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Pure Maple Syrup, Organic

16 fl oz

Pure Maple Syrup, Organic

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Quick Overview

Certified organic, Michigan, Grade A - Amber Maple Syrup. This grade is known for balanced deep notes with delicate, lighter maple flavors. Perfect pancake syrup that is also great for cooking and baking. Smooth, full flavor from northern Michigan trees and a forest family operation.

Maple syrup was made by Native Americans long before Europeans arrived in this hemisphere. Native Americans valued it highly, traded, and used it extensively.

Maple tree tapping, sap collection, and concentration into a syrup has not fundamentally changed. The folks we work with are committed to purity and proper care for the trees. Commercial production has developed some short sighted and unappetizing shortcuts.

Maple sugaring is weather dependent. Even though the same types of maple trees are found in other parts of the world, the specific climate needed to produce good sap flow and allow its collection and transformation into maple syrup is very limited. Northeast United States and Canada is where this climate and forest combination are best. Night time temperatures well below freezing, going to well above during the day and the associated change in atmospheric pressures creates pressure inside the tree resulting in a collectable, large volume of sap flow. Tapping the trees and gravity accomplish collection. An extended period of time of these specific temperature and atmospheric fluctuations is needed to make maple syrup production viable.

The collected tree sap is 1 to 3% maple sugar and 97 to 99% water. Concentrating it to a minimum of 66.5% sugar without imparting off flavors is the art of maple syrup making. For the higher grades of syrup the concentration process has to proceed at a slower rate. Organic Eden Pure Maple Syrup is the highest grade.

Name Pure Maple Syrup, Organic
Item Number 450002
Ingredients Organic Pure Maple Syrup
Case Quantity No
Package Size 16 fl oz
Package Size Metric No
UPC Code Each No
UPC Code Case No
Eligible for Flat Rate Shipping Yes
Organic Yes
Non GMO Yes