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Popcorn Bowl

Popcorn Bowl

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Might as well have the best. America's all time favorite snack food, a whole grain. In an old style, enameled, red bowl with POPCORN in white printed on it. A charming gift. Each bowl contains - U.S.A. grown organic Eden Yellow Popcorn; high oleic expeller pressed organic Eden Safflower Oil; triple sea water washed Eden Sea Salt; organic Eden Garlic Gomasio sesame salt, and Eden Quiet Moon snack mix that's deliciously crunchy in popcorn balls and caramel corn. The Popcorn Balls recipe is on the back of the popcorn package. A touch of nostalgia and really good snack food.

Note: Due to availability, bowl design may vary.

Popcorn is one of America's oldest snack foods and still its favorite; quick, fun, and satisfying. 100% whole grain with beneficial polyphenols and many phytonutrients. American's eat 55 to 60 quarts of popcorn per year, over 70% of which is eaten at home.

Eden Popcorn Gift Bowl will be enjoyed by everyone. Each includes a vintage looking, food safe, enamelware bowl with bold lettering POPCORN on it. Each is filled with:

Eden Yellow Popcorn organic in 20 oz. reclosable freshness bags is U.S.A. pure & simple organic. This variety has an exceptional popping quality for large, tender morsels bursting with rich flavor. Non-organic popcorn is on the USDA's list of top ten foods most contaminated with toxic pesticides and chemicals. Microwave popcorn makes this even worse. Eden Organic Yellow Popcorn is a better choice. Reseal and refrigerate after opening for best moisture retention and popping.

Eden Safflower Oil organic in 16 oz. amber glass is high oleic oil, U.S.A. high plains organically grown. Expeller pressed and simply filtering for exceptional nutrients and flavor. All purpose oil, delicious and versatile. A great salad oil, and for all cooking and baking needs. It is a good source of antioxidant vitamin E that helps keep it fresh. Amber glass best protects it's nutrients and flavor from damaging light caused photo-oxidation. It makes delicious popcorn.

Eden Sea Salt in 16 oz. glass. White sea salt from the environmentally protected salt marshes of Algarve, southern Portugal that has supplied the world with sea salt for thousands of years. Hand harvested and triple sea water washed for a smooth natural sea salt that enhances flavors whenever its used. Loaded with important trace minerals that are absent in commercial salt. It is remarkable how it brings out the flavors of foods.

Eden Garlic Gomasio organic in 3.5 oz. glass. A low sodium sesame condiment of roasted organic whole sesame seed, garlic, and our finest sea salt. A nutty sesame and garlic flavor and low sodium content make it perfect on popcorn in place of salt.

Eden Quiet Moon in 4 oz. reclosable pouches. Organic dry roasted and raw seeds mixed with organic wheat-free tamari roasted almonds, 'healing' Montmorency tart dried cherries, and organic raisins. A powerhouse of joy and antioxidants. Delightful, satisfying mix of flavors and textures. A pure and pleasing snack that compliments popcorn.

Eden Recipe Booklet. 40 pages of quick and easy recipes, plus a Caramel Corn recipe using Quiet Moon. See this site's free recipe section for over a dozen popcorn recipes and toppings.

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