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Dashi Broth Tote

Dashi Broth Tote

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A gift to create and experience a variety of traditional Japanese, 'dashi', all-purpose time-honored soup stock. A durable, 18" x 14", organic cotton canvas tote bag filled with eleven Eden foods that deliver the depth and flavor sought the world over in Japanese food. Basic dashi ingredients of Eden Shoyu soy sauce, Kombu, and Mirin are here with Bonito Flakes, sliced and dried Shiitake Mushrooms, dried organic Maitake Mushrooms, instant Wakame Flakes, two kinds of miso - Shiro (white rice) and Genmai (brown rice) Miso, and two traditional organic noodles - Soba and 100% Whole Grain Udon. It's remarkably easy and recipes are included.

You need not go to Japan or even a Japanese restaurant to experience Japanese cuisine. The Eden Dashi gift bag provides you with all the ingredients, including dashi recipes, needed to create and experience the depth of flavor loved worldwide in Japanese food. Whether you are a seasoned Japanese chef or novice who just loves to experiment, you'll appreciate this gift. 100% GMO-free ingredients.

Dashi is an all-purpose soup stock and secret ingredient used in making miso soups and the ubiquitous, versatile noodle broth. It's also used as a base for salad dressings, and dipping and basting sauces.

Early in learning to prepare Japanese food is the making of dashi. The nature of ingredients determines the character of dashi. The selections in this Dashi gift are traditionally crafted in centuries old ways without chemicals, coloring agents, MSG, artificial enzymes or additives found in modern, cheap, adulterated imitations.

The Eden Dashi gift is an Eden designed, durable, organic cotton canvas tote bag filled with ten Eden foods plus a 40 page, full color, Eden Recipe Booklet, as well as recipes for several types of dashi. The Dashi tote bag includes:

Eden Kombu - Wild grown in pure Arctic currents off Hokkaido, an area famous for its kombu. Hand harvested and naturally sun dried, tender, central fronds. Low sodium and loaded with trace minerals. Use a small piece in all soups, not just dashi.

Eden Bonito Flakes - Delicate curls of the finest sashimi grade dried fish. Bonito (skipjack mackerel) is prepared using 500 year old methods. Fillets are steamed, aged, air dried, and shaved into flakes. Bonito flakes are used in making dashi imparting a savory, rich flavor called 'umami' in Japan. They're great in baked beans, scalloped potatoes, and clam chowder. We like 'em crumbled on pizza.

Eden Sliced Shiitake Mushrooms - A common dashi ingredient. Eden Sliced Shiitake Mushrooms are grown in native forests on oak logs, hand harvested, sliced, and naturally dried.

Eden Maitake Mushrooms - Organic, U.S.A. family farm grown and naturally dried maitake mushrooms. A revered culinary and healthful mushroom, also known as ‘Hen of the Woods,’ 'Cloud Mushroom,' and ‘Dancing Mushroom.’ Rich succulent flavor with firm texture. Called 'King of Mushrooms' by researchers for its beneficial qualities. 50% DV of vitamin D, rich in B3 niacin with good fiber.

Eden Mirin - Sweet, rice cooking wine patiently fermented. This highly regarded mirin is called 'Ajino-haha' in Japan. Mirin's delicate, sweet flavor balances salty flavors of soy sauce and miso in dashi noodle broth. It is a great seasoning for tofu, tempeh, fish, vegetables, sauces, marinades, soups, gravies, and in salad dressings. Along with brown rice vinegar, it is essential in making traditional sushi rice.

Eden Organic Shoyu Soy Sauce - Whole non-GMO organic soybeans and organic whole wheat brewed by masters skilled in ancient methods. Aged in wood casks for up to two years. Its complex flavor harmonizes and enhances flavors of foods. Extraordinary deep flavor and irresistible aroma. An essential seasoning for noodle broth, dipping sauces, and teriyaki sauces.

Eden Organic Genmai (brown rice) Miso - A mellow, sweet, golden miso paste of non-GMO organic whole soybeans and organic brown rice traditionally aged for up to 12 months. One of the most popular misos in America today. Gluten Free and easy to use.

Eden Organic Shiro Miso - The lightest, sweetest tasting miso made of organic white rice, U.S.A. organic whole hulled soybeans, water, sea salt and koji Aspergillus oryzae spores. Although not low sodium, it has less than half the sodium of other misos. Great for miso soup, dip sauces, marinades, salad dressings and spreads. It's the most popular miso in Japan today.

Eden Instant Wakame Flakes - Wakame is the bright green in miso soup. Low sodium and quick to use. Already sliced and washed it is used right out of the bag, no preparation required. Just add to soup stock before seasoning or soak briefly for salads.

Eden Organic Soba - A popular traditional Japanese noodle made of organic spring wheat, organic whole buckwheat, and Eden Sea Salt. Delicious served in dashi seasoned with shoyu soy sauce. Low sodium.

Eden Organic 100% Whole Grain Udon - This popular traditional noodle is ideal served in the shoyu soy sauce seasoned dashi. Made from organic whole grain durum wheat and Eden Sea Salt. The only whole grain udon made in North America at the Sobaya Company of Montréal, Canada. Low sodium.

Eden Recipe Booklet - 40 pages of pleasing, quick and easy recipes.

The sturdy 18" x 14" tote bag with a 4" gusset and 25" sturdy woven handles is made of certified organic, unbleached, cotton canvas. U.S.A. handmade, double stitched for long life. The silkscreened design is non-toxic. This large tote compliments our medium and small canvas totes. When empty, the tote is handy for shopping, running errands, the beach, at work, carrying books, arts and crafts, and more. Machine washable with cold water. Hang to dry.

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