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November 2007

What is calming, uplifting, and very, very green? It is Matcha, stone ground tea powder, one of the world's most treasured beverages. Matcha originated in China as an herbal medicine, and was introduced to Japan in the 13th century, where it was embraced with a passion and has been enjoyed and revered ever since. To this day matcha remains the national beverage of Japan, and the centerpiece of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Monks have used matcha for centuries for increased energy, calmness, and mental concentration during study and meditation. Today people around the world are discovering the same delights and benefits of this brilliant brew. Matcha is enjoying growing popularity as a traditional beverage both hot and chilled, and as a delicious ingredient in foods like cakes and kanten, a healthy gelatin made with agar sea vegetable. (Visit for this and other great matcha recipes.)

Concentrated Antioxidant Benefits

Unlike brewed teas that are steeped, with Matcha the whole leaf is consumed, completely whisked and dissolved in water. It is green tea concentrate. Research on green tea's protective benefits have focused on antioxidant polyphenols, tannins and flavonoids including epigallo–catechin gallate (EGCG). These antioxidants account for about 40 percent of green tea's dry weight. Researchers at the University of Kansas found antioxidant levels of green tea to be 100 times more potent than vitamin C and 25 times that of vitamin E. Recently researchers have discovered that L–theanine, a nonessential amino acid naturally present in the green tea bush, enhances learning ability and promotes relaxation. (EDEN Organic Matcha contains 16.7mg of L–theanine per one gram serving.) These elements may explain matcha's unique ability to uplift and energize while offering composure, mental clarity, and physical well being.

How the World's Finest is Made

EDEN Organic Matcha is crafted in Nishio, Japan by a company dedicated to producing the finest ceremonial grade matcha since 1888. Caringly tended, certified organic tea bushes, Camellia sinensis are shaded with screens to protect their earliest budding spring leaves. These first spring leaves are harvested in April when they are most tender. Only the softest, freshest leaves are hand picked. The leaves are immediately steamed, which prevents oxidation and keeps them bright green. The stems, twigs, and veins are removed from the leaves, then cutting, winnowing, and drying prepares them for one of the 1,500 small granite stone mills. After grinding, the matcha is packaged in 30 gram tin cans. A special oxygen absorber at the bottom of the can protects EDEN Organic Matcha's deep flavor, fragrant aroma, and brilliant color.

For a special Holiday gift, and to pamper yourself and loved ones this winter, we offer the Matcha Green Tea Kit containing everything needed to make healthy matcha powdered green tea ~ traditional handcrafted bamboo whisk and scoop, ceramic tea bowl, 30 gram tin of EDEN Organic Matcha, and instructional video/dvd. Cheers!