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May 2009

Ingredients of soaps, shampoos, lotions, and cosmetics are readily absorbed through the skin, our largest organ. They can produce profound effects. Most commercial body care products contain chemicals such as parabens and phthalates that mimic human hormones and disrupt the endocrine system. A September 2008 study from the Environmental Working Group detected toxic chemicals in a group of teenaged girls who used commercial cosmetics. Triclosan, the active ingredient in antibacterial soaps, contributes to antibiotic resistance. When combined with chlorine from tap water, Triclosan can release chloroform, a chemical identified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a ‘probable carcinogen.’ An even newer threat is that of nanoparticles. These tiny particles are less than 1/5000th the width of a human hair. They are increasingly used in body products such as sunscreens. A study performed by the University of Rochester and published in the September 2008 edition of Nano Letters indicates that these particles can pass through the skin of lab mice and accumulate in the liver and in the lymphatic and nervous systems. With all these concerns over toxic ingredients how can one enjoy a relaxing, natural, fragrant bath or shower? Most commonly the fragrance chemicals themselves are toxic.

A Solution from the Sea

Enter EDEN® Sea Salts. Using sea salt as the base or basic component it's easy to make pleasing and effective bath salts and body polishes for yourself and loved ones. Because EDEN sea salts are traditional, pure, food grade salts ideal for consumption, you can rest assured they are 100% safe to put on the surface of your body as well.

Eden offers two seas salts. French Sea Salt comes from the Isle of Noirmoutier, named after the black robes worn by monks who long ago harvested sea salt on the island. Today this sea salt is still hand–harvested from the environmentally protected, unpolluted waters. After it is dried the sea salt is finely stone ground. This process allows the salt to maintain its natural wealth of trace elements and minerals without chemical agents or additives. EDEN French Sea Salt is certified by Agriculture Biologique Francaise.

EDEN Portuguese Sea Salt comes from the protected coastal salt marshes of Algarve. A combination of warming sun and Atlantic winds is used to produce an exceptional sea salt. As the water evaporates what is left are pure crystals of sea salt. These are washed three times with Atlantic seawater, whitening them without depleting precious trace minerals while protecting its savoury mellow salinity.

Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate... Naturally

Unlike most commercial sea salts and table salts that are mined from rock salt and processed with a myriad of chemicals and cosmetic agents, EDEN Sea Salts are created solely by natural Earth processes and their purity is protected all the way into their glass jars. Because the sea salts are unrefined they retain trace elements and minerals that nourish both body and skin.

It is easy to make powerfully delightful bath salts and body polishes using EDEN Sea Salts. Rather than buying commercial scrubs containing micro plastic beads and toxic chemicals that pollute and poison, why not use sea salt — nature's own gentle exfoliant — and Nature's gifts to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate? Bath salts of these sea salts and a few drops of pure essential oils such as lavender or rose are calming, soothing, and balancing. Energizing and uplifting body polishes are easy to make with pure essential oils, and a bit of moisturizing EDEN Extra Virgin Olive Oil or EDEN Organic Safflower Oil. The Home Beauty Recipes section of our website offers great ideas for creating healing sea salt baths and compresses. Along with knowing exactly what you are putting on your body, the nicest part of creating your own sea salt bath is choosing a natural and healthy fragrance profile to uniquely complement your needs or mood. Your sea salt creations are a perfect, heartfelt way to treat your loved ones to a fine handmade gift. Give a nurturing gift of health with a homemade body care package tied with a colorful ribbon and a hand written note.

The choosing of essential oils is very important and just a little research into them will deliver important guidance as to how to acquire what you are looking for. Click here for a great starting point.