EDEN Kimchi Sauerkraut ~ An Affirmation

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5 September 2018

Clinton, Michigan — Taste for Life magazine honors EDEN Kimchi Sauerkraut with the 2018 Food Essential Award as announced in their August issue. Taste for Life said, “Torn between whether to buy sauerkraut or kimchi to satisfy your fermented food craving? Dilemma solved with Eden Foods Kimchi Sauerkraut Organic. Sauerkraut plus the zingy spiciness of kimchi is a winning combo!”

EDEN Kimchi Sauerkraut combines a traditional kimchi spicy zest with the mellow savory flavor of traditionally made sauerkraut. Organic sweet cabbage is grown in vital soil, carefully tended, and then lactic acid fermented with a bit of EDEN Sea Salt for at least six weeks. When fermentation is almost complete, all organic red bell peppers, onions, garlic, ginger root, cayenne pepper, yellow mustard seed, and chili peppers are added, giving it a unique sparkling kimchi zest and color. One family’s century of kraut–making experience from cabbage they grow themselves, creates considerable value and gives EDEN Kimchi Sauerkraut its homemade, old–world character.

EDEN Kimchi Sauerkraut is great on sandwiches, in salads, vegetable dishes, soups, and stews. It is a rewarding garnish, side dish, or a satisfying snack. Delicious and superb benefits with no untoward additives of any kind whatsoever. Packed in 18 oz. glass jars, it is gluten free and non–GMO. Pure & Purifying. kosher []

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