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Gluten Free Sampler Basket

Gluten Free Sampler Basket

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A thoughtful gift basket for holidays, birthdays, housewarmings or simply to let a gluten sensitive friend or loved one know you care. This 14.25" x 7.75" x 3.25" very sturdy woven wooden slat basket is filled with nine delicious gluten free foods: organic whole grains, tasty organic condiments, organic pizza pasta sauce, black bean & quinoa chili, and low sodium snacks. Satisfaction is guaranteed with the variety and quality offered in this unique real food basket. A complete list of delicious EDEN gluten free food is included.

Gluten Free Basket is a perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, weddings, housewarmings or any occasion for a gluten sensitive friend or relative. Nine nutritious wheat and gluten free foods are handsomely presented in this 14.25" x 7.75" x 3.25" very sturdy woven wooden slat basket. The brass nailed basket is great for catching mail, papers, keys, change, potted plants, etc. and will age beautifully.

The EDEN Gluten Free Gift Basket is a small sampling from over 220 gluten free EDEN foods. Improve the life of a gluten free friend or loved one with food they will love. The EDEN Gluten Free Gift Basket contains these items:

EDEN Organic Rice & Lentils - Organic Lundberg organic short grain brown rice and Eden U.S.A. organic green lentils seasoned with organic herbs and a touch of EDEN Sea Salt. Low sodium. Just heat and serve for whole grain and bean complete protein. In custom bisphenol-A (BPA) free lined cans.

EDEN Organic Pizza Pasta Sauce - Thick spreadable sauce of the finest Midwest fresh organic vine ripened Roma tomatoes and organic spices cooked within hours of harvest. Traditional Italian recipe. 7.2mg of antioxidant lycopene per serving.

EDEN Black Bean & Quinoa Chili - Can of unique bean and whole grain chili in a bisphenol-A (BPA) free lined can. Organic Michigan black turtle beans, high Andes organic whole grain quinoa, and maitake and shiitake mushrooms perfectly cooked in a rich organic chili spiced tomato sauce. A hardy, pleasing meal in minutes. 50 percent less sodium than most brands.

EDEN Organic Black & Tan Gomasio - Condiment of organic roasted whole black and tan sesame seed ground with Eden's Portuguese sea salt. Low sodium, low fat. Rich, delicious nutty flavor. Sprinkle on grain, pasta, veggies, salad, popcorn, or any dish. Glass jar with a handy shaker/pour cap.

EDEN Organic Wild Berry Mix - Reclosable pouch, no salt added award winning snack mix with antioxidant rich organic low bush blueberries, organic cranberries, organic raw sunflower seeds, organic raisins, organic roasted pumpkin seeds, and organic roasted almonds. Sulfite free with no sugar added.

EDEN Organic Tamari - Amber glass bottle, specially brewed wheat free tamari soy sauce of U.S.A. organic whole soybeans and traditional two year fermentation. Declared the 'Best' by the San Francisco Chronicle.

EDEN Organic Buckwheat - 100% whole grain North Dakota organically grown whole hulled raw buckwheat groats. Despite the name, buckwheat Fagopyrum esculentum is not related to wheat. Ranks low on the glycemic index.

EDEN Organic Yellow Mustard - In a convenient recyclable, BPA free squeeze bottle. Made from organic yellow mustard seed traditionally stone ground with EDEN organic raw apple cider vinegar, a bit of EDEN Sea Salt, and organic spices. Pure deliciousness. Low sodium.

EDEN Organic Yellow Popcorn - 20 oz - Certified organically grown on U.S.A. family farms. A variety with excellent popping qualities for large, tender morsels bursting with pure corn flavor. Non-organic popcorn was on the USDA's 1999 list of top ten foods most contaminated with toxic pesticides and chemicals. EDEN Organic Yellow Popcorn is a wiser choice. Reseal and refrigerate after opening for optimum moisture retention and popping.

Gluten Free Product List - a list of over 220 gluten free EDEN foods. To view and print, click here: Non Gluten Statement & List (PDF)

Name Gluten Free Sampler Basket
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