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September 2017

Snacks are any type of food eaten in small quantities between meals. Leftovers, fruits, vegetables, and food designed as snacks can satisfy a need to keep our metabolism at a strong, steady pace. Snacks can also help to keep us from overeating at meals. They are an integral part of a smart diet, providing the tastes, textures, and energies that balance our moods, thinking, and vitality. Ever-changing circumstances draw upon our vigor. Frequently, a need for good snack food arises.

Many people are now avoiding snack food, trying to stay away from toxic junk food and believing snacks contribute to weight gain. Both these concerns are unnecessary if pure, good quality snack food is chosen. Unfortunately, it is rare. Good snacks help keep us balanced so we can make smart decisions regarding quality and quantity at meals. EDEN 4 oz. and 1 oz. Pocket Snacks and Popcorn provide great nourishment with a range of essential and healing nutrients: complex carbs, protein, healthy essential fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytonutrients, polyphenols, and antioxidants.

Natural Food, Properly Prepared

Eden Foods makes 10 superlative snacks in 1 oz. Pocket Snacks and 4 oz. reclosable pouches: organic lowbush dried • Wild Blueberries, ruby red, sweet and tangy organic dried • Cranberries, organic and transitional-to-organic dried • Montmorency Cherries, roasted and lightly sea salted organic • Pumpkin Seeds, the No. 1 best selling, award winning organic • Spicy Pumpkin Seeds seasoned with tamari soy sauce and all organic garlic and cayenne, shelled, dry roasted, and sea salt misted organic • Pistachios, organic, dry roasted and tamari misted • Tamari Almonds and three nut, seed, and dried fruit mixes • Quiet MoonWild Berry Mix and the new, sweet, tangy, and spicy seed and dried fruit blend • Spicy Berry Mix.

These (snack) foods are pure and wholesome, prepared using methods that enhance them. Only Eden selected, non-irradiated, non-gmo, organic seasonings are used. They are made at our certified organic production facility. The equipment and procedures are multi third-party inspected and highly rated for purity and safety.

America's No. 1 Snack

Popcorn is one of America's favorite, most pleasurable snack foods. An estimated 17 billion quarts of popcorn are eaten yearly, with the vast majority of it being enjoyed at home. EDEN Popcorn is 100% whole grain and delivers a potent dose of polyphenols and fiber. It is organically grown on American farms. This select variety, with superior popping qualities, produces large popped corn bursting with pure flavor and the intended benefits of nature.

The Popcorn Bowl EDEN gift set is always welcome. It contains organic EDEN Safflower Oil, triple washed EDEN Sea Salt, organic EDEN Garlic Gomasio sesame salt, and a 4 oz. EDEN Quiet Moon snack mix that is delicious and crunchy in popcorn balls and caramel corn.

Imitation and Adulteration

The snack food industry is monopolized and saturated with imitation and adulteration. It created the necessity of the phrase ‘junk food.’ Almost all of today's commercial snack food depletes the body's energy and well being with damaging fats, too much harsh, poor quality salt, refined sugars and chemical sugar imitations, toxic agricultural and processing chemicals (typically not declared as ingredients), colorings, flavorings (even the natural ones), and a very long list of toxic additives and undeclared processing aids. These snacks interfere with metabolism and send confusing messages to our nervous systems, creating chaos that can lead to binge eating, excessive weight gain, bloating, and a myriad of undesirable, misdiagnosed health issues.

Pure & Purifying

Have EDEN Snacks in the pantry for enjoyment while relaxing at home, for school, work, running errands, trekking, and traveling. They are great in lunches, for parties and camping. Sprinkle them to enhance a salad, grain dish, pasta, or soup. Use them in or on cereal, desserts, baked goods, granola, and to make popcorn balls or caramel corn. Visit for free recipes and information on the EDEN Snack Sampler and Snack gift tote. All EDEN Snacks are low to very low sodium, gluten free, and kosher pareve.