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Recipe Name Prep Cook Cals Fat Protein Carb Fiber Sodium
Apple Banana Smoothie 5min 0min 273 3g 8g 54g 1g 99mg
Apple Cinnamon Mini Muffins 10min 18min 174 9g 4g 21g 5g 212mg
Apple Freeze Pops 2h 5min 0min 48 0g 0g 12g 0g 8mg
Apple Pear Smoothie 5min 0min 240 4g 7g 46g 3g 89mg
Apple Pie Overnight Kamut Flakes 2h 0min 324 5g 16g 54g 5g 84mg
Apple Pie Smoothie 5min 0min 219 3g 6g 39g 2g 89mg
Apple Sauce Blueberry Mini Muffins 10min 25min 99 1g 2g 20g 1g 159mg
Apple Sauce Muffins 10min 20min 180 6g 4g 29g 4g 310mg
Apple Strawberry Smoothie 5min 0min 241 3g 6g 44g 4g 104mg
Apricot Apple Smoothie 5min 0min 188 3g 8g 36g 2g 95mg
Assorted Fruit Juice Freeze Pops 2h 5min 0min 42 0g 0g 10g 0g 5mg
Avocado Smoothie 5min 0min 280 21g 14g 11g 3g 22mg
Banana Carob Peanut Butter Smoothie 5min 0min 308 12g 12g 42g 2g 172mg
Banana Chai Smoothie 1h 10min 10min 213 3g 8g 39g 1g 89mg
Banana No Egg Nog Smoothie 5min 0min 212 3g 8g 38g 2g 86mg
Banana Nut Muffins (Malt Sweetened) 10min 35min 257 10g 8g 38g 5g 352mg
Banana, Green Tea & Pistachio Smoothie 5min 0min 314 11g 12g 44g 4g 133mg
Basic Buckwheat Groats 5min 20min 100 1g 3g 21g 1g 41mg
Basic Red Quinoa 5min 15min 200 3g 8g 43g 7g 48mg
Berry Banana Granola Smoothie 5min 0min 400 12g 12g 65g 7g 96mg
Biscuits with Hot Syrup 10min 20min 221 7g 4g 37g 0g 279mg
Blue Cornbread with Fresh Corn 5min 35min 228 7g 6g 37g 2g 334mg
Blueberry Banana Smoothie Bowl 10min 0min 217 4g 6g 42g 5g 42mg
Blueberry Pancakes 15min 20min 335 6g 9g 63g 7g 430mg
Blueberry, Peach & Rice Smoothie 5min 0min 261 4g 9g 50g 3g 92mg
Brown Rice, Corn & Wheat Pancakes 5min 20min 262 2g 8g 52g 6g 447mg
Brown Rice, Corn and Wheat Waffles 5min 20min 380 16g 8g 51g 6g 387mg
Buckwheat Crepes 15min 15min 68 1g 3g 13g 2g 37mg
Buckwheat Pancakes 5min 15min 261 10g 8g 38g 3g 501mg
Cantaloupe Smoothie 5min 0min 243 4g 9g 45g 2g 110mg
Carrot Smoothie 5min 0min 244 3g 9g 45g 2g 157mg
Cherry Banana Smoothie 5min 0min 249 4g 8g 48g 3g 90mg
Chocolate Peanut Butter Mint Smoothie 5min 0min 369 20g 15g 37g 0g 104mg
Chocolate Peanut Butter Mint Smoothie 5min 0min 399 20g 16g 40g 2g 104mg
Chocolate Raspberry Oatmeal Bowl 5min 7min 309 5g 9g 59g 4g 106mg
Cinnamon Muesli Cereal - Apple Juice 5min 0min 296 5g 6g 56g 6g 26mg
Cinnamon Muesli Cereal - Edensoy 5min 0min 296 5g 6g 56g 6g 26mg
Cookie Dough Overnight Oats 2h 0min 900 46g 19g 117g 12g 81mg
Corn Bread 5min 35min 283 9g 6g 47g 2g 381mg
Cranberry Walnut Scones 15min 15min 292 9g 7g 47g 3g 384mg
Deep-Fried Black Soybean Mochi Puffs 5min 10min 125 1g 4g 26g 1g 326mg
Dulse Irish Soda Scones 10min 20min 256 5g 8g 45g 1g 397mg
Eggless Apple Tahini French Toast 10min 15min 239 12g 6g 29g 3g 192mg
Fruit Punch Smoothie 5min 0min 266 4g 8g 52g 4g 81mg
Gingerbread Pancakes 10min 10min 137 3g 4g 28g 2g 224mg
Granola 15min 25min 285 10g 7g 43g 4g 106mg
Granola Bars 2h 10min 30min 228 8g 6g 34g 3g 54mg
Granola Bites 2h 10min 40min 54 2g 1g 8g 1g 13mg
Grape Freeze Pops 2h 5min 0min 62 0g 1g 15g 0g 3mg
Honeydew Melon Smoothie 5min 0min 277 3g 9g 56g 2g 119mg
Hot Muesli Porridge 5min 10min 238 5g 6g 42g 5g 29mg
Kiwi Banana Smoothie 5min 0min 236 3g 8g 45g 3g 91mg
Kiwi Smoothie 5min 0min 196 3g 8g 34g 3g 92mg
Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie 5min 0min 210 3g 8g 37g 3g 92mg
Mango Banana Smoothie 5min 0min 267 4g 8g 53g 3g 89mg
Mango Papaya Smoothie 5min 0min 276 3g 8g 55g 3g 93mg
Matcha & Chia Overnight Oats 0min 0min 387 9g 15g 61g 3g 90mg
Matcha Breakfast Smoothie 10min 0min 287 7g 14g 45g 4g 15mg
Matcha Oatmeal Bowl 5min 7min 309 5g 9g 59g 7g 99mg
Melon & Three Berry Smoothie 5min 0min 167 8g 8g 19g 4g 60mg
Millet Miso Porridge 5min 40min 178 4g 7g 31g 4g 253mg
Millet Squash Porridge 10min 35min 422 8g 11g 76g 9g 294mg
Millet, Corn & Wheat Pancakes 5min 20min 104 1g 3g 20g 3g 223mg
Millet, Corn & Wheat Waffles 5min 20min 288 13g 7g 38g 5g 452mg
Miso Soft Rice Porridge (Ojiya) 25min 20min 231 1g 8g 44g 6g 427mg
Mochi - Pan Toasted 5min 10min 128 1g 3g 28g 2g 305mg
Mochi Crackers with Grape Butter 10min 15min 278 2g 4g 59g 2g 0mg
Mochi Crepe 2min 2min 413 17g 10g 62g 3g 113mg
Mochi Puffs - Deep Fried 5min 5min 128 1g 3g 26g 1g 297mg
Mochi Stuffed Cabbage Rolls 20min 10min 73 1g 2g 15g 2g 25mg
Mochi Stuffed Chinese Cabbage 5min 5min 73 1g 2g 15g 2g 25mg
Mochi Waffle with Fruit Butter 5min 5min 160 1g 2g 37g 1g 0mg
Mochi Waffle with Strawberry Syrup 10min 10min 182 1g 2g 40g 3g 2mg
Mochi with Nori & Shoyu - Pan Fried 5min 10min 157 6g 3g 26g 1g 296mg
Nectarine Smoothie 5min 0min 212 6g 11g 31g 3g 109mg
Oat & Rice Waffles 15min 20min 289 11g 6g 42g 3g 312mg
Oat & Rye Porridge with Fresh Fruit 5min 20min 306 6g 11g 53g 7g 119mg
Oat Porridge with Pumpkin Seed Dulse Condiment 10min 15min 229 9g 9g 29g 5g 89mg
Oatmeal with Dried Fruit 5min 15min 289 7g 10g 49g 2g 143mg
Overnight Oats 8h 0min 297 5g 9g 55g 5g 103mg
Overnight Wheat Free Millet & Buckwheat Waffles 3h 10min 20min 522 20g 18g 75g 7g 131mg
Pan-Fried Black Soybean Mochi 5min 10min 138 1g 3g 28g 2g 305mg
Papaya Smoothie 5min 0min 214 3g 8g 39g 1g 88mg
PB & J Overnight Whole Grain Oat Flakes 2h 0min 629 18g 21g 96g 8g 140mg
Peach Berry Smoothie 5min 0min 241 3g 7g 47g 4g 80mg
Peach Orange Smoothie 5min 0min 259 3g 8g 50g 4g 79mg
Peach, Banana & Oat Smoothie Bowl 5min 0min 292 4g 9g 56g 4g 88mg
Peanut Butter & Grape Butter Mochi Crisps 5min 10min 243 13g 7g 28g 2g 113mg
Pear Smoothie 5min 0min 257 4g 8g 50g 4g 89mg
Polenta Porridge 5min 20min 369 2g 6g 80g 7g 125mg
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie 5min 0min 175 3g 7g 28g 0g 89mg
Quinoa Cherry Pudding 20min 25min 433 10g 11g 74g 6g 111mg
Quinoa Granola 10min 45min 330 14g 8g 48g 7g 27mg
Raspberry Banana Smoothie 5min 0min 244 4g 8g 46g 6g 89mg
Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie 5min 0min 276 5g 9g 51g 9g 96mg
Rice & Bean Patties 40min 15min 166 5g 5g 27g 4g 224mg
Rice Ball - Nori Sea Vegetable 15min 0min 117 1g 3g 24g 2g 18mg
Savory Polenta 10min 20min 387 12g 12g 55g 8g 246mg
Scrambled Tofu 10min 12min 167 11g 13g 8g 2g 166mg
Spelt Whole Grain Granola 5min 30min 362 19g 6g 45g 6g 141mg
Spicy Berry Granola Bites 2h 10min 30min 53 2g 1g 9g 1g 10mg
Strawberry Applesauce Pancakes 15min 20min 281 13g 5g 37g 5g 218mg
Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl 10min 0min 257 3g 6g 54g 4g 53mg
Sweet & Savory Squash Pie 45min 25min 311 13g 5g 49g 6g 176mg
Three Fruit Smoothie 5min 0min 255 6g 11g 44g 5g 107mg
Three Melon Smoothie 5min 0min 241 4g 9g 45g 1g 102mg
Tofu French Toast 5min 15min 296 9g 17g 39g 2g 396mg
Turmeric Oatmeal Bowl 5min 7min 309 5g 9g 59g 7g 99mg
Unsweetened Flax Strawberry Peach Smoothie 5min 0min 201 8g 14g 20g 5g 14mg
Vanilla Orange Cream Granola Smoothie 5min 0min 340 8g 10g 58g 2g 93mg
Veggie Stuffed Mochi Pancake 10min 10min 295 7g 4g 53g 3g 8mg
Watermelon Smoothie 5min 0min 257 4g 9g 47g 2g 91mg
Whole Grain Waffles 10min 20min 295 7g 5g 56g 2g 200mg
Whole Wheat Crepes 10min 15min 114 6g 3g 12g 2g 59mg
Zucchini Nut Muffins 15min 30min 205 8g 4g 30g 3g 129mg