Summer Variety

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Summer changes food selection; simple, hearty meals are needed for cookouts, picnics, and barbeques. Quick appetizers, sides, finger food, salads, vegetables, toppings, dips, spreads, pasta, wraps, and sandwiches. Even simple vegetables are appealing with a taste boost from a dressing, dip, or sauce.

Oil and vinegar are used in salad dressings, vinaigrettes, marinades, and basting sauces, which are best when homemade. Ingredients like mirin, umeboshi, shoyu, mustard, ponzu, and even sauerkraut work wonders. Good quality herbs and spices are a much overlooked essential. They make a huge difference in taste, and give much greater enjoyment and satisfaction. At home they can be adjusted as desired. Pure, natural ingredients greatly improve results. There are many versatile dressings, dips, and sauces that are simple yet exquisite.

Knowing how to make a good salad dressing and sauces is an elementary, important skill. Ingredient choices are critical in making an uplifting dressing, dip, or sauces. Pure taste enhancers like mustard, sesame tahini, soy sauce, mirin, vinegar, various kinds of citrus, barley malt, sea salt, and herbs elevate cuisine. Upgrade meal opportunities year-round with dressings, vinaigrettes, marinade, and basting sauces. Discerning selection of food and ingredients delivers gratifying rewards in so many ways. Investigate and learn to make good choices and avoid disappointment. EDEN items are pure and purifying.

Unrefined Vegetable Oil

EDEN Unrefined Vegetable Oil, Extra Virgin Olive, Sesame, Toasted Sesame, Hot Pepper Sesame, and Safflower are beneficial, essential, good fat nourishment. The taste and health benefits from the source of the oil remain intact when mechanically pressed to avoid high-heat and untoward chemical extraction. Denatured, commercial vegetable oil is designed for extreme shelf life at the cheapest cost. Marketed as “refined” to falsely imply they are better, even after treatment with a battery of chemical solvents, is unethical. Essential fatty acids (EFAs), vitamins, and antioxidants remain intact in unrefined vegetable oil. EDEN Oils are lightly filtered and bottled in amber glass to protect their nutrients and taste. Gluten free, Kosher

Raw Natural Vinegar

Good vinegar can be made from most things containing carbohydrates or sugar, such as grain and fruit. Traditional culinary vinegar contains a wealth of beneficial organic acids, enzymes, and other phytonutrients. Today’s commercial (synthetic) vinegars are made from petroleum by-product and GMO enzymes.

Organic EDEN Apple Cider Vinegar and Red Wine Vinegar are traditionally crafted, natural, and raw, with no chemical additives or GMO enzymes. A smooth rich taste and pleasant aroma result. Mother of vinegar, a gelatinous presence in raw traditional vinegar, contains a culture of bacteria somewhat like a sourdough starter. Vinegar mother is why raw, traditional vinegar has a reputation for being beneficial.

EDEN Brown Rice Vinegar is from an ancient method of partially burying earthenware crocks in the soil and having them exposed to winter and seasonal changes. Rare today, authentic brown rice vinegar is highly valued for its surprisingly sweet taste. It makes the best sushi rice. Modern imitation rice vinegar is synthetic acetic acid, food color, refined sugar, GMO derived enzymes, and chemical additives. EDEN Brown Rice Vinegar is made of organic short grain brown rice, koji Aspergillus oryzae, and mountain spring water, fermented and aged for eight months.

EDEN Ume Plum Vinegar is shiso leaf-infused pickling brine from making umeboshi pickled plums. A blend of beneficial organic acids and brine that has been used for thousands of years to flavor and transform food. It is commonly used in salad dressings, marinades, dips, on steamed or sautéed vegetables, and for making refrigerator pickles (cut up vegetables, immerse in ume plum vinegar, and keep in the fridge). EDEN Ume Plum Vinegar contains no chemical additives or red dye.

EDEN Vinegars contain beneficial organic acids, bacteria, enzymes, and phytonutrients. Millennia of records and anecdotal evidence of vinegar’s merits exist. A discerning approach to choosing vinegar for food and body care is advised, and well worth the effort. What vinegar is made from and how it is made make an enormous difference in taste and effect. Knowledgeable chefs use traditionally brewed vinegar like EDEN.

Organic and Non-Irradiated

The vast majority of herbs and spices are irradiated today. Irradiation of food (now called pasteurization) changes its nature, chemistry, and DNA. EDEN Herbs & Spices are from the stocks Eden Foods uses to prepare its Chili, Rice & Beans, Refried Beans, Pastas, Tomato items, and Snacks. The best we can find, remarkably delicious, organic, and non-irradiated. Eden Foods began its Irradiation Free policy in 1988. The policy is – Zero Tolerance. We know where EDEN herbs and spices are from, how they’re grown, handled, and processed. They are available as EDEN Herbs & Spices at in amber glass jars. kosher

Amber Glass Benefit

EDEN Oils and Vinegars are bottled in efficacious amber glass to protect taste and nutrients from photo-oxidation light damage. Light induces chemical changes that cause discoloration and taste degradation. Fluorescent lighting, which is particularly damaging, is ubiquitous in food stores. Amber glass is the best protection for food, difficult to get and more costly, it is well worth it. EDEN Oils and Vinegar are nitrogen flushed as well for additional protection. Pure nitrogen replaces oxygen containing air in the unfilled portion of the bottles and replaces it with inert, food-grade nitrogen to further protect it from oxidation. EDEN Herbs & Spices are also packed in amber glass jars, protecting their flavor, volatile oils, and antioxidants. Plastic bottles and jars adulterate food and taste. Amber glass best protects food quality.