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Recipe Name Prep Cook Cals Fat Protein Carb Fiber Sodium
Aduki Beans with Winter Squash 5min 20min 119 0g 7g 26g 6g 172mg
Apple Sauerkraut Salad 1h 15min 0min 90 7g 0g 7g 2g 361mg
Arame Stuffed Mushroom Caps 20min 25min 79 1g 2g 17g 3g 297mg
Arame Vegetable Sauté 10min 20min 84 4g 2g 11g 3g 103mg
Arame with Dried Lotus Root 10min 30min 112 1g 3g 23g 7g 231mg
Asparagus with Wasabi Dressing 5min 5min 76 5g 2g 7g 1g 102mg
Assorted Vegetable Tempura 1h 30min 287 1g 7g 64g 2g 268mg
Baby Carrots with Dried Montmorency Cherries 5min 15min 111 3g 1g 21g 2g 80mg
Baked Brown Rice 10min 1h 256 2g 5g 56g 2g 60mg
Baked Squash with Walnuts & Cranberries 10min 50min 271 2g 2g 62g 4g 14mg
Barbecue Beans 5min 10min 161 3g 6g 27g 7g 153mg
Barbecued Shish Kebobs 15min 25min 419 16g 26g 44g 15g 244mg
Barbecued Tempeh 10min 25min 405 16g 30g 34g 17g 165mg
Basic Boiled Dry Beans 5min 1h 20min 80 0g 5g 19g 8g 144mg
Basic Pressure Cooked Brown Rice & Dry Beans 0min 0min 262 1g 8g 55g 6g 36mg
Beet Hummus 10min 20min 148 9g 5g 14g 4g 225mg
Biscuits with Hot Syrup 10min 20min 221 7g 4g 37g 0g 279mg
Black Bean & Corn Salsa 10min 3min 154 1g 9g 36g 8g 43mg
Black Bean Feijoada 10min 30min 101 3g 5g 19g 6g 634mg
Black Bean Tomato Salsa 1h 10min 1h 20min 27 0g 2g 6g 3g 172mg
Black Eyed Pea Casserole 10min 20min 338 2g 15g 68g 11g 246mg
Black Soybeans with Bok Choy & Ginger 5min 5min 135 5g 10g 12g 6g 210mg
Blue Cornbread with Fresh Corn 5min 35min 228 7g 6g 37g 2g 334mg
Boiled Brown Rice & Barley 5min 1h 257 2g 6g 56g 4g 37mg
Boiled Rice & Millet 5min 1h 268 2g 6g 57g 3g 36mg
Boston Baked Beans 15min 35min 147 0g 6g 30g 6g 202mg
Bread & Sauerkraut Stuffed Mushrooms 15min 25min 57 1g 2g 9g 2g 244mg
Broccoli Black Eyed Pea Bowl 10min 25min 113 5g 4g 13g 3g 174mg
Brown Rice & Natto 5min 0min 270 4g 9g 50g 5g 119mg
Brussel Sprouts with Grape Juice Glaze 10min 15min 101 3g 3g 17g 3g 80mg
Buckwheat Black Bean Patties 15min 30min 130 6g 4g 19g 4g 90mg
Burdock & Carrot Sauté (kinpira) 10min 30min 143 6g 11g 11g 5g 190mg
Candied Parsnips & Sweet Potatoes with Greens 30min 1h 179 2g 3g 39g 7g 128mg
Cannellini with Olive Oil and Parsley 5min 5min 245 9g 12g 31g 9g 100mg
Caramelized Onions 10min 1h 126 5g 3g 20g 4g 160mg
Caribbean Black Bean Stuffed Acorn Squash 10min 45min 176 0g 7g 39g 8g 129mg
Carrot and Burdock Sauté (Kimpira) 10min 35min 72 2g 1g 12g 3g 168mg
Carrot Strips for Sushi 5min 2min 13 0g 0g 3g 1g 10mg
Carrot Stuffed Seitan Bundles 1h 30min 45min 187 1g 36g 10g 3g 469mg
Cassoulet (White Bean Casserole) 20min 1h 10min 278 8g 11g 43g 9g 502mg
Cauliflower Rice with Kimchi Sauerkraut 10min 12min 107 4g 4g 16g 4g 750mg
Cauliflower with Miso Sauce 10min 20min 227 13g 8g 21g 4g 321mg
Chili Stuffed Baked Potato 10min 1h 293 1g 13g 68g 10g 326mg
Chili Stuffed Peppers 10min 40min 222 2g 11g 43g 9g 559mg
Chinese Cabbage (whole leaves) for Sushi 5min 2min 45 0g 3g 9g 3g 14mg
Corn Bread 5min 35min 283 9g 6g 47g 2g 381mg
Corn on the Cob with Pickled Plum 3min 5min 77 1g 3g 17g 2g 144mg
Cranberry and Dried Cherry Sauce 5min 15min 79 0g 0g 20g 1g 22mg
Cranberry Cherry Sauce 5min 15min 130 0g 0g 32g 1g 28mg
Cranberry Sauce - Fresh Cranberries 5min 20min 77 0g 1g 20g 2g 24mg
Crispy Noodles 5min 10min 90 0g 2g 22g 0g 5mg
Daikon Vegetable Sauté 20min 35min 192 4g 4g 34g 10g 294mg
Dal (Indian Lentils) 10min 20min 125 4g 7g 16g 4g 199mg
Deep Fried Tofu (For Sushi, Soups & Stews) 5min 25min 90 4g 10g 4g 1g 296mg
Dill Bean & Beet Salad 15min 1h 227 13g 8g 22g 7g 155mg
Dried Daikon and Vegetables 20min 25min 135 1g 4g 24g 9g 187mg
Dried Daikon Vegetable Medley 20min 28min 180 0g 6g 35g 13g 249mg
Dried Daikon Vegetable Skillet 30min 40min 116 2g 6g 18g 6g 286mg
Dried Lotus & Dried Tofu Sauté 30min 25min 117 4g 8g 13g 4g 249mg
Dried Lotus, Dried Daikon & Dried Tofu Sauté 25min 30min 145 4g 9g 19g 6g 190mg
Dried Tofu & Shiitake for Sushi 20min 25min 66 3g 7g 2g 2g 336mg
Dried Tofu Sauté 15min 25min 214 8g 14g 23g 10g 255mg
Dulse Irish Soda Scones 10min 20min 256 5g 8g 45g 1g 397mg
Easy Baked Beans 5min 30min 146 3g 5g 25g 6g 271mg
Easy Black Bean Salsa 5min 5min 82 1g 7g 21g 6g 362mg
Five Layer Bean Dip 20min 10min 161 11g 5g 14g 4g 318mg
Flour Tortillas 20min 25min 87 2g 2g 15g 1g 174mg
Fried Peppers & Onions 10min 12min 47 2g 1g 8g 2g 39mg
Frijoles Refritos (fried beans) 20min 1h 20min 80 2g 4g 15g 6g 119mg
Garbanzo Patties 10min 15min 238 12g 6g 26g 6g 282mg
Garbanzo Vegetable Ratatouille 20min 50min 322 10g 10g 37g 9g 203mg
Garlic Bread 7min 5min 248 7g 7g 40g 2g 457mg
Garlic Dulse Mashed Potatoes 20min 20min 202 7g 6g 31g 3g 266mg
Gingered Green Beans with Almonds 20min 12min 120 6g 4g 14g 7g 106mg
Golden Tofu Nuggets 15min 10min 143 9g 13g 5g 1g 255mg
Green Beans in Spicy Miso Sauce 10min 10min 122 3g 4g 23g 4g 283mg
Grilled Herbed Sweet Corn 10min 10min 139 8g 3g 18g 3g 123mg
Grilling Beans 5min 10min 156 2g 7g 26g 7g 167mg
Hiziki Pinwheels 10min 25min 237 10g 5g 31g 2g 252mg
Hiziki Vegetable Sauté 20min 35min 55 2g 1g 8g 2g 260mg
Hiziki with Dried Daikon 15min 35min 58 2g 1g 9g 3g 211mg
Hiziki with Dried Tofu 10min 35min 107 5g 7g 8g 3g 210mg
Hiziki with Sweet Potatoes & Black Soybeans 10min 20min 248 7g 11g 35g 8g 462mg
Hummus (dried bean) 20min 1h 20min 114 7g 6g 13g 5g 96mg
Hummus Pita Pizza 10min 0min 402 13g 16g 57g 11g 664mg
Italian Focaccia Bread 1h 30min 20min 167 9g 3g 20g 0g 100mg
Kale & Red Onions with Garlic and Lemon 15min 10min 63 4g 2g 7g 1g 167mg
Kale Salad 1h 0min 309 18g 7g 32g 6g 119mg
Kale Salad with Mustard Dressing 10min 5min 310 26g 5g 19g 3g 277mg
Kale with Peanut Mustard Dressing 5min 2min 109 8g 5g 5g 1g 202mg
Kidney Bean Dip 10min 7min 108 6g 5g 11g 4g 188mg
Kidney Bean Sandwich Spread 10min 7min 222 10g 9g 30g 9g 343mg
Lentil Curry 5min 15min 167 4g 10g 24g 6g 371mg
Lentil Hummus 10min 0min 110 5g 6g 10g 3g 171mg
Lentils with Rosemary & Kale 10min 1h 10min 296 9g 15g 43g 15g 316mg
Maitake Mushroom & Asparagus Sauté 15min 15min 77 3g 4g 7g 4g 223mg
Maitake Mushroom & Asparagus Stir Fry 20min 10min 77 3g 25g 7g 4g 223mg
Maitake Mushrooms, Asparagus and Tofu Sauté 20min 27min 136 8g 20g 8g 3g 189mg
Mashed Sweet Potatoes 5min 35min 135 3g 2g 26g 3g 173mg
Matcha Kanten 45min 5min 2 0g 0g 1g 1g 4mg
Mediterranean Lentil Dip / Spread 15min 1h 134 5g 6g 22g 8g 223mg
Mediterranean Marinated Beans 2h 15min 0min 307 13g 12g 36g 11g 367mg
Mediterranean White Beans 5min 20min 130 4g 6g 19g 4g 297mg
Mint Pistachio Hummus 10min 0min 206 15g 6g 13g 4g 231mg
Miso Leek Spread 10min 15min 100 8g 3g 6g 1g 109mg
Mushroom Sauté with Lemon and Parsley 20min 20min 113 7g 12g 9g 4g 104mg
Navy Bean Dip 10min 2h 67 4g 2g 6g 2g 243mg
Onion Wakame Casserole 10min 45min 123 7g 4g 12g 3g 142mg
Oriental Vegetable and Shiitake Stir Fry 15min 15min 171 6g 9g 23g 7g 259mg
Pan Seared Tempeh 5min 25min 374 18g 28g 25g 15g 371mg
Pressure Cooked Brown Rice 5min 45min 233 3g 5g 47g 1g 94mg
Pressure Cooked Brown Rice & Barley 5min 45min 257 2g 6g 56g 4g 35mg
Quick & Easy Bean Salad 10min 0min 245 15g 6g 24g 5g 261mg
Quick Black Soybean & Avocado Salsa 5min 0min 54 3g 3g 5g 2g 92mg
Quick Fried Rice & Beans 5min 10min 218 4g 5g 40g 4g 117mg
Quick Frijole - Mexican Pinto Beans 10min 25min 165 3g 8g 27g 8g 201mg
Quick Rice Roll with Daikon Pickle 7min 0min 243 3g 6g 48g 4g 184mg
Red Radish Delight 5min 5min 38 0g 0g 1g 3g 468mg
Red Radishes In Ume Plum Kuzu Sauce 5min 5min 11 0g 0g 23g 1g 269mg
Refried Black Beans 5min 20min 99 4g 5g 16g 5g 243mg
Refried Kidney Beans 20min 1h 40min 87 3g 5g 15g 6g 102mg
Refried Pinto Beans 5min 25min 80 2g 4g 15g 6g 119mg
Refried Pinto Beans 2h 20min 80 2g 4g 15g 6g 119mg
Roasted Asparagus Spears 5min 20min 54 5g 7g 2g 1g 222mg
Roasted Brussel Sprouts 10min 45min 51 2g 3g 8g 3g 110mg
Roasted Cauliflower with Thyme 10min 1h 175 14g 4g 12g 5g 275mg
Roasted Quinoa Stuffed Onions 15min 45min 102 5g 1g 14g 2g 26mg
Roasted Root Vegetables with Chimichurri Sauce 20min 1h 439 31g 4g 40g 11g 334mg
Roasted Summer Squash with Pistachios 10min 25min 101 7g 3g 8g 3g 132mg
Rosemary Butter Beans 10min 15min 101 3g 4g 16g 3g 169mg
Sautéed Collards with Cranberries & Almonds 5min 10min 214 10g 4g 29g 5g 72mg
Sautéed Vegetables with Dulse 10min 10min 57 3g 4g 7g 4g 96mg
Savory Polenta 10min 20min 387 12g 12g 55g 8g 246mg
Scrambled Tofu 10min 12min 167 11g 13g 8g 2g 166mg
Seitan (Wheat Meat) 30min 35min 209 1g 9g 44g 7g 341mg
Sesame Garlic Bread 7min 5min 268 8g 8g 40g 2g 522mg
Sesame Garlic Roasted Cauliflower 10min 35min 178 16g 4g 8g 4g 256mg
Sesame Roasted Cauliflower & Onions 10min 30min 196 16g 4g 12g 4g 187mg
Shiitake Vegetable Medley 20min 30min 174 0g 6g 33g 12g 250mg
Shiitake, Maitake and Spinach Turnovers 35min 30min 90 5g 3g 10g 1g 62mg
Skillet Corn Bread 10min 35min 176 4g 4g 32g 5g 271mg
Soba Noodles for Sushi 5min 10min 206 2g 8g 38g 2g 110mg
Spanish Garbanzos with Spinach & Arugula 10min 10min 232 12g 7g 26g 6g 286mg
Spicy Ginger Glazed Pineapple 0min 0min 193 7g 1g 37g 3g 108mg
Spicy Nori Crackers 15min 3h 309 25g 13g 12g 5g 67mg
Spinach for Sushi 5min 2min 58 0g 2g 13g 2g 243mg
Spinach Oshitashi 35min 5min 59 1g 3g 12g 2g 571mg
Spinach with Mirin Dressing 40min 5min 55 1g 2g 11g 1g 474mg
Squash Aspic 1h 20min 10min 86 0g 2g 20g 5g 243mg
Stewed Tomatoes and Garbanzo Beans 10min 20min 150 3g 6g 26g 6g 125mg
Stir Fried Soba Noodles with Burdock 10min 20min 346 12g 10g 51g 6g 191mg
Stuffed Acorn Squash 5min 50min 382 21g 4g 52g 5g 48mg
Stuffed Mushrooms 20min 25min 279 11g 10g 41g 5700g 373mg
Succotash 15min 20min 215 6g 10g 34g 7g 349mg
Sushi Rice - Vinegared White 20min 20min 382 1g 6g 89g 0g 168mg
Sweet & Savory Squash Pie 45min 25min 311 13g 5g 49g 6g 176mg
Sweet and Sour Black Eyed Peas 5min 10min 211 2g 10g 39g 5g 306mg
Sweet and Sour Boiled Cabbage 2min 15min 33 0g 2g 7g 3g 283mg
Sweet Black Soybeans 5min 10min 173 5g 13g 20g 7g 97mg
Sweet Dried Daikon for Sushi 5min 15min 61 0g 1g 13g 2g 349mg
Sweet Shiitake for Sushi 5min 10min 32 0g 1g 7g 1g 169mg
Sweet, Sour and Spicy Tofu 10min 20min 158 7g 13g 14g 1g 357mg
Tempeh and Sauerkraut Skillet 10min 30min 241 9g 19g 20g 12g 332mg
Teriyaki Tofu Slices 20min 6min 167 8g 13g 13g 1g 712mg
Three Onion Sauerkraut Apple Salad 1h 15min 0min 90 7g 1g 7g 2g 248mg
Three-In-One Chickpea Fritters with Quick Apple Chutney 20min 20min 126 1g 4g 28g 5g 58mg
Tofu Mushroom Dumplings 30min 20min 150 4g 11g 22g 3g 398mg
Tofu Sour Cream with Chives 5min 0min 50 2g 5g 2g 1g 47mg
Tofu Sour Cream with Dill 5min 0min 50 2g 5g 2g 1g 139mg
Tofu Stuffed Cucumbers 10min 0min 205 11g 15g 13g 4g 273mg
Tofu with Scallions, Ginger & Bonito Flakes 5min 0min 117 7g 13g 3g 1g 239mg
Tofu, Maitake & Shiitake Sauté 25min 15min 249 10g 40g 23g 11g 262mg
Turkish Leeks & Rice (Pirasa) 10min 20min 229 11g 3g 31g 4g 146mg
Tuscan White Bean Spread/Dip 5min 0min 115 7g 4g 11g 3g 168mg
Vegetable & Seitan Kebobs 25min 5min 199 8g 6g 29g 1g 467mg
Vegetable Bean Medley 5min 15min 135 4g 7600g 26g 6g 104mg
Vegetable Rolls 15min 7min 56 1g 5g 10g 5g 306mg
Vegetable Stir Fry 20min 30min 116 4g 8g 13g 4g 177mg
Vegetable Sushi 20min 5min 41 1g 2g 6g 1g 94mg
Vegetable Tempura 30min 30min 209 1g 9g 45g 8g 280mg
Vegetables with Ponzu Sauce 10min 15min 63 3g 2g 8g 3g 463mg
Vegetarian Nigiri Sushi 10min 5min 99 0g 1g 24g 1g 219mg
Very Easy Samosa (Indian stuffed fried pastry) 30min 15min 444 2g 15g 90g 1g 820mg
Wasabi Asparagus Spears 5min 15min 7 1g 0g 0g 0g 103mg
Watercress with Oshitashi Dressing 25min 5min 42 1g 1g 6g 0g 450mg
Wheat Balls (Seitan) 15min 30min 540 3g 21g 115g 19g 558mg
Whole Grain Bread Stuffing 10min 35min 230 7g 8g 35g 6g 417mg
Whole Onions with Kuzu Gravy 5min 20min 66 0g 2g 15g 2g 142mg
Wild Rice Green Pea Stir Fry 10min 35min 178 7g 5g 25g 4g 135mg
Wild Rice Stuffed Scallop Squash 10min 30min 69 1g 2g 14g 0g 49mg
Wild Rice Stuffing 10min 5min 286 13g 4g 40g 4g 43mg
Winter Squash & Vegetable Stir Fry 10min 12min 134 8g 3g 14g 3g 273mg
Won Ton Wrappers - No Egg 30min 0min 172 0g 5g 38g 0g 1mg
Yellow Cornbread with Fresh Corn 10min 35min 226 7g 5g 37g 2g 334mg