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Snack Tote

Snack Tote

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Ten, 4 oz. organic, low or sodium free snacks in a durable, 15" x 12", organic cotton canvas tote bag. The gift tote holds 4 oz. resealable packages of: dry roasted Eden organic Pumpkin Seeds; organic Tamari Roasted Almonds; organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds; shelled and dry roasted organic Pistachios; transitional-to-organic Montmorency Dried Cherries; organic Dried Wild Blueberries; organic Dried Cranberries; and three organic nut, seed and dried fruit mixes: Quiet Moon, Wild Berry Mix, and Spicy Berry Mix. A welcome gift, anytime. A wide selection of pure tastes and textures that will delight and satisfy.

A gift of snacks that are pleasing and healthy is rare. Modern snacks are loaded with untoward things. The giver and receiver of this Snack Tote gift will feel good. The snacks are pure joy and really good food. Eden Snack Tote is a 15" x 12", Eden designed, durable, organic cotton canvas bag filled with an assortment of ten tasty and nourishing Eden snacks. The gift bag has 4 oz. resealable pouches of:

Eden organic Pumpkin Seeds - Dry roasted, lightly misted with Portuguese sea salt, low sodium, and packed with protein (20% DV), antioxidants, healthy omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids (EFAs), magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Eden organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds - Organic cayenne pepper, organic garlic, and a touch of organic wheat-free tamari soy sauce give these dry roasted seeds spicy zing. Rich in protein, minerals, with healthy omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids (EFAs), magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Eden organic Tamari Roasted Almonds - Dry roasted and then lightly misted with our finest organic, wheat free, tamari soy sauce. Low sodium, magnesium rich, and a good source of protein, etc.

Eden organic Pistachios California, shelled, dry roasted, and lightly misted with Portuguese sea salt. A rich low sodium snack delivering hearty nourishment. A good source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamin B1 (thiamin), magnesium, and manganese. Easy traveling reclosable pouches of shelled organic pistachios.

Eden Montmorency Dried Tart Cherries - Michigan transitional-to-organic, infused with organic apple juice concentrate, slow dried, and lightly misted with high oleic organic safflower oil to prevent clumping. Traditionally known as the 'healing cherry', they contain at least 17 powerful antioxidants (1.4 mg of antioxidant anthocyanins per serving) with no refined sugars or additives. Spectacular flavor.

Eden dried, organic, lowbush Wild Blueberries - Canadian hand harvested, dried with no refined sugars or additives. A bit of organic apple juice concentrate is used, slowly dried and lightly misted with organic sunflower oil to prevent clumping. Wild, lowbush blueberries are No. 1 on the USDA's list of most potent food sources of antioxidants, for baked goods, cereals, and snacking.

Eden organic Dried Cranberries - Native North American variety appreciated for its antioxidants. Canadian hand harvested, infused with organic apple juice concentrate, slow dried, and lightly misted with organic sunflower oil to prevent clumping; for baked goods, cereals, and snacking.

Eden Quiet Moon - A rewarding blend of organic seeds, organic tamari roasted almonds, 'healing' Montmorency dried tart cherries, and organic raisins. Potent food value and antioxidants. A rich mix of flavors, textures, and nourishment.

Eden organic Wild Berry Mix - Very popular with no salt added - organic roasted almonds and pumpkin seed with a generous amount of organic raisins, dried wild lowbush blueberries, and organic dried cranberries. Rich and nutty, with sweet and tangy dried fruit. No bad additives, whatsoever.

Eden organic Spicy Berry Mix - hulled roasted pumpkin seed; spicy pumpkin seed with garlic, cayenne, and imported tamari; raw sunflower seeds; dried cranberries; raisins; and lowbush blueberries for an exceptionally pleasing snack. The all Eden organic ingredients provide great taste, righteous nourishment, and deep satisfaction. Garlic and cayenne for efficacy and refreshing character. Very low sodium, good source of magnesium, iron, and zinc.

The sturdy 15" x 12" tote bag with a 4" gusset and 25" sturdy woven handles is made of certified organic, unbleached, cotton canvas. U.S.A. handmade, double stitched. This medium tote compliments is between the large and small canvas totes. It is handy for shopping, errands, the beach, at work, carrying books, arts and crafts, and more. Machine washable with cold water, hang to dry.

Enjoy Eden snacks at home, social gatherings, school, at work, or any time. Make healthy cereal mixes like muesli and granola, snack bars, popcorn balls, caramel corn, pastries, sweet breads, and desserts. There great sprinkled on salads too.

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