharing are encouraged in these five organic teas. A stainless steel infuser spoon for steeping, and a 16 oz. glass etched mug are included. Pure tea bags with no bleaches, plastics, or glues used. The finest organic tea leaves and organic herbs all nestled in a 100% organic cotton canvas tote bag. A gift to rejuvenate, soothe, relax, and warm. A gift of tea time.

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    Tea Time Tote

14 Item(s)

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