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April 2009

Whole grain is an essential for our health and happiness. Whether enjoyed as an entrée, side dish, in pasta, baked goods or snacks, whole grain provides long–lasting satisfaction. Eden whole grains are uniquely and sublimely nourishing as they're the most vital available. They shine brightly compared to modern hybridized, toxic chemical stressed whole grain that's a shadow of what Nature intended. Nature designed these grains, they were not engineered by man. We offer 13 quick and easy to prepare 100% whole grain organic pastas in a variety of shapes, flavors, and colors.

Two whole grains in particular—kamut or Khorosan wheat and Quinoa—are gaining recognition for their remarkable value, taste, and important nutrition. Eden combines these two unique whole grains in the child and fork friendly gemelli pasta, Kamut 70% & Quinoa 30% Twisted Pair.

Ancient Grain for Today's Table

As modern grain has been bred and engineered for easiest and cheapest production, it has been substantially reduced in value. Kamut, aka khorosan wheat, and Quinoa have maintained their ancient heritage, avoided man's tampering, and remain vital nourishment. Khorosan wheat originated in the Near East and is named after a region in ancient Persia, today's Iran. Kamut is a trademark name that guarantees its varietal purity, organic growing conditions, high protein, and no contamination from modern wheat. Although Kamut is biologically a wheat it is considered allergy friendly and can often be enjoyed by those with modern wheat gluten intolerance. The Kamut Association calls kamut “the wheat you can eat.”

Kamut has a higher oil (yes fat, but only the beneficial type) content than other wheat which, in part, makes it a more satisfying, energy sustaining food. According to the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center, “Whole grains help regulate blood sugar by slowing down the conversion of complex carbohydrates into sugar. In fact, low–glycemic index foods such as whole grains reduce hunger and can help to control weight.”

Quinoa is the other ancient grain in EDEN® Organic Twisted Pair. Quinoa was known by the Inca as chipaya mama meaning ‘mother grain.’ Today it enjoys rediscovery as the rice of the new millennium because it's quick cooking with exceptional nutritive value. NASA contemplates growing quinoa on long space flights as part of the Controlled Ecological Life Support System. Quinoa has the most complete amino acid profile of any grain, and was called the ‘Top Secret Superfood’ by Men's Health Magazine. Quinoa is gluten free.

Best Value for Today's Table

The kamut and quinoa in EDEN Organic Twisted Pair are organically grown on family farms that Eden has developed sound, understanding relationships with. This special wheat is grown on the high plains of Montana and North Dakota and quinoa is grown high in the Andes Mountains. Quinoa is planted, cultivated, and harvested by hand. It's transported to Eden's Michigan mill and ground into flour that's taken to the Eden Organic Pasta Company, a Detroit landmark making traditional pasta on vintage Italian equipment since 1923. 70% kamut and 30% quinoa flour are blended and mixed with purified water to form dough with slow kneading. In a traditional screw press, dough is extruded through an artisan brass die to form the paired spiral known as gemelli. After 16 hours of slow drying, delightful twists with superior flavor and texture emerge. These tasty twists are packed in reclosable, recycled, and recyclable paperboard boxes. EDEN Organic Pastas are not mass–produced, they are artisan crafted and deliver rare value promoting happiness and well–being. Vital grain freshly milled, and knowing your purchase supports organic family farmers that earn sustainable, living wages are part of the joy of eating good food.

With a kid and fork friendly shape like EDEN Organic Twisted Pair, it's easy to make whole grain meals the entire family will enjoy. Each box has a tasty recipe on the back. Dozens of Eden pasta recipes for salads, soups, vegetable dishes, and sauces are available free on our websites: Visit and