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July 2007

Walking through any neighborhood in Japan you may find a tiny shop filled with enticing aromas, bustling with people who rush in hungry and leave happy. This is the sobaya, a simple restaurant that serves hearty noodle dishes. These noodles — Soba and Udon — are part of Japan's traditional staple fare, crafted using ancient methods handed down from generation to generation. Soba is the Japanese word for buckwheat, which it is always made with, usually blended with wheat. It is similar to spaghetti in thickness, but square cut. Udon is similar to linguini in thickness but also square cut. It is usually made with wheat, often blended with brown rice. Eden takes each style of noodle to a unique level with flavors made with the ancient grains, Kamut and Spelt.

The Art of Soba and Udon

EDEN Organic Soba and Udon, seven flavors, begin with North American family farm organically grown grain: Buckwheat, Hard Red Spring Wheat, Whole Grain Durum Wheat, Short Grain Brown Rice, Kamut, and Spelt. They are crafted at Eden's Sobaya Company of Montréal, Québec using the same ‘roll and cut’ method as traditional handmade noodles in Japan. The grain is freshly ground for each small batch. The flour is slowly kneaded with pure water and a bit of EDEN Sea Salt which helps to bind the dough, enhances flavor, and naturally preserves the finished pasta. When ready the dough is rolled out and folded onto itself eight times, then cut to length. The long strands of noodles are lifted onto racks and rolled into the drying room. They are allowed to dry for up to two days depending on thickness, temperature, and humidity. Constantly monitored until ready, they are hand cut, boxed, and on their way.

Find Your Inner Japanese Chef

Practice the way of Japanese cooking. EDEN Organic Soba and Udon are fast cooking and a delicious way to start. Each is low sodium and a good source of protein. Use them to make salads, stir fries, and sushi. Visit for dozens of ideas and recipes including savory dashi (traditional noodle broth). For toppings try EDEN Organic Gomasio (sesame salt), Dulse Flakes, Spicy Nori Strips, Nori Krinkles, Sushi Nori, EDEN Shake sesame condiment, or Tekka miso condiment. Sprinkle with EDEN Toasted Sesame Oil or Toasted Hot Pepper Sesame Oil. Add EDEN Shiitake and Maitake dried mushrooms, Tofu, fresh vegetables, fish, etc. for more complete meals. Let your creative side loose, and discover your favorites.