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Sushi Basket

Sushi Basket

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"Best Overall" says Wall Street Journal. A handsome wicker basket filled with everything needed to make sushi. Includes 9 EDEN foods, a quality Bamboo Sushi Mat, and a 2 pound bag of Lundberg™ Organic Sushi Rice. For making sushi at home. It's fun and easy. Simply follow the acclaimed step-by-step color photos in The Art of Sushi. Also included is a 40 page Recipe Book with dozens of easy to follow recipes.

A welcome gift for a holiday, wedding, housewarming, anniversary, birthday, and for the sushi aficionado or novice. Eleven items are arranged in a beautiful sturdy wicker basket. Everything needed to create noodle, rice, or vegetable sushi is there and when emptied the basket can be used to display fresh fruit, as a sewing basket, or to make another gift basket.

The Wall Street Journal compared and rated sushi baskets based on products, utensils, and instructions. They were rated by members of the Wall Street Journal staff and two master sushi chefs. In the article "Sushi Rolls Into the Home", they state "If we're going to the effort to make sushi at home, we want lots of possibilities." They also state, "The sushi basket from Eden Foods had enough extra elements to provide hours of experimentation - a shake-bottle of sesame seeds, Japanese pickles, and even special noodles that could be used in place of rice." They further state, "The kit was impressive, from a sturdy mat" to the "step-by-step instructions, illustrated with color photos. It's our Best Overall. Our rolls came out tight and attractive thanks to the sturdy mat and good color-photo instructions."

Each EDEN Sushi Basket includes:

California, Lundberg™ family farms organic white sushi rice, the best sushi rice that can be found and the only organic sushi rice in North America.

EDEN Organic Soba (Buckwheat) noodles - A blend of sifted Canadian organic, 70 percent spring wheat flour and 30 percent Canadian organic whole buckwheat flour. A warming, traditional healthy food crafted with a bit of EDEN sea salt

EDEN Wasabi Powder - A rare powder containing genuine wasabi (Japanese horseradish) highly valued not only for its fiery flavor but for its health protective qualities. Hot and stimulating. No artificial colors or additives. Mix with a bit of hot water to make genuine wasabi paste, a staple condiment for sushi and a versatile spice.

EDEN Shake (furikake) - A table condiment made of toasted tan and black sesame seed, green nori flakes, and dried pickled red shiso (beefsteak) leaves. Ideal for making California Roll sushi (reverse sushi) and sprinkled over whole grains, noodles, vegetables, and popped corn. Enhances salad dressings, vinaigrettes and dips. Timelessly popular. Very low sodium, low calorie, and fat free.

EDEN Pickled Ginger Slices - Thinly sliced fresh ginger root pickled with red shiso (beefsteak) leaves in a traditional manner with all natural ingredients. Contains no red dye, preservatives, or refined sugar found in commercial sushi bar varieties. Always served with sushi and great with vegetables, grains, and fish.

EDEN Organic Brown Rice Vinegar - Made by a patient 1,000 year old method. Organic brown rice, koji, and spring water are blended in clay crocks and aged six to eight months. Its sweet essence enhances almost any food and it's essential in sushi rice. 4.5 percent acidity. Refillable, protective amber glass bottle with a functional dispenser cap. Great chefs insist on our traditional brew.

EDEN Mirin (sweet rice cooking wine) - Essential to providing sushi rice's appealing sheen and sweet flavor. A golden color, mildly sweet liquid seasoning used to balance the salty flavors of soy sauce or miso in Japanese cuisine. The highest quality mirin, called 'Ajino-haha' in Japan. Made only with rice, koji Aspergillus oryzae, water, and sea salt. Naturally and traditionally fermented in cedar kegs.

EDEN Sushi Nori - A sweet mild tasting sea vegetable cultivated off the environmentally protected shore of Ise Bay, Japan. The finest grade sushi nori, hand harvested, and naturally sun dried. Convenient, already toasted sheets and ready to roll for sushi, nori rolls, and rice balls. The most well known and popular seaweed worldwide. Very low sodium, fat and cholesterol free, and a good source of vitamin C.

EDEN Organic Shoyu Soy Sauce - Made from non-GMO organic soybeans and organic whole wheat by shoyu brewing masters skilled in the ancient traditional methods. Aged in wood casks for two years. Refillable amber glass bottle with a functional dispenser cap that delivers 'drops' or 'pours' as you desire.

EDEN Umeboshi Plum Paste - A tangy, salty condiment made from pureed naturally processed, pickled umeboshi plums. Ideal for making sushi, dips, sauces, salad dressing, and for seasoning vegetables.

EDEN Bamboo Sushi Mat - The essential sushi making tool made of superior quality thick strips of untreated bamboo tied together with wax free cotton string, considered to be more versatile and durable than those made with thin strips of bamboo. Traditionally called 'sudare' or 'maki-su' meaning 'to roll', it can be used to store rolled sushi before cutting, allowing the roll to breath and prevent it from drying out. The mat can also be used to cover dishes of cooked food or as an attractive trivet on the table. Recent studies of cooked food exposed to long term wrapping in plastic showed chemical absorption, especially in warm foods. Wood allows food to breathe without causing condensation that detracts from the favor and promotes spoilage. Order extra mats.

EDEN food is made in the ancient and traditional manner without the use of chemicals, additives, coloring agents, or preservatives.

Let's get rolling and impress family and friends with your sushi making skills. Great for parties, picnics, lunches, or anytime fun and good food.

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