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August 2010

EDEN Bifa-15 is a one-of-a-kind probiotic supplement using a patented delivery system to introduce friendly, live bifidobacteria and lactobacilli directly into the large intestine. The functional and valuable feature of EDEN Bifa-15 is its patented microcapsule delivery system. It is the first of its kind and the result of decades of research by the 200 year-old Morishita Jintan Company of Osaka, Japan. The tiny (1mm) seamless microcapsules are engineered to deliver live bifidobacteria to the large intestine — their natural ‘home address.’ The seamless capsules protect the bacteria from air, stomach acid, and heat. They only release into the large intestine. Each tube of EDEN Bifa-15 delivers to the large intestines two billion living Bifidobacteria longum and one billion friendly lactic acid producing bacteria, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Enterococcus faecium. Both of these increase bifidobacteria vitality and longevity.

Probiotic means For Life

The word probiotic is from the Latin pro, meaning ‘for’ and the Greek bio, meaning ‘life’. Beneficial probiotic fermented foods and cultured dairy products date back thousands of years, but their microbial derived benefits were not identified and begun being understood until the mid 1900s. In 1953 Werner Kollath first used the word probiotic. He was a German nutritionist in a group of physicians involved in natural medicine. He used the word probiotic to describe a combination of organic and inorganic supplements needed to restore health in malnourished patients, which he believed was caused by too much highly refined food. The following year a like-minded German scientist, Ferdinand Vergin, suggested that antibiotics upset balance in the body, and that health could be restored by proper diet that included probiotics and fermented foods. Since then research has confirmed the efficacy of probiotics and the importance of diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Friendly Bacteria

Large amounts of bacteria of many kinds exist in our intestines. If they exist in particular balance, they all nurture well-being. Friendly bacteria help maintain a well functioning digestive system, while unfriendly bacteria can produce harmful substances like ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and amines. When conditions foster imbalance and excesses of non-beneficial bacteria, a probiotic supplement of “friendly” beneficial bacteria is amazingly effective. Beneficial bacteria create and maintain balance while producing rejuvenating enzymes; vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12; biotin H; folate B; and phytonutrients as they correct pH and eliminate problem and discomfort causing bacteria. Bifidobacterium longum is the most important beneficial intestinal bacterium. Healthy levels of bifidobacteria are depleted by antibiotics, caffeine, pollution, stress, refined food, excessive alcohol, and aging. Yet, because anaerobic bacteria such as this cannot survive stomach acid, heat, or oxygen, supplementing with an effective live dose has been much promised, but impossible — until EDEN Bifa-15.

Refreshing, Easy, and Handy

EDEN Bifa-15 comes in convenient single-dose tubes that are handy for purses, pockets, briefcases, etc., and easy to open. Each tube contains the microcapsules together with pleasantly flavored oligosaccharide granules, a sugar complex that helps bifidobacteria thrive. The granules of oligosaccharides, lemon oil, and botanical essences promote bifidobacteria growth and deliver a most refreshing taste experience. Bifa-15 can be taken any time of day,with or without food. To take EDEN Bifa-15, tear the tube at the dotted end and pour it under your tongue. Plant essences prompt saliva making it easy to swallow, or it can be taken with water. Do not chew, as this breaks the capsules, defeating their purpose. Don't take with hot liquids. EDEN Bifa-15 does not require refrigeration, but should be protected from high heat; don't leave it in a hot car for instance. Please read and follow the instructions. Enjoy the intestinal fortitude that EDEN Bifa-15 creates. For further information go to