Intestinal Fortitude

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November 2017

Tradition holds that the foundation of an individual's well-being lies in the intestines. This was learned through observation and intuitively known, long before microscopes or the term ‘friendly bacteria’.

Science is beginning to confirm that the nature of trillions of bacteria in our gut is an essential key to wellness, specifically in the balance between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. Some types of bacteria, when present in excess, are quite harmful. Friendly or beneficial bacteria keep the harmful bad bacteria in check. Friendly ones produce beneficial enzymes and important nutrients. The harmful bacteria rob us of nutrients and produce damaging chemistry. Good bacteria facilitate digestion, metabolism, and detoxification. A proper level of friendly bacteria is essential for our ability to maintain strong immunity responses.

Our food choices fiercely influence the intestinal bacteria we carry. We are what we eat. Good bacteria flourish with plant-based foods like whole grain, beans, vegetables, and fruit. Fermented foods and EDEN mineral-rich sea vegetables stimulate good intestinal bacteria. The way to keep a community of friendly bacteria thriving is to eat well and carry out good lifestyle habits. Supplementing these with a quality probiotic, like EDEN Bifa-15, is almost always a very smart option.

Manage the Balance

Fermented foods and pickles are good sources of beneficial bacteria probiotics that support intestinal strength, immune function, and aid in the good digestion of food. When these foods are eaten in combination with whole grain, beans, and vegetables that contain prebiotics, they encourage beneficial intestinal flora to thrive.

It is important to choose the finest quality fermented and pickled foods from trusted sources such as Eden Foods. It has become exceedingly important to know more about the growing and handling of our food choices. Insane and toxic commercial practices of imitation and adulteration, employed solely to maximize profits and deception, are epidemic. Toxic food is far more common than good food. Horrible foods are disguised to appear to be ancient health foods. They are made of the cheapest ingredients, refined salt, sugar, petrochemical-derived vinegar, artificial colors, GMOs, and noxious chemicals that completely reverse their value.

Eden Foods offers a variety of fermented and pickled foods including four traditional types of miso, two instant miso soups, and 11 lacto-fermented foods including traditional sauerkrauts, pickles, and vinegars made the artisan way without any untoward additives whatsoever.

Rare Essential Nutrients

Traditional healers have long known that sea vegetables help cleanse and purify. Today, compounds are being identified in sea vegetables that uniquely nourish, detoxify, strengthen our immune reponses, foster metabolism, and aid in proper weight control.

Culinary sea vegetables, like land plants, are sunlight dependent. Land plants primarily draw nutrients from the soil, while sea vegetables essentially draw nutrients from the sea they are immersed in. Consequently, they offer nourishment of types, and at levels, not found in land plants. Nutrient content varies in the different seaweeds, but more than 34 percent of dried sea vegetable weight is comprised of nutrients that are essential to us. Seawater contains virtually every mineral on earth. Sea vegetables provide a healthy array of nutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, iodine, zinc, sulfur, chloride, and vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, and K, together with an extremely valuable trace mineral profile similar to that of human blood. They also contain lignans, fucans, and polysaccharides like alginic acid and fucoidan. This makes them a highly beneficial source of nourishment for human beings.

Eden Foods has supplied the finest Japanese sea vegetables since 1968, and added Canadian dulse in 2005. These sources have communities of folks that are carrying forward the highly developed traditions of preparing sea vegetables for humanity's benefit and pleasure. Discerning due diligence, and knowledge about every potential source, ensures that the finest of each variety is procured by Eden Foods.

EDEN Sea Vegetables are renowned for their purity, superb flavor, and remarkable nutritional content. They are wild or cultivated and sustainably hand-harvested from environmentally protected waters of Japan and Canada. Each one is prepared solely by using artisan, traditional methods.

Live Delivery of Bifidobacteria

Bifidobacterium longum is widely considered the most important intestinal friendly bacterium. Together with the lactic acid-producing bacteria, they are crucial in maintaining robust health. Aging, antibiotics, excessive alcohol and drugs, toxins in our food, stress, pollutants, refined sugar, refined food, and other factors deplete healthy levels of bifidobacteria.

EDEN Bifa-15 is a probiotic food supplement to balance and strengthen us. It uses a unique, seamless micro-capsule delivery system that reliably delivers living, friendly bifidobacteria to its natural home in the large intestine. The seamless micro-capsules protect the bacteria from the air and stomach acids. Each dose of Bifa-15 delivers two billion living bifidobacteria and one billion living lactic acid-producing bacteria to the intestines. It comes in an easy to enjoy, single dose tube.

EDEN as a Partner

Eden Foods is a principled natural food manufacturer of traditional, pure and purifying, organic food, founded in 1968. The work of Eden Foods is to procure the best food possible and share it with others.

The EDEN brand stands for pure and purifying food with no chemical additives, irradiation, food colorings, refined sugar, genetically engineered organisms (GMOs), or food conditioning chemicals. Eden Foods encourages folks to learn where their food comes from and how it is grown and handled. We appreciate those who do.