New Eden® Organic Soybean Oil

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4 May 2004

New E<span class="brand">den</span><span class="reg">®</span> Organic Soybean Oil

Clinton, Michigan - Eden Foods expands its line of unrefined vegetable oils with Organic Soybean Oil. A delicious, golden, all-purpose cooking oil with beneficial phytosterols and a high smoke point that makes it ideal for high heat cooking.

Eden Organic Soybean Oil is made from certified organic, non-GEO (no genetically engineered organism) soybeans, grown on USA family farms by those dedicated to a clean environment and the safest, most nourishing food. It is minimally processed, unrefined oil, and cholesterol free. Its naturally occurring vitamin E (six percent daily value per serving) acts as a preservative helping to extend shelf life. It's also a source of beneficial polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega 3, omega 6, and monounsaturated fatty acid omega 9.

Numerous recent studies have found unrefined soybean oil to contain many beneficial phytosterols - compounds that have a chemical structure similar to cholesterol, that compete with and effectively block the absorption of cholesterol, causing it to be passed as waste. These phytosterols, including b-sitosterol, campesterol, and stigmasterol, have been shown to be of benefit to cardiovascular health.

To make Eden Organic Soybean Oil whole soybeans are low heat dried to reduce moisture, dehulled, and mechanically crushed using low pressure and low heat expeller techniques to extract the oil. The raw oil is heated to 150°F and degummed by mixing it with citric acid and water to separate and bind hydratable and non-hydratable gums. The gums, citric acid, and water are then centrifuged out of the oil. Degumming increases the oil's smoke point considerably, and reduces foaming.

Eden Organic Soybean Oil is bottled in amber glass and nitrogen flushed to displace the oxygen at the top of the bottle before capping. Both factors prevent oxidation and help to preserve the oil. Amber glass protects nutrients, flavor, aroma and color from the deleterious effect of light on phytonutrients and fat. Ambient light photo-oxidation, particularly of fats, is especially problematic in stores with fluorescent lighting that attacks food quality with light rays. Amber glass bottles were found to work best in preventing photo-oxidation.

Most commercial soybean oil is made from GE (genetically engineered) soybeans that are extracted with hexane gas, a caustic by product of the petroleum industry, to increase oil extraction. After degumming, the commercial oil is then washed with a caustic solution of lye and sodium carbonate to remove fatty acids. It is often hydrogenated creating trans fat, and chemically deodorized, bleached, and standardized.

Eden Organic Soybean Oil is much tastier and the most nutritious soybean oil.

Eden Organic Soybean Oil has a rich golden color, mild sweet flavor and pleasing aroma. It's great in salad dressing and vinaigrette, and for all cooking and baking needs. Its very high smoke point, approximately 440°F, also makes it ideal for deep frying. It makes great popcorn. Eden Organic Soybean Oil comes in 16 fluid ounce (473ml) amber glass bottles, 12 to a case. Suggested retail is $2.89. It is kosher certified.

Eden means no irradiation, no preservatives, no chemical additives, no food colorings, no refined sugars, no genetically engineered ingredients; just the safest, most nutritious, certified organically grown food that can be found. More than 260 Eden foods are available at discerning retailers in the U.S.A. and Canada. For more information, or if you would like our email for press releases, please call 800 248-0320, email us at or visit Retailers and Co-ops please go to