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Condiments enhance taste and provide important nutrients. They make food more appealing, enjoyable, and nourishing. Commonly they add rare, beneficial nutritional components. A food, like sauerkraut, sometimes serves as an excellent condiment.

Two best-of-their-kind condiments are EDEN Mustards and Sauerkrauts. Both have superlative taste, rare and beneficial nutrients, and they facilitate digestion and good gut health. Condiments commonly break down fats, making food more soothing and easier to assimilate.

As in all food categories today, there is a wide range of quality and desirability. Imitation and adulteration are common and wise to avoid, but discerning what is, by design, is extremely difficult. Acquiring authentic, pure condiments pays big rewards in making food more enjoyable, nourishing, and leads to a more positive frame of mind.

Summer cookouts, picnics, barbecues, and travel plans are upon us. There is no better time for EDEN Mustard and Sauerkraut to be in the pantry. Each condiment from Eden is real organic ingredients, organic non-irradiated herbs and spices, and a tad of EDEN Sea Salt to bring sparkling pleasure and deeper satisfaction to every meal.

American Favorite

Mustard is the second most popular condiment in America with over 41 million pounds enjoyed annually. Mustard seed is an ancient health food native to the Mediterranean. It contains glucosinolates, a group of compounds that give it a pungent taste and are believed to activate the body’s antioxidant defenses. It possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties as well. Research has found mustard to contain protective carotenoids, isothiocyanates, isorhamnetin, tocopherols, and kaempferol antioxidant flavonoids. Eating pure, organic mustard is pleasing and rewarding.

There are two authentic EDEN mustards, Yellow and Brown, both in 9 oz. glass and in BPA, BPS, and phthalate free 9 oz. squeeze bottles. They each have distinct character making them ideal wherever mustard is called for. Both are delicious in potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, salad dressings, vinaigrette, dips, marinades, sauces, barbeque beans, and other recipes. EDEN Mustard is gluten free and kosher.

• EDEN Yellow Mustard tastes like a yellow mustard should: mildly spiced, rich and naturally sweet. Saskatchewan, Canada organic family whole yellow mustard seed is stoneground with raw organic EDEN Apple Cider Vinegar, EDEN Sea salt, and pure organic spices. It is then aged to meld and mellow. The best ingredients, a traditional recipe, and skilled preparation create amazing mustard.

• EDEN Brown Mustard is a bit stronger with just three pure ingredients, all pure. It is stoneground Canadian High Plains organic whole brown mustard seed, raw organic EDEN Apple Cider Vinegar, and EDEN Sea Salt results in full flavor, a pleasant zing, and natural sweetness. Many folks like the added kick of brown mustard seed. Eden Mustard is sure to please even the most discerning connoisseur.

• EDEN Yellow Mustard Seed, Brown Mustard Seed, and Yellow Mustard Powder are real organic whole mustard seed which has an amazingly diverse health benefit portfolio. They can be used to make homemade mustards with raw EDEN Apple Cider Vinegar or the brine from EDEN Sauerkraut. Add a bit of EDEN Sea Salt, non-irradiated organic EDEN Herbs & Spices, EDEN Wasabi (Japanese horseradish), or even a bit of organic EDEN Miso. Miso mustard spread is a lively add on to many dishes, as a dip, or topping.

Sauerkraut Prebiotic & Probiotic

Three organic EDEN Sauerkrauts come in very popular 18 oz. glass jars; Regular, Three Onion, and Kimchi. Regular EDEN Kraut also comes in 32 oz. glass. They contain no chemical additives of any kind. With over 100 years of continuous experience, traditional methods, and one family growing the cabbage, making the kraut, and packaging it, EDEN Sauerkraut has homemade, old-world character and a delicious taste. Gluten free and kosher

• EDEN Sauerkraut is U.S. organic cabbage, hand-harvested, cored, sliced, and fermented with EDEN Sea Salt in stainless steel vats for a minimum of six weeks. Traditional management of the fermentation ensures the best kraut possible.

• EDEN Three Onion Sauerkraut is traditional EDEN Sauerkraut fermented with EDEN Sea Salt. After fermentation, all organic onion, shallot, green onion (scallions), and a bit of brown rice syrup are added for mellow richness.

• EDEN Kimchi Sauerkraut combines traditional kimchi spicy zest with the savory taste of authentic sauerkraut. After fermentation of EDEN Sauerkraut, we add an all organic kimchi herb/spice medley lending its zing. This coupling makes an excellent sandwich topping. EDEN Sauerkraut with the zest and health benefits of kimchi is an exceptional kraut. Use as a side, topping, snack, or in recipes.

Pasteurization is commonly confused with sterilization. EDEN Sauerkraut is hot-packed to create a reliable lid seal on the jars making them shelf stable. Heat is minimized to keep the sauerkraut firm. In a sterilization process, all the fermentation microorganisms are eliminated. Every sauerkraut sold refrigerated is hot-packed to ensure shelf life,  but the package does not indicate it.

Sauerkraut is known for its probiotics, live microorganisms that encourage good gut health that provides essential strength.

Prebiotics are a group of fiber and carbohydrates that encourage existing beneficial bacteria to grow. Prebiotic compounds like polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, fructo-oligosaccharides, fructans, galatans, and inulins are included in the fiber or carbohydrate category on labels. Prebiotics are not broken down by stomach acids or digestive enzymes. They are fermented by anaerobic bacteria in the large intestine to provide fuel for beneficial bacteria to thrive. When beneficial bacteria increase, they keep harmful bacteria suppressed. Prebiotics produce short-chain fatty acids, help stimulate calcium intake, and improve the digestion of food. Prebiotics increase feelings of fullness or satiety that help aid healthy weight management. Prebiotics feed probiotics, both are essential for good gut health and overall well being.

Fermented foods are extremely beneficial. Sauerkraut fermentation produces isothiocyanates which are common in wasabi, horseradish, mustard, radish, watercress, and capers. These compounds are of great interest in food science and medicine for their efficacies. Fermentation produces many healthful compounds not found in raw food. It produces organic acids and enzymes that make digestion of food easier. Fermented foods boost immune strength.

Add kraut to soup, stew, casseroles, salads, sushi, stir-fries, as a stuffing for pierogi, on sandwiches, and as an ingredient in homemade pickles. For a wonderful Reuben sandwich, try the EDEN Tempeh Reuben using both EDEN Mustard and Sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is also pleasing on toast with avocado slices, and in EDEN Sauerkraut Guacamole. It is a condiment as well as a side dish and enhancement to many recipes because it goes so well with a wide range of food.

EDEN condiments in the pantry help to quickly make pleasing, nutritious meals. Some other notable EDEN Condiments are Shoyu and Tamari Soy Sauce, Mirin, Ponzu Sauce, Umeboshi, Gomasio, Sea Salt, Dulse Flakes, Shiso Powder, Wasabi Powder, Vinegar, Bonito Flakes, Miso, Tahini, Pickles, Oils, Barley Malt, and Sea Vegetables. All are pure and purifying, most are kosher. Visit for free recipes.

Closing Thought

“The connection between whole grains and peace was central to traditional understanding. In the Far East, the ideogrammic word for peace ‘wa’ is formed from the ideograms for ‘grain’ and ‘mouth’. Ancient people intuitively knew that a diet based predominantly on grains and vegetables created a peaceful mind and society.”
  – Michio Kushi  1926 — 2014