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October 2018

A. A. Milne’s Winnie–the–Pooh — Pooh said, “Proper Tea, one you don’t forget about after drinking.” EDEN Tea provides the pleasure, benefit, and overall experience of “Proper Tea.” The green tea Eden selects is from a renowned tea growing region near Uji, Japan — river misted geography, vital soil, and the center of tea cultivation know–how accumulated over 700 years. Uji River morning mist rises as it winds through the hills, moistening the plants and shielding them from the sun.

The Nagata family Co–op has been using chemical free organic practices for 44 years, since 1974, rejecting chemical agricultural methods completely. Their long–term organic practices, healthy tea plants, and skillful artistry in the hand harvested tea’s handling and preparation, produce the most wonderful, pure and purifying green tea.

Authentically Organic Pure

Obvious reason for choosing organic tea over conventionally grown is avoidance of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. Harmful effects of toxic chemicals are now well known. Most of them are water–soluble, which means they end up in one’s cup of tea. Other reasons for organic are the pleasure and benefits of Proper Tea.

Commercial tea bushes are sprayed with chemicals 15 to 20 times a year, most regrettable. Chemically treated tea bushes are exhausted after about 20 years. Nagata family tea bushes produce vibrant, healthy leaves beyond 40 years, some for as long as 100. Choosing organic EDEN Tea is superior for you, yours, and everything. It tastes remarkably better.

Diligent Care of Proper Tea

Most tea bags contain epichlorohydrin, a plasticizer that allows them to be heat–sealed. Epichlorodydrin is a potential carcinogen. It breaks down when coming in contact with water. This would not do for exceedingly fine EDEN Tea. Every aspect of an EDEN Tea and tea bag reflects high care, as do the unbleached manila fibers, its crimped seal, no staple, and pure cotton string. No chlorine whiteners, plastics, or additives are ever used.

Simple, Beneficial Pleasure

Take time for the wisdom of fine green tea. A respite that promotes well–being, focus, and balance. Green Tea soothes, sets a reflective mood, and relieves stress. Taking green tea draws us back to the present, away from the future and past. Teatime can be personal or social. It stimulates warm conversation when shared, yet complements the freedom of solitude, reflecting, reading, and studying. Teatime as a regular part of one’s life is most beneficial with the finest proper tea tea that can be found, organic EDEN Tea.

Antioxidant Catechins

True teas stem from one plant, Camellia cinensis. Tea becomes green, black, oolong, and other types solely in how it is handled and cured. After leaves are picked, they begin to oxidize. For Chinese and English black teas, the leaves are allowed to oxidize thoroughly, a process referred to as fermentation. For Japanese green tea, like organic EDEN Sencha, oxidation is stopped immediately after harvest with skillful steaming and rubbing that preserves its bright green chlorophyll and antioxidant nutrients such as tannins, flavonoids, and epigallocatechins (EGCG) that enhance the flavor of exceedingly fine green tea. Green tea’s antioxidants are collectively referred to as ‘catechins’ and account for 40 percent of green tea’s dry weight. They are said to be responsible for its many health benefits.

Recent reports show that taking green tea with a slice of citrus further enhances its antioxidant benefit by making them more bioavailable, while taking tea with milk diminishes their absorption. They also found that L–theanine, a non–essential, non–protein amino acid in green tea is largely responsible for its unique flavor. It enhances learning ability, induces relaxation, and inhibits caffeine stimulation for a smoother, steadier lift than that of coffee.

Purity that Purifies

Experience the pleasures and benefits of nine boxed organic EDEN Teas, 16 bags per box: SenchaSencha MintSencha RoseSencha GingerHojichaHojicha ChaiGenmaichaKukicha Twig • and caffeine–free Chamomile Tea. EDEN Sencha and Kukicha Tea also come loose packed in reclosable bags. All of them provide the experience sought by tea aficionados in proper tea the world over.

The EDEN Tea Sampler offers economical variety. The EDEN Organic Tea Tote is a thoughtful gift. Organic EDEN Matcha, the epitome of powdered green tea, provides a delightful experience, mental clarity, and peace of mind. The EDEN Matcha Tea Kit is a boxed set with everything needed to make 30 bowls of Matcha and includes 30 grams of emerald green organic Matcha green tea powder. Organic EDEN Tea contains no added chemical flavorings, dyes, or untoward additives — every ingredient is declared. kosher